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NBC (ended 1996)


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  • Fun and entertaining, been missing it for over 10 years

    This show was one of my favorites from the early 90s.

    The characters and the places they go are just awsome. The show its self is a cool blend of military action and science know how. Although some of the show is a little out there, especially those alien episodes, the stories are fun and you could see how most of the technology is just around the corner.

    Although the special effects are dated now back then they were top of the line for a tv show. Darwin was especially fun to watch, come on who does not love a talking dolphin.

    I loved the first 2 seasons and the stories were great, but the 3rd and final season was just ok. It never really got going, it changed from being a mostly scientific adventure series to a military one adn it just sort of lost me. Also it was a real shame that they lost the original Captian of the Seaquest. The first 2 seasons are definate buys on dvd and they look great, but the 3rd season is just ok and if you are a fan of the show worth a watch but that is about it.
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