seaQuest DSV

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: This is the final appearance by Edward Kerr (Lt. James Brody) as his character is killed in action attempting to save Henderson. However he did appear in one more episode "Brainlock", only because NBC aired it out of order.

  • Quotes

    • McGrath: You're invading Macronesian territory.
      Hudson: It wasn't Macronesia the last time I looked at my charts.
      McGrath: It is now.

    • McGrath (referring to the Macronesians): And if they refuse, we go to war. Where ten thousand sons and daughters of fifty different democracies will die so your one officer can be saved.
      Hudson: My one officer, sir? What would be an appropriate number? Ten, one hundred, one thousand? Where do you draw the line?

    • Bourne: Well, in that case, even though they're going to grow up to bear arms against me, I'll release those children captured by your Lieutenant Henderson. That should give you sufficient grounds for certifying that our human rights situation is…improving.

    • Brody: What did they do to you?
      Henderson: They beat me up, 'cause I tried to beat them up.
      Brody: You take it easy, okay? I don't want to have to carry you out of here. My back couldn't take it.

    • Hudson: I don't have answers for all of you. I only have an answer for myself. (He rips a patch off uniform) I have to attempt this rescue.
      Brody: Then, I'm going with you, sir. (He rips his patch off too)
      Piccolo: Truth is, Captain, you can count on all of us. (he, Lucas and O'Neill add their patches to the pile)
      Hudson: Piccolo, this is not going to help you make lieutenant.

    • Henderson (talking about the death sentence instated by Bourne): Look at me. I'm alive. I want to have children of my own someday. And he's going to kill me.
      Soldier: Because you broke the law.
      Henderson: Because I rescued two children who were left out to die as bait to lure me in.
      Soldier: I'm not listening to this.
      Henderson: Why? They're only words. They can't hurt you, unless they're true.

    • Henderson: You can't believe that propaganda anymore. You've been too close to the inner circle. You've heard his lies. You've seen their victims.
      Soldier: What I see is my mother and my friends eating again.
      Henderson: Think back to the last time you saw them. There must have been love in their eyes for you. But you must have seen the fear, too. Every time they saw your uniform. How can you serve a president who uses children as pawns?

    • Soldier: What do you want me to do? Even if I gave you my gun, you wouldn't get fifty meters before they cut you down.
      Henderson: I'm sorry. I'm frightened. I know you can't help me. It's wrong for me to even ask.
      Soldier: It doesn't matter. We're just soldiers. Maybe we're just born to die.

    • Ford: You know I'm too close to Henderson to make a command decision.
      Lucas: So is everyone else on this boat, sir.

    • Brody (as he lay dying): With your shield or on it, huh?

    • Henderson: Two good people died rescuing me. That's not very good math, is it?
      Hudson: You were about to be executed by a fascist dictator who was going to use you to humiliate our democratic way of life.
      Henderson: And instead Brody and that Macronesian boy died. I don't even know that boy's name.
      Hudson: Yes. They died rescuing you, and preventing a mad dictator from increasing his power. I believe Brody was trying to tell you he believed the price was worth it. Loni, you risked your life to save those children. Those two men risked their lives and lost them to save yours, to give you back your life. I think you owe it to them to live it.

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