seaQuest DSV

Season 2 Episode 22

Splashdown (1)

Aired Unknown May 21, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: This is the final appearance of series stars Marco Sanchez (Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz) & Rosalind Allen (Dr. Wendy Smith).

    • When seaQuest is attacked on the alien planet, Bridger orders intercepts to be launched then torpedoes. However Ford launches the torpedoes first, which is rather stupid as the torpedoes would run the risk of colliding with the enemy torpedoes instead of hitting the attacking sub.

    • TRIVIA: This episode was dedicated "In memory of Carl Swartz" - Carl Swartz was a music editor for the series.

  • Quotes

    • Lucas: They can't all be dead, Dagwood, okay? They can't be dead. We'll find them. I swear to God, we'll find them.
      Dagwood: And if we don't?
      Lucas: Then we'll rebuild here. Someday we'll carry their story back to Earth.

    • Captain Bridger: Lucas, Lucas can you hear me?
      Lucas: I hear you, Captain. I'm coming back.
      Captain Bridger: No, no, there's nothing you can do for us. What's happened to the seaQuest?
      Lucas: (sadly) She's down, Captain. She's been hulled.
      Captain Bridger: (in shock) We've had it, kiddo. You're on your own now, Lucas. Just don't let them take away what you believe. Do you understand me? Not what you believe! You tell them what's happened here today!

    • Tony Piccolo: That's fascinating, Lucas. I'll try to remember that the next time I date an ickyologist.
      Lucas: That's icthyologist, Tony.
      Tony Piccolo: Not where I'm from.

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