seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 2

The Devil's Window

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1993 on NBC

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  • the life a one of his crew members is in danger

    captain bridger is on the deck when he is over seeing a doctor who is on board to see that his project is going on time. its a floating device that is to be placed inside a volcano. while this is being done, darwin who is on the bridge is taping on the glass but no one can hear him. all of a sudden o'neil and bridger sense that something is wrong and they both turn to see darwin. they know that something is wrong with him. they end up in the tank swimming with him so the doctor can look at him. darwin ends up being very sick. bridger must choose does he follow orders or does he try to save the life of his close friend darwin. its a great episode.
  • This episode quickly establishes Captain Bridger's priorities aboard seaQuest.

    A dark smoker causes Darwin to become ill, forcing Captain Bridger to decide between continuing a scientific experiment, or doing everything he can to help seaQuest's resident dolphin.

    In the pilot episode, we saw that Nathan Bridger is a scientist first and does not think highly of the military. In "The Devil's Window" we learn that Bridger's number one priority is the safety of his crew. seaQuest is in good hands. I'm glad such a pivotal characteristic was fleshed out so quickly.

    I was a little alarmed though that Bridger and Lt. O'Neill seemed to have no clue how to navigate Darwin's tubes. I thought they would have a little more knowledge on the layout.
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