seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 22

The Good Death

Aired Unknown May 15, 1994 on NBC



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    • Bridger: That's garbage, General, and you know it. There are no emeralds, just scared little boys.
      Guzmano: I didn't say you could board the Romeo! You're holding our citizens, in our waters. International law requires you return them!
      Bridger: I'm holding political refugees.
      Guzmano: You're giving sanctuary to revolutionaries!
      Bridger: Revolutionaries from what? The little league?

    • Ford: How can these people kill children?
      Shan: Commerce. Favela children survive by begging on streets frequented by tourists.
      Westphalen: They kill children for annoying tourists?
      Shan: When they're little. You see, the ones that survive to become teenagers, they deal drugs, guns and flesh. You noticed there are only little boys, no girls?
      Ford: They kill the boys before they reach puberty. Don't want them to procreate.

    • Westphalen: You're a bloody saint. Why can't you be a normal daughter and worry about things like your own well-being?
      Cynthia: I don't have a normal mother. How could I be a normal daughter?

    • Westphalen: What were you going to do with them all?
      Cynthia: Dad's beach house.
      Westphalen: He knows about this?
      Cynthia: No.
      Westphalen: You were just going to land up on his doorstep with 60 children?

    • Miguel: There was a secret society of soldiers murdering children. It was led by General Guzmano. He confessed to his atrocities before committing suicide. His allies have all been arrested. The boys can return to their home. Which for them is Voltare de Caza.
      Bridger: Oh, they'll come home, Colonel. But first they're gonna visit my home for a while. Go to school. Maybe even to college. Some of them might even go to Annapolis or West Point. Then they'll be coming home, Colonel. With all the memories that you and the General have given them.

  • Notes

    • One of the devices on the General's desk is a prop Tricorder that was used in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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