seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 19

The Last Lap at Luxury

Aired Unknown Mar 20, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

When the Secretary General boards the seaQuest, she is expecting to observe it's accomplishments. Bridger starts with showing her Lucas' invention that allows for Darwin the Dolphin to talk. Apparently impressed, Secretary General Dre invites Lucas to a conference of the World Leaders that is being held on land. Once there, things start to go terribly wrong. The owner of the new hotel that the conference is being held at has plans to kidnap the World Leaders and force them to sign documents that will aid his plans. While Lucas is making his speech to the Leaders, the entire hotel building starts to shake, and the room they are in starts to descend into the ocean floor. Bridger and Dre, who were not currently in the room, run in to find an exact replica of the room in place of the original. Unnerved, Bridger sets the seaQuest team to look into what might have happened, while the story is mysteriously leaked to the press. Bridger soon realizes that the room is not the same, and sends Darwin to search the ocean. Meanwhile, Lucas is devising a way to escape, while many of the World Leaders are in a state of panic. He manages to set up a system to blast rock music into the sea, in hopes that the seaQuest may pick up its vibrations. Bridger begins to realize that Secretary General Dre has conspired with the hotel owner to kidnap the World Leaders. Having picked up Lucas' vibrations, the Bridger heads into the ducts of the hotel to find the hostages. Planning to say that the World Leaders died in a submarine accident, the hotel owner begins to fill the hostage's room with water. Bridger, however, finds them before they drown, and rescues them. They then rush to the press to prevent the false story, and have General Dre, and everyone else involved with the scheme, arrested.