seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 10

The Regulator

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • About 10min into the episode, there is a blonde lady trying to hide, in front of the birdcage, as the camera pans across.

  • Quotes

    • Bridger (after being told a $0.50 thermal chip replacement will arrive in 3 weeks): If I wanted a nuclear warhead, I'd have it within an hour.

    • Bridger (about Darwin): He can't talk.
      Regulator: I heard him.
      Bridger: He doesn't speak English, he speaks dolphin.

    • Regulator: You're on the edge of the future, Lucas, don't let these uniforms stand in your way.

    • Ford: Must be 100 degrees in here. (checks thermometer) 102.
      Hitchcock (fighting with part): Who designed this thing?
      Bridger: I did, Commander. This, uh, originally was gonna be the sauna.

    • Bridger: Mr. Nayir, I can't see your face.
      Nayir (leans down): This is my face. Now, forgive me for not leaving it here. I cannot sit all day like this and I cannot get them to adjust my vidcom.

    • Bridger: Some of the sleeping quarters are over 100 degrees.
      Butch: The units will be there within 3 weeks. Your guys can't take the heat, let 'em sleep on deck.
      Bridger: We're on a submarine!
      Butch: Well maybe there's a lesson in there for you. You all have a good day.

    • Regulator: Why do I have to deal with the twenty-first century equivalent of the Flat Earth Society?

    • Crocker (about the Regulator): He puts his pants on just like the rest of us, Lieutenant.
      Krieg: Well, you haven't seen his pants, have you?

    • Crocker: Ensign Filie, have you seen anything...unusual?
      Filie (staring at the Regulator): Is that a trick question, Chief?

    • Lucas: Maybe I should put on a jumpsuit and snap to every time you breathe.
      Bridger: What did you say?
      Lucas: I think I said, "Yes, sir."

    • Bridger: Darwin, do you know where the center of the universe is?
      Darwin: Yes.
      Regulator: See? Where is it? Where is the center of the universe?
      Darwin: Inside you.

    • Lucas: Well, since Darwin's gone, maybe I can use this to wash my car. If I ever get a car. Or if I ever get off this whale!

    • Bridger: Chief, there's a monkey in the maglev.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Crocker: And you don't appear to have dressed to board the Good Ship Lollipop.

      On The Good Ship Lollipop was one of Shirley Temple's most famous songs in the 1943 movie Bright Eyes.