seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 17

The Stinger

Aired Unknown Feb 20, 1994 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: This is the first episode to use the "Tonight on seaQuest" intro.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Lucas and Lt. Cmdr. Hitchcock designed and built the prototype and continuously argue over calling it The Stinger or The Gazelle.

  • Quotes

    • Lucas: Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

    • Bridger: If he gives you anymore trouble let me know.
      Westphalen (sarcastically): Oh, he won't give me any trouble, he is a college graduate.

    • Westphalen (on Lucas getting hurt): He had no right rushing around in this contraption. He is still a boy, Nathan.
      Bridger: Boy? He is a college graduate.

    • Lucas: Sir? Who are you?
      Tucker: Oh, I'm a dreamer, son. Just like you.

    • Bridger (about Lucas wanting a scar): Next thing he'll want is a tattoo.
      Lucas: I'm gonna get a tattoo.
      Westphalen: He's still in shock.
      Lucas: I'm not in shock.
      Bridger: Wait until you get the tattoo.

    • Krieg (about Lucas crashing the Stinger): You don't send a boy to do a man's job.
      O'Neill: Is this 'Crash' Krieg? Come on, skipper let you pilot the seaQuest once and you backed it into a volcano.
      Krieg: It was uncharted.
      O'Neill: How about when you rolled the launch?
      Krieg: Because of a riptide.
      O'Neill: Stuffed the seacrab into the shoreline?
      Krieg: That was a tsunami!
      O'Neill: You were trying to surf a tsunami?

    • Lucas: I designed perfect laminar flow.
      Bridger: Perfect laminar flow is the smooth movement of liquids over a solid body. You used it, you didn't design it. God did. It's called a fish.

    • Bridger (about Tucker): I remember when I was designing seaQuest. He was about a year ahead of me in research. I asked him some questions about a regenerating hull skin. You know what he told me? He told me he wasn't going to do my homework for me.
      Lucas: Well, that's what you said to me when I asked you for help with the Stinger.
      Bridger: You didn't ask for help. You asked for U.E.O. money.

    • Hitchcock: Bridger gets me 200,000 dollars of R&D money and I lose the mini-sub.
      Ford: Well, technically Lucas lost it.
      Hitchcock I'm in charge of the program, Jonathon.
      Ford: Not according to Lucas.
      Hitchcock: Well, Lucas can use a lesson in the hierarchy of project management.
      Ford: And a girlfriend.

    • Tucker (about Dinato): I told you this project was the future. But no, no, no, no. You told me, and I quote, "Shut up and get back to work on something that makes me money."

    • Tucker (about Dinato): Oh yeah, well, every once in a while God lets the dumb get lucky. They need it. It keeps them in the game. Gives guys like me something to play around with.

    • Green: Look, Krieg, I want a lecture on performance I'll ask my wife.
      Krieg: How's her eating disorder?
      Green: Binge, purge, nag. Marriage is like trying to paint a self-portrait with mittens on your hands. You can do it, but you ain't gonna like the way you end up looking.

    • Krieg: Can you do it?
      Green: Of course, but you're gonna owe me.
      Krieg: I'll turn you on to a great divorce lawyer.
      Green: Some lawyer. You gotta salute your ex-wife.

    • Noyce (performing introductions): My appointments secretary Edmund Gaye.
      Bridger: Oh, not the Mr. Gaye who wouldn't put me through to you the other day?
      Noyce: Really? It's just a temporary position.

    • Noyce (about Lucas): Hard to believe he's a teenager.
      Bridger: Try winning an argument with him sometime.

    • Lucas (after the prototype failed): Lieutenant, you can call it a Gazelle.

    • Hitchcock: It's the Gazelle. I built it, I'm calling it a Gazelle.

    • Lucas: Will I have a scar?
      Dr. Westphalen: No, you'll still have your beautiful baby face.
      Lucas: I don't want a baby face, I want a scar.

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