seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 3

Treasure of the Mind

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1993 on NBC

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  • When Captain Bridger puts his foot down, things get done.

    "Treasure of the Mind" is a pretty good episode. The issues featured are intriguing. The negotiation scenes are done well with believable tension and energy. I give credit to the producers for creating something that felt like it could actually take place were such a historic treasure be discovered.

    I was surprised that Captain Bridger got to be so assertive with his decision that the treasure stay together. He's getting more comfortable with the balance between scientist and captain it would seem. He clearly knew the value of keeping the treasure together, and wasn't afraid to use his power as captain to ensure the final decision.
  • The episode follows the discovery of the ancient library of Alexandria and the subsquent argument between countries on what to do with the discovered artifacts.

    This episode depicts clearly the ambassodor role that the UEO has in mind for the Seaquest. However with the responsibility also comes obligiations to accept help even when it is unwanted. The episode allows Nathan Bridger to display what leadership abilities he has and what he brings to the table. Some may say the story was a little soft but I would disagree. The episode depicts the distrust that "ordinary" people feel toward the "extraordinary." In this case dealing with ESP. The exhausation of the older pyschics is understandable but somewhat unplausible that they wouldn't try to say no first. However even with that story shortcoming overall the episode holds true to what Seaquest DSV is all about. Nathan's no non-sense anti-war policy seems extreme until you remember his son was KIA and you cannot help but admire a leader so willing to show them extremism in order to deter the fighting to get out of hand. The scene of Nathan throwing the ancient jar and smashing it into pieces was very dramatic and powerful.
  • What could have been an engrossing story in its own right is marred a bit by the psychic guest stars.

    The Lost Library of Alexandria would be on any list of the great unfound treasures of the world. It would be an ideal pursuit for Indiana Jones and the idea of discovering it beneath the sea makes for an intriguing plot for "seaQuest," particularly when you factor in the international negotiations for rights to the library, and that some countries would rather see it destroyed than fall into a rival's hands. Toss in an inspired guest turn from Topol ("Fiddler on the Roof") as an impassioned Egyptian archeologist and you have the ingredients for a great episode.

    Unfortunately, the writers try to merge two mismatched storylines and bring in a trio of UEO parapsychologists to aid in the negotiations. Psychic abilities, for the most part, are a storytelling crutch - of course the UEO can outnegotiate their rivals at the bargaining table when they can read their minds! Plus, the idea of a hard science guy like Bridger buying in so much to the idea (and giving him his own untapped psychic potential?!) is hard to swallow. Still, Roy Schieder and guest star Lindsay Frost make nice eyes at each other, and the production design of the lost library is impressive.

    This episode starts out strong, gets muddled in the middle and manages to close out on a good note. It's a lesson in the dangers of introducing paranormal elements into the storylines that "seaQuest" should have taken to heart.
  • the arrive of three parapsychlogist puts the seaquest in a dangerous situtions.

    while exploring the ocean seaquest comes across the great library of alexandra. after finding it different countrys try to claim the library for themselfs. the ueo then bring aboard three esp. {parapsychologists} they read peoples minds. while aboard one of them tries to read captain brigders mind. which he knows. if future episodes we find out that he has some ability of esp. while the crew look at the library under neath the water. one of the countries tries to sink the library. the seaquest threats to blow the ship out of the water if they continue. after negotitations of the league countries they come to a peaceful solutions.