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Season 2013 Episode 8

'70 Monte Carlo Finale

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It's the finishing touches on the Giveaway Monte Carlo G-Machine, with Ryan from Trucks helping Tommy from MuscleCar to put a bow on this project once and for all.
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  • '70 Monte Carlo Finale

    S 2013 : Ep 8

    Aired 10/26/13 (17:00)

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Jan 14, 2018
Hello,my name is Tammy,and my husband has a 1985 SS Chevelle396 that he has been holding on to for over 30 years.His dad bought it off the show room floor and it was an amazing car..His goal was to have his sons restore it with him.Unfortunatly his oldest son Joel was killed the night after Thanksgiving.He drove his truck off a 350 foot mountain leaving behind 3 little children.Their motivation was to give the kids a ride they would never forget.The funeral drained all of our finances,so now there is no money for the restoration.Can you amagine how gorgiousthe SS Chevelle would be? Thank you for reading this.

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