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Season 1 Episode 64

Puerto Rico (3)

Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2000 on
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Puerto Rico (3)
Before task 1 of the Scavenger Hunt officially begins, the teams hit the beach and bring back as many people as they can in three minutes (Blue has more). Task 1: Be the first team to get through the obstacle course while tied together--The unsuspecting beachgoers are wrapped together with the team members with duct tape. One person then places his/her forehead on an upright bat, revolves around it five times, then the bound group goes through the course which includes a set of tires to be stepped in and out of. One player per team must shoot and make a basket before continuing through a shaving cream slide, ending up in a kiddie pool. Red wins handily after the basket is made on the first attempt. 2. Search for someone to wear a shaving cream bathing suit and walk down the beach--Blue finds a pair of willing young women, while Red's volunteer, a male, shows no modesty and heads straight for the water after his "suit" is applied! 3. Search for someone who will stuff the most cocktail napkins in their mouth--Technique makes the difference here. Red's volunteer wets the napkins and balls them up before putting them whole in her mouth; seven of them nearly choke her. On the other hand Blue takes a stack of 61 napkins, folds them up and watches in amazement as a young woman jams one end of the stack in her orifice. 4. Search for a bathroom stall and fill it with as many people as possible--Red manages 18 folks to Blue's 11. Total points after this round: Red 1500, Blue 1000. Scramble: Kiss Your Raft Goodbye--Using inner tubes, noodles, plastic pipes and duct tape plus a set of oars, teams must construct a raft and sail it out around a not-too-distant point marked by flags in the sea. After hastily constructing their vessels, the teams basically run in the water with a buch of lashed-together inner tubes. Red wins in a very ragged finish. Final score for the day: Red 3500, Blue 1000.moreless

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    Charissa Chamorro

    Charissa Chamorro

    Celebrity Contestant--Blue Team

    Guest Star

    Don Jeffcoat

    Don Jeffcoat

    Celebrity Contestant--Red Team

    Guest Star

    Craig Peters

    Craig Peters

    Red Team Contestant

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