Search Party - Season 1

(ended 2000)


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  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (10)
    Scavenger Hunt: 1. Search for someone who will eat the most meat pies--Blue's pick has difficulty getting through a single pie while the Red team's rather less substantial-looking guy is wolfing down his third. Red wins. 2. Search for someone to wear a handmade bikini--Blue gets the decision here as Kerri models a Garden-of-Eden-type suit made from the large leaves of some local flora. Red gets a woman to put on their skimpy suit suit made of plastic fast food containers stuffed with napkins and a large E! index card, but she just barely peeks out of the dressing room. 3. Search for someone to recite a limerick about Art Mann with their pants down--No points awarded here as neither team uses the proper form of a limerick, but people do drop their pants willingly enough. 4. Search for the most Aussie insults in five minutes--Red gets the nod, 8 to 5. Most of the insults have to be censored, but we do learn that a "seppo" is Aussie for a septic tank. Totals for the round; Red 1500, Blue 1000. Scramble: Rugby Search Party Style--Flags are used instead of tackling; possession changes when a team loses three flags. The contestants are a pretty athletic lot, and it's a wild, hard-fought competition. Monika finally scores the first goal, followed by a tying one from Doc. Later, perhaps inadvertently, perhaps not, Doc bowls over Kerri on a run towards the goal, and she's none too happy with him. Jackson finally scores the deciding goal for the Red in a 2-1 win. Final score for the day: Red 3500, Blue 1000.moreless
  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (9)
    Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Musical Boomerangs--Five boomerangs are placed in the ground. The six contestants, starting from a prone position, race to grab one. One player is eliminated in each round. Carol is the first to go, followed by Rachel, despite a good effort. Amanda proves no match for the men, then Cam is eliminated in a tough fight. Scott wins the final round against David without even having to dive for the last boomerang. Blue gets a chance to go double or nothing by throwing and catching a boomerang. They foolishly accept. Rachel gives a mighty heave, but no one can catch it. 2. Search for someone who will streak down the beach--Both teams have trouble finding volunteers initially. Blue's woman finally wraps herself in a towel and gives a very brief flash, but Red's guy runs down the beach openly, warranting a visit from the lifeguards. 3. Search for Australia's luckiest pouch and serve a drink in it--The teams don't know what this means at first, but they both decide on kangaroo scrotums! 4. Search for someone the team can give a vegamite makeover to--Blue adds a couple of slices of kiwi over their guy's eyes. Blue completes one more task than Red for a 1500-1000 lead. Scramble: Princess Anne's Popcorn Ball--Players dive into a kiddie pool full of syrup, then do likewise into popcorn. What sticks to the bodies is then scraped off and measured to determine the winner. Scott appears to have used up too much syrup on himself in the first dive, leaving little for the women, but it works out all right as Blue wins. Final score for the day: Blue 3500, Red 1000.moreless
  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (8)
    Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Search for someone who will win an arm-wrestling contest--Two suitable contestants are found. Blue's "Mad Max" beats Noel. When Art offers the chance for the losing Red team to go double or nothing, team captain Carol quickly and flatly says "no." 2. Search for a tourist who'll change clothes with someone of the opposite sex on an escalator--Red recruits a couple who exchange several items. Rachel, who has proven that she's a game competitor, does the switching with a guy. She boldly, if briefly, takes off her top! 3. Search for someone who'll wear a bathing suit made of shaving cream--Red has to do some real persuading, but they talk a young woman into it and she goes through with it. Blue, on the other hand, entices a couple of guys with the prospect that Rachel will be putting the cream on. But as Art points out, they put shaving cream on a bathing suit rather than make a suit of shaving cream. The women don't seem to be wiling to help so much with this, and Red gets the definite edge here. 4. Search for someone who will eat the most anchovies--No one is particularly anxious to do this, but Red's guy comes through and wins 4 cans to 1. During the Hunt, Art chats up a group of bikini-clad "meter maids" sponsored by a local radio station who go around putting change in about-to-expire parking meters. Nice idea, huh? Total after this round: Red 1500, Blue 1250. Scramble: Balloon Ballistics Bootcamp--Players have bunches of balloons tied to their ankles. They go through an obstacle course (over hurdles, under netting, etc.), then meet on a "battlefield" where they all try to pop the opponents' balloons. The last player with a balloon left wins for his/her team. Red prevails after frantic action. Final score for the day: Red 3500, Blue 1250.moreless
  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (7)
    Scavenger Hunt: 1st task: Feed a wild animal--Both teams very gingerly (and under supervision) feed a bottle of milk to a 300 lb. Bengal tiger. 2. Search for someone who will let team cover them in chocolate and then allow them to lick it off--The Blue team finds two topless women who agree to let them do it, and all three teammates join in the licking. Yes, that includes both females. It really happened. 3. Search for the most tourists to take team's picture in a five minute period. Red wins 13 pictures to 9. 4. Search for a tourist to help team eat the most Vegimite--Vegimite is a yeast product high in vitamin B, inexplicably popular in Australia and virtually inedible to most other people around the world. Team member Terry eats the most for the Red. This portion of the competition ends in a 1 jar to 1 tie. Red in the lead after the Hunt. Scramble: Snow Man Stick 'em Up--Initial competitors place foreheads on a cricket bat and make several revolutions around it, getting good and dizzy. They then pick up some shaving cream, run through a course, then cover another player with the cream. The player so covered goes to stand in a kiddie pool while the other two teammates hit ping-pong balls at her. (Rachel and Carol are the targets for their respective teams. And you're right, it does sound familiar.) The most balls stuck to the person's body wins. Blue is victorious, 21 balls to 15. Final score for the day: Blue 3500, Red 2000.moreless
  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (6)
    Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Win at Twister--All six contestants get on the mat to play the familiar party game. Rachel goes down on just the second spin, no doubt disappointing many viewers. After several more spins Carol is eliminated, followed by David, then Amanda. Scott and Stolzie (Greg) go head to head, but while Stolzie is pursuing an aggressive offensive strategy, his knee scrapes the ground, giving the victory to Scott and the Blue team. 2. Search for someone who will throw the most clothes out their hotel window--Blue finds a guy in a motor home and deceive him into thinking THEY will be the ones disrobing. But even after they convince him to go along, he only has eight items to pitch out. On the other hand, Red's enthusiastic volunteer chucks 106 items out the window! 3. Search for a two-door car and fill it with as many people as possible--The teams have done this before, so you'd think Blue would have learned their lesson: find a convertible! Instead they use a pickup truck with a covered bed. Despite this, they fit 19 people in it, the same number that gets into Red's convertible. 4. Search for someone who'll let you do their job--Blue makes a nice choice--they go to an (empty) strip club! After talking their way in, all three members take a few turns around the pole. Alas, the clothes stay on! Score after round: Blue 1500, Red 1000. Scramble: Crab Dog Soccer--"Soccer" played with a beach ball. Players start out in the "crab" position (on all fours, torso facing upward), then when a ball goes out of bounds they reverse to the "dog" position. Hands are used freely during the dog style of play. Blue wins by a 1-0 score, reminiscent of many genuine soccer matches. Final score for the day: Blue 3500, Red 1000.moreless
  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (5)
    Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Win the volleyball game--In this game if you lose a point, your team loses a player. Best two out of three match. Despite having a professional player on the court (Jarrod), the general incompetence of the other contestants drags the play down to considerably less than scintillating levels. Red wins the first two rather short games. 2. Search for a local to take you home and prepare a local (food) favorite--Blue finds a trio of young and attractive sunbathing girls, one of whom takes the team to mom's house for a Vegamite sandwich, a lunch which Scott rather ungraciously loses. Red goes to a young man's back yard for some burgers cooked on the barbie. But the Aussie gets a little miffed by all the requests and demands put on him by the Yanks--wash your hands, scrape off the grill, give us napkins, etc. 3. Search for people to build the largest human pyramid--Blue has more participants, 18 to 15 (I think), which counts for points, even though Red's formation is more in the shape of a true pyramid. Final score for the round: a 1000 point tie. Scramble: Butt Squeezin' Good Times--The name is different but this has been done before on SP. Player 1 throws fruit from a wading pool to player 2 who catches it in his oversized pants. Player 3 extracts the fruit from the pants herself, then places it on the chair with a slotted seat. The next step? Mash it with her butt, of course, the most juice getting through to a bucket below winning. Carol and Angelle are the butt-bashers and as usual, it's borderline(?) disgusting/obscene, but fascinating. Lasky of course pull his old trick of stacking all three team members on the chair to help with the grinding. Art rules that Blue's mess has the greater amount of juice as opposed to pulp. Final score for the day: Blue 3000, Red 1000. A running joke throughout the show has Kevin trying to take away Scott's job.moreless
  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (4)
    Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Win the mule and cow race--Red wins a coin flip and chooses to "race" the cow. In this case it just means each contestant leading the animal on a leash up and down a short course. The supposedly stubborn mule quite docilely goes through its paces while the cow turns out to be the obstinate animal. Red loses badly. 2. Search for an adult to wear a diaper on the beach--They always manage to get someone to do this stuff, don't they? The participants balk at sucking on pacifiers, though. 3. Search for someone who will eat the most phone book pages--Blue's guy wins for them, stuffing 15 pages in his mouth, two more than Red's competitor. Nobody appears to have actually swallowed any pages. 4. Seach for someone who will give you the most clothing off of his or her back--Red finds a biker outside a cafe who willingly strips down to his shorts on the street--and then, while covered from view, gives up the shorts, too. Blue convinces a young woman in business attire to help them, but she goes to a restroom to undress, handing out one item at a time. Total points for the round: Blue 1500, Red 1000. Scramble: Shannon's Soap, Suds and Splash--They've done it before: Contestant find the buried "soap" (shaving cream) in the sand. They all run to a playing area where they have one minute to lather up a teammate (Carol and Angelle). Then the soapy player tries to avoid being splashed with water by the opposing team while remaining in a certain area. In the past Carol has proved quite adept at avoiding the water, but she and Angelle end up the contest with about the same amount of suds remaining on their bodies. Art declares that Red is the winner. Final score for the day: Red 3000, Blue 1500.moreless
  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (3)
    Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Win the relay--All three teammates must fit into one single pair of pants and run a three-legged (?) race down an obstacle course which includes crawling under netting and jumping rope. They all wear one T-shirt too, for good measure. Red stumbles across the finish line first. Blue team is slowed up when they fall down in a pile and Scott is confronted with Kathleen's bare breast in close proximity to his face. 2. Search for someone to eat the most crackers and whistle the Australian national anthem--A difficult task. 3. Remove underwear without taking off shorts--Blue finds a guy and Red finds a boy who both complete this task. 4. Search for the most Australian phrases. Art Mann tries Australian lawn bowling while the teams are at work. Score for this round is Red 2000, Blue 500. How this was determined is not explained. Scramble: Beach Ball Boxing Derby--A large beach ball is batted by players wearing boxing gloves towards a large goal area. First team to 3 wins. During the game Scott dives on top of Kevin for making too many jibes about Blue team's earlier attempt to jump rope. Kevin spends time in the penalty box for throwing a punch that hits Kathleen in the posterior. But despite that and Scott's valiant effort, Red wins 3-1. Final score for the day: Red 4000, Blue 500.moreless
  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (2)
    During the player introductions, Kathleen demonstrates an unusual talent: she puts her whole fist in her mouth! Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Get the most milk out of a cow--Carol and Tony are probably the most successful; Scott does a fair job. The cow gets a little annoyed on occasion, though. Scott drinks the milk. 2. Search for two strangers who will shower together clothed--A little looking is required, but it happens. 3. Search for the most people who will dump food in teammates' shorts--Red puts food in pockets, which may be technically correct, but certainly isn't in the Search Party spirit, which demands that food be dumped inside the waistband. Blue wins, 9 people to 6. 4. Find as many people as possible to bring back to the beach--When everyone arrives, they two teams and their guests square off in a tug-of-war competition. The Red side, sensing imminent loss, lets go of the rope causing Blue to fall down, but Blue is declared the winner. Blue leads on points 2000-500. Scramble: Lucy in the Sky with Meat Pie--Players place their heads on the end of an upright cricket bat and circle around it ten times. The very dizzy players then stumble around trying to pickup cans of whipped cream, then go through an obstacle course to a station where they fill pie crusts with meat and whipped cream. Completed pies are then tossed backwards overhead to a distant teammate who much catch them to score. The messy game attracts a flock of seagulls hoping for some pickings. Red wins with 5 pies. Final score for the day: Red 2500, Blue 2000. Leftover whipped cream is then used for a fight.moreless
  • Surfer's Paradise, Australia (1)
    Scavenger Hunt: 1st task: Musical Boomerangs--From a prone starting position, the six contestants race for five boomerangs stuck in the sand. The losing player is eliminated and the process is repeated with one less player and boomerang in each heat until one player is champ. Speedy Scott Lasky dominates the competition. Order of elimination: Carol, Kathleen, Meagan, Chris and Rick. 2. Find someone who will let the team eat breakfast out of a bikini top--Blue violates the letter but not the spirit of the competition by eating out of a woman's one-piece swimsuit. 3. Seat as many people as possible on a park bench--Red gets 22 on their bench to 17 for Blue. 4. Search for a didjeridu and play it as long as you can--Red wins 15 seconds to 10 and sounds better than Blue, too. Red ahead on points 1500-1000 after the round. As is often the case, referee Art Mann put a time limit on the Hunt. This time it was scheduled to end when he found a kangaroo scrotum! (Which he did, with the aid of some local bus drivers.) Scramble: Mike D's Slip Disc--An "Ultimate Frisbee"-type game with players also carrying flags. Possession changes with the taking of a flag. Discs must be thrown to teammates across a goal line to score. Blue wins 2-1 in a spirited competition, with Scott showing some good athleticism. Final score for the day: Blue 3000, Red 1500.moreless
  • Puerto Rico (5)
    Puerto Rico (5)
    Episode 66
    Scavenger Hunt: The teams are sent out to gather as many people as possible for an unknown task. Stephanie speaks Spanish so Blue team has that advantage. When the augmented teams return they find their first task is... 1. Win at tug-of-war--The first person on a team pulled across a line means that team loses. All the participants are enthusiastic, and Blue prevails. 2. Search for an adult who will dress like an infant--Both team get a couple of, uh, burly guys to don a diaper, bib, pacifier and rattle, though Red has more trouble recruiting. 3. Search for someone who will eat the most dog biscuits--Blue wins by the official total of 8 to 2, but there is a lot of chomping down then spitting out, and nobody appears to consume more than one. The next task reads "Search for and find Art Mann," but when this is accomplished, the teams get their real task: 4. Be the first to drain the juice out of a rubber glove--(Where do the get their inspiration?) With one teammate holding, the others go after the glove like a bunch of calves at Bossy's udders. Blue rips the glove open with teeth, and despite Red's protest that they barely drank any of the juice, Art rules the effort was good enough to win. Points for the round: Blue 2000, Red 500. Scramble: Tennis Balls in My Pudding--Players 1 bats the tennis balls with a paddle to players 2, who catch them in their oversized pants. The balls are then transferred to player 3's pants, then bright orange and green pudding is added. Players 3 then go to a pool where the contents of the pants are emptied down through the legs into buckets for measuring total weight. Don and Carol get off to a good start which helps them lead Red to a 15 to 9 lb. victory. Total for the day: Red 2500, Blue 2000.moreless
  • Puerto Rico (4)
    Puerto Rico (4)
    Episode 65
    Scavenger Hunt: 1. Search for seven people--The teams hit the beach to recruit folks for an unknown task. This turns out to be a flour bucket brigade. Teams are seated on the beach in single file. A bucket of flour is passed from person to person backwards over the head. Just for fun the bucket has a hole in it. The last player deposits the remaining flour over his head into another bucket for measuring. The Blue team, with Scott as anchor, has almost nothing to show for itself at the game's end. 2. Search for someone who will allow you to dye their hair red or blue--Throughout the show, the language barrier provides some amusement. But both teams find volunteers who put on the hopefully temporary dye, which is about the color of Kool Aid! (Rich notes that the girl whose hair his Red team is dyeing "looks like a strawberry blonde," but the comment doesn't make the final cut.) 3. Search for someone who will put the most ice in his shorts--Blue and (especially) Red find a couple of beefy guys who stand still while copious amounts of ice are deposited in their swimming trunks. 4. Search for and make the largest human peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich--For some strange reason, a lot of men, several children, and a brave woman or two are willing to lay down, get slathered with peanut butter and/or jelly, and have someone lay on top of them. Blue's horizontal design incorporates 21 people, which beats Red's mostly vertical sandwich of eight. The spectators love it. Blue leads the round 1500-1000. Scramble: Noodle Slapping Ball Hockey--A Search Party standby returns as the teams try to score goals using their noodles. Charissa dons a goalie's mask and helmet while Red opts for a three-offensive-players strategy. Don gets an ugly bleeding scrape on his leg during the action but keeps playing. A surprisingly defensive game is won by Red 2-0. Final score for the day: Red 4000, Blue 1500.moreless
  • Puerto Rico (3)
    Puerto Rico (3)
    Episode 64
    Before task 1 of the Scavenger Hunt officially begins, the teams hit the beach and bring back as many people as they can in three minutes (Blue has more). Task 1: Be the first team to get through the obstacle course while tied together--The unsuspecting beachgoers are wrapped together with the team members with duct tape. One person then places his/her forehead on an upright bat, revolves around it five times, then the bound group goes through the course which includes a set of tires to be stepped in and out of. One player per team must shoot and make a basket before continuing through a shaving cream slide, ending up in a kiddie pool. Red wins handily after the basket is made on the first attempt. 2. Search for someone to wear a shaving cream bathing suit and walk down the beach--Blue finds a pair of willing young women, while Red's volunteer, a male, shows no modesty and heads straight for the water after his "suit" is applied! 3. Search for someone who will stuff the most cocktail napkins in their mouth--Technique makes the difference here. Red's volunteer wets the napkins and balls them up before putting them whole in her mouth; seven of them nearly choke her. On the other hand Blue takes a stack of 61 napkins, folds them up and watches in amazement as a young woman jams one end of the stack in her orifice. 4. Search for a bathroom stall and fill it with as many people as possible--Red manages 18 folks to Blue's 11. Total points after this round: Red 1500, Blue 1000. Scramble: Kiss Your Raft Goodbye--Using inner tubes, noodles, plastic pipes and duct tape plus a set of oars, teams must construct a raft and sail it out around a not-too-distant point marked by flags in the sea. After hastily constructing their vessels, the teams basically run in the water with a buch of lashed-together inner tubes. Red wins in a very ragged finish. Final score for the day: Red 3500, Blue 1000.moreless
  • Puerto Rico (2)
    Puerto Rico (2)
    Episode 63
    Scavenger Hunt: 1st task--Win a volleyball game while wearing life jackets connected with bungee cords. Blue wins this very awkward game 3-1. 2. Search for someone who'll let the team make an omelette in in his or her bathing suit--Both teams use volunteers' heads to crack eggs. 3. Search for someone to eat the most hot dogs in two minutes--These are some big dogs, too! Blue wins 3-2. 4. Collect as much body hair as possible using wax strips--Red gets 32, Blue 23. Blue ahead on points at end of round. Scramble: Sticky Soapy Sea Creature Sprint--Players sprint, then slide down a shaving-cream covered course, gathering "sea creatures." They then get in a wading pool and stick as many creatures as possible to their bodies. They then must cross a finish line transporting the creatures without using their hands. Total creatures at finish: Blue 83, Red 79. Final score on the day: Blue 3500, Red 1000.moreless
  • Puerto Rico (1)
    Puerto Rico (1)
    Episode 62
    Scavenger Hunt: 1st task--Be the first team to sink a golf ball. But first the putter is blindfolded and spun around, then the others verbally instruct him or her where to go and what to do. Red wins handily as Blue knocks the ball into a small waterfall! 2. Search for a tourist who will throw the most clothes out the window--Red's recruits throw out 108 items, nosing out Blue total! 3. Search for a tourist who will change clothes with a person of the opposite sex while in the pool--Blue's daring female volunteer does this without the benefit of a covering T-shirt! 4. Search for restaurant patrons who will stuff their meals into team members' shorts--Alisa and Kathy get into the spirit by participating in the stuffing along with Scott, while the Red team's Bryce goes it alone. Blue gets 8 meals in their shorts! Red ahead on points at round's conclusion, 1500-1000. Scramble: Island Hopping Balloon Toss--Player 1 has to get water-filled balloons out of the pool and take them to player 2 floating on an island. After the switch is properly made, player 2 throws the balloons to player 3, who must catch and pop them. The most liquid gathered wins. This proves to be a very difficult game, especially since player 1 has to crawl onto the island to make the exchange. Blue seems to have the lead for most of the Scramble, but Red is the winner. Final score on the day: Red 3500, Blue 1000.moreless
  • Mazatlan, Mexico (4)
    Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Search for someone who can eat the most oysters--The teams hit the beach to find their contestants. Despite Blue having the more burly of the two, Red's guy outdoes him in a head-to-head match, 20 to 17.5. 2: Search for someone to switch clothing with a teammate of the opposite sex--Using T-shirts and towels, this is accomplished, maybe not all the way. 3. Search for a real worm and eat it--Where do you look for worms in Mazatlan? In tequila bottles, of course! The "civilians" do the dirty work here. Tracy swallows her worm rather gingerly, but she does it, earning her team's admiration and the nickname "Crazy Tracy." David downs an airline-sized bottle of tequila, worm and all. He's still wearing a bikini top (and bottom too, under his shorts) from the last segment and he keeps it on for the rest of the Hunt! Maybe he's more deserving of the the "Crazy" sobriquet! 4. Search for someone to translate this sentence and do it: "Haces una margarita en mi pantalones."--It doesn't take a an expert to guess that it means "Make a margarita in my pants." Red team mixes one up, Carol shakes it up, and Kavan takes it in the pants. Meanwhile Blue's volunteer has one mixed and shaken right in his trunks. Totals for the round: Red 2000, Blue 1500. Scramble: Beachball Boxing Brawl--A beachball-sized soccer ball is hit with boxing gloves, the first team to score three goals wins. However, time runs out on a hard-fought contest with Red ahead 2-1. Final score for the day: Red 4000, Blue 1500.moreless
  • Mazatlan, Mexico (3)
    Scavenger Hunt: 1. Search for a good golfer--The teams look for one among their own members, but display some of the worst form imaginable. Red wins. 2. Search for someone who will allow an "E" to be shaved in his chest. 3. Search for as many kisses as can be gotten in two minutes--Both teams are very successful in this task. 4. Search for spring breakers to form the largest human pyramid--Both teams find lots of participants, but Red edges out Blue in number, 27 to 25. Red ahead in points after this round. Scramble: Mama Snegaroff's Pop Spelling Bee--Twelve balloons are in the water, eight of which contain letters that spell out a word. Players must get balloons out of the water to a teammate who will pop them with his or her posterior. The first team to get all their letters and form a word wins. Blue wins the scramble. Final score for the day: Blue 2500, Red 2000.moreless
  • Mazatlan, Mexico (2)
    Scavenger Hunt: 1st task: Search for someone who can do the most push-ups with a woman on his back--The teams go find their men and bring them back for a head-to-head competition. The premium is also on finding small women to rest on their backs. Red team wins after Blue's pick falls after 23 push-ups (an unofficial count). 2. Search for a frat brother, put him in a bikini and make him recite his fraternity pledge. 3. Search for someone to let the team make nachos on his chest and serve it to friends--Maybe not surprisingly among the all the spring breakers, there is no shortage of female help. 4. Find a beach vendor, do his job, and make him the most money--Both teams are lousy salespersons. Red makes more money, though. Red leads in points after the round 2000-1000. Scramble: Mazatlan Flan Fling--Flan is dumped into the pants of two players on each team. They go through an obstacle course, then dump the flan in a kiddie pool, from which they fling it to their other teammate, who catches it in a sombrero he or she is wearing. Shar and Victor do the catching. At the conclusion the flan is put into buckets for measuring, and Red wins. Final score for the day: Red 4000, Blue 1000. Of course after the prize presentation a flan fight breaks out!moreless
  • Mazatlan, Mexico (1)
    Scavenger Hunt: 1st task: Be the first team to climb a rock wall--Two players from each team participate. Blue wins easily. 2. Search for someone who will let the team throw their underwear off a balcony--Highest floor wins. Red finds a guy with a 27th floor room (and a sleeping roommate) who helps them win this task. 3. Search for someone who will eat the most jalapenos--Red's contestant has a great deal of difficulty; Blue's second choice eats eleven! Red gets 50 extra points because their guy threw up! 4. Search for a spring breaker who will cover his chest in whipped cream and have a woman lick it off--It's no surprise that male volunteers are not hard to find, but Blue finds two willing young women and Red finds four, all rather easily. The gathered crowds are very appreciative. Blue wins the round on points 2000-550. Scramble: Hannah Banana Cream Pie--Players 1 and 2 on each team go through a field of pinatas trying to find bananas and cream, then go to a mixing station where they make pies. One player then throws the pies some distance to the other teammates, trying to get as much of the pies as possible to stick to their bodies. Scott and Victor ham it up, especially on the pinata search. An interested dog wanders onto the field of play and has to be shooed away. When the goop is all scraped off the players and measured in buckets, Red has a big advantage. Final score for the day: Red 2550, Blue 2000.moreless
  • Daytona Beach, Florida (6)
    Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Win a sumo match--Scott and Ryan don padded fat suits and square off in the circle. Being knocked down, falling down, or being pushed out of the ring counts as a fall; best two out of three wins. Scott wins the first fall. Ryan gets the jump on him on the second attempt, but he falls down while pushing Scott out of the ring. Art doesn't count it for either contestant. Scott wins the second fall by jumping on top of Ryan when the opportunity presents itself. 2. Search for someone who will give you their pants, then shred them--For some inexplicable reason, Scott interprets "pants" as long pants only, not shorts. Why? Soleil shows no shyness, asking the first guy they see bluntly if they can cut up his pants, then helping to take them off. 3. Search for and invite as many people as you can to a hotel room--There are lots of enthusiastic volunteers and a good time is had by all. Red gets 69 people in a room, but Blue stuffs in 106. 4. Search for and honk as many horns as you can in two minutes--There's no shortage of cars on Daytona's beach, but Red takes the instructions literally, actually honking horns themselves, while Blue just requests that people do it. Totals for the round: Blue 1500, Red 1000. Scramble: Beachball Basket Brawl--A large beachball is pushed around the court in what looks like a rugby scrum. The object is to put it through a hula hoop held by teammates who are located at either end of the court. First team to score three goals wins. After Blue score a quick goal the game is suspended because of torrential rain. When it resumes, Blue scores again, then wins after tallying a hard-fought third goal, during which Scott takes a knee to the groin. Final score for the day: Blue 3500, Red 1000. Jessica finds out her prize by eating her way through a banana split served up by some Hawaiian Tropic girls.moreless
  • Daytona Beach, Florida (5)
    Scavenger Hunt: 1. Search and build the largest sound effects library using spring breakers--Blue wins 13-7. 2. Search for a man who will dress as a female teammate and walk down the beach--Blue team's pick dresses like Marissa, Red's guy like Carol. 3. Search for a tourist who will let the team give him a buzz cut. 4. Search for and collect as many fraternity symbols as possible--Red prevails 6-2. 5. Search for a favorite bikini and trade it for an E! t-shirt--There is no shortage of bikinis from which to pick! Red wins the round in points 2000-1500. Scramble: Daytona 500...Feet--Each team's player 1 gets dressed in a driving suit and goggles, then does a lap around a course on a sand trike. Drivers are changed for subsequent laps, and they must change costumes also. Non-driving teammates help push. In the furious finale, Carol loses her wrap and Soleil sustains a small cut on her foot. Red nips Blue for the win. Final score for the day: Red 4000, Blue 1500. To get to his prize certificate, the winning contestant has to eat his way through some undetermined food!moreless
  • Daytona Beach, Florida (4)
    Scavenger Hunt: 1. Search for someone who will let you sample everything in her bag--It's easy to find cooperative volunteers during spring break. 2. Search for someone who will allow you to write "hit me" all over his body--Even for this dubious privilege there is no shortage of volunteers. Lipstick is the preferred medium. Red just does it on one guy, who naturally gets a good-natured pounding afterward; but Blue paints it on several guys, who are then set upon by a pack of young women. The whole gang of spring breakers suddenly takes off running down the beach, leaving a mystified Blue team. 3. Search for a tourist who will let you take a bath in his room--Again, willing hosts are easily found. Ryan take a bubble bath for Red; all three Blue contestants (Rub-a-dub-dub?) find their way to the tub. No one disrobes, however. 4. Search for a way to empty the room of furniture--There are so many spring breakers in each room that this task is easy, though the teams leave them the job of putting the furniture back. Red finds a awful stain on the other side of the mattress, while Blue's "furniture" includes the traditional mountain of beer cans. 5. Search for the longest burp--Blue wins with a 4-second belch. Yuck! Blue leads in points 2500 to 2000 on the strength of the burp. Scramble: Juicy Grape Butt Bash--A Search Party tradition. Some bikini-clad recruits help by holding up the nets from which dangle bunches of grapes. Each team's player 1 crawls under the net, gathers the grapes and throws them to player 2, who catches them in his pants. He then takes the grapes to player 3, who removes the grapes and places them on a chair with a slotted bottom, then grinds them into juice using her posterior. Indra takes a big lead in the grape-gathering over Ryan, but he makes up time on the toss. Carol and Marissa show good form with their butt-bashing, and they are aided by teammates who sit on top of them while Art wonders if the footage will ever get on the air. In the end Art judges the pulpy messes to be a tie. Each team receives 2000 points, but Blue wins overall with 4500 points to 4000. For the prize presentation, Indra must eat her way (no hands) through a banana split to determine what she won. Ryan ("Rhino") disgusts and/or amazes everyone by drinking the grape juice.moreless
  • Daytona Beach, Florida (3)
    During Bike Week in Daytona an onion-eating contest is held, people are lathered in shaving cream and alligators are wrestled for key lime pies, sort of.
  • Daytona Beach, Florida (2)
    Scavenger Hunt: Ist task--Win a race. Teams compete in a 5-lap go-kart race at Adventure Landing. First team with all three drivers finishing wins. During the course of the race Carol Grow goes from first to last and Amy Hunter does just the opposite to lead her Blue team to the win. 2. Find a woman who will let orange juice be poured into her bikini top and get someone to drink from it--Red's volunteer Nadia provides a healthy cupful while Blue recruits two girls. 3. Find a two-door car and put as many people as possible in it--Blue finds a convertible and figures why not? Their count beats Red, 31-25. 4. Find someone who can remove their underwear with shorts or bathing suit still on--This is accomplished, but with great difficulty, by both team's choices. 5. Find someone who will mix milk and cereal in shorts and allow it to be crushed--Blue finds a guy to do it, while Red gets two women. Blue wins most points in round. Scramble: Daytona Beachcomber Bakeoff--Players grab eggs, milk and flour and run through an obstacle course. One player is covered in all the food items, then all three must crawl back through a course coated with shaving cream, the food-coated player having to put on various inflatable toys. Red wins. Final score for the day: Red 3500, Blue 2500.moreless
  • Daytona Beach, Florida (1)
    Scavenger Hunt: 1. Search for someone with the most tattoos--There is some question as to what constitutes one individual tattoo and how to count them. 2. Search for a biker to buy the team a drink at his favorite spot. 3. Search for a biker who will exchange clothes with a teammate--A highlight: Blue team's Amy Hunter changes out on the street. 4. Search for someone who will let a contestant clean their toenails with toothpaste and toothbrush. 5. Search for the biker with the longest beard and measure it--Red wins with a measurement of 20" to Blue's 8". 6. Search for the most ticket stubs to Daytona Speedway. Red ahead on points after the Hunt. Scramble: Daytona Beach Pluck and Pick Popcorn Palooza--Contestants run to a pool and cover themselves with the maple syrup there, then run to the next pool where they cover themselves in popcorn. From there they must cross a finish line while hula-hooping. (Blue team's Desiree excels at this task.) The teammates scrape the popcorn off of each other's bodies into buckets. Hawaiian Tropics girls Kerri and Erin help with the measuring, and Blue is declared the winner. Final score on the day: Blue 3500, Red 3000.moreless
  • Maui (5)
    Maui (5)
    Episode 51
    Scavenger Hunt: 1st task: Sink a 30-foot putt in the fewest strokes--Deidre putts the ball to about three feet from the hole, then Scott sinks it. Omar putts to about the same distance, but Kalani's second stroke just slides by on the left! 2. In the town of Kihei, search for a person to eat the most limes--Blue's find eats 20 lime quarters, but Red's stalwart eats 71! 3. Search for a man to dance in his underwear--As usual on this show, both team find someone to take the challenge. 4. Be a good Samaritan and profit from it--Both teams do massages for people and earn surprising amounts of money. 5. Search for a local to take the team home and let them wash a pet--Red team sprinkle a little bit of water on a bird in a cage; Blue team chases after chickens but can't catch any. Red leads after this round 2000-1500. Scramble: Shannon's Sprint, Soap and Splash--Player 1 digs in the sand for shaving cream, then covers a teammate with it. When the players are covered, they both get inside a ring while the others on the outside try to wash off the cream on the opposing team's player using buckets of water and super-soakers. Carol has done well at this game before, and once again she leads her Red team to a victory, having much more shaving cream still on her at the conclusion than Deidre does. Final score for the day: Red 4000, Blue 1500. The post-game squirt-gun fight is joined by lots of kids who were spectators.moreless
  • Maui (4)
    Maui (4)
    Episode 50
    Scavenger Hunt: 1st challenge--Jump off of "Black Rock," retrieve leis from the water, swim to shore and place leis around Art Mann's neck. Scott Lasky needs to be "rescued." 2. Search for most tourists to kiss you in two minutes--Both teams are successful in this task. 3. Search for the longest belch. 4. Search for tourist who will let team borrow their toothbrush. 5. Search for a couple to switch bathing suits, then walk down the beach. 6. Search for tourists who will allow their shoes to be buried at sea. Red ahead in points after this round. Scramble: "I ain't eating at your restaurant"--One player throws tomatoes to another who mixes them up with spaghetti, cheese, herbs, etc., in small wading pools, then throws the result through the air to the third player. Red comes from behind to win. Final score for the day: Red 4500, Blue 2000.moreless
  • Maui (3)
    Maui (3)
    Episode 49
    Scavenger Hunt: 1. Search for the translation of the phrase "a kau ka hau iloke o ko'u lole wawae ke olu olu," then do it--It translates to "Put the ice inside of your pants, please." Omar and Carol do it for the Red team while Scott does it for Blue. 2. Collect the most money for the "Save Search Party" fund--Red raises $5.70 to Blue's $3. 3. Search for a man who will completely shave his legs. 4. Search for a local artist to draw the best picture of Art Mann's face. 5. Search for the most tourists to imprison in Paahao prison--Red finds 11 to Red's 9. 6. Search for someone else's job and do it. Red leads 2500-1500 after this round. Scramble: Tropical Hockey Cocktail--Player 1 knocks fruit and ice down the course using a hockey stick. Player 2 crushes the fruit and makes punch. It's then transferred to player 3 from glass to glass, located on the players' heads. Player 3 runs across the finish line to deposit the juice. Red does better on the transfer of juice, with Omar being particularly methodical. Blue resorts to cheating and is disqualified. Final score for the day: Red 4500, Blue 1500.moreless
  • St. Thomas (5)
    St. Thomas (5)
    Episode 48
  • Maui (2)
    Maui (2)
    Episode 47
    Scavenger Hunt: 1st task: Win a canoe race--Teams can only have two of their players participate, so what does Scott do? He asks the women to do it! The teams are each augmented by three other locals. Blue wins. 2. Create aloha shirts--Carol and Scott split from their other teammates to handle this one while the others move on to... 3. Search for someone in Kihei to strip to their skivvies (their word, not mine). 4. Search for luau attire for the stripped volunteer. 5. Search for tourist to buy a round of lava flows. 6. Search for a local to invite the team home for lunch. Both teams finish before Carol and Scott come back. The Scramble will go on without them. Blue leads in points 2500-2000. Scramble: Lucy in the Sky with Pie--Player 1 digs in the sand for whipped cream, then fills pie shells with fruit and cream. Player 1 then throws the pies back over head to player 2, who dumps them into a bucket. It's a big Search Party-type mess. Blue wins the contest 3 lbs. to 2. Final score for the day: Blue 4500, Red 2000. In an epilog, Scott and then Carol return to find no Art Mann and no teammates, only a note telling them they couldn't wait for them.moreless
  • Maui (1)
    Maui (1)
    Episode 46
    Scavenger Hunt: 1. In the city of Lahaina, search for Honeygirl and give her a big, wet kiss--Red tries putting honey on a girl's neck as a substitute. "Honeygirl", it turns out, is a pig. 2. Search for the largest group and be their tour guide--Red much more successful, 12 people to 2. 3. Search for tourists who will let the team empty a can of shaving cream in their pants. 4. Search for a tourist who will eat the most macadamia nuts--Blue's recruit wins for them, 18 oz. to 6! 5. Search for Bud the birdman and serenade Moani (a bird, naturally.) 6. Search for a tourist who will share lunch with you. 7. Search for the largest tree and get there without walking. Blue leads in points after round, having completed one more task than Red. Scramble: Snowman Ping-Pong Stick-'em-Up--Player 1 jumps a hurdle, grabs a can of shaving cream, goes through two more obstacles and gets two more cans. He then has 60 seconds to cover the other two teammates head-to-toe in shaving cream, then gets in a small pool and hits ping-pong balls at them hoping to get them to stick in the cream. Red wins with 23 balls on the bodies to 16 for Blue. Final score for the day: Red 4500, Blue 3000.moreless
  • St. Thomas (4)
    St. Thomas (4)
    Episode 45
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Ball Pounding Saucer Scoop--A very loose variation of baseball. A pitched beach ball is batted with the arm. Players run to the bases and collect flying discs at each one. The rules are rather vague and the action is confused. Ricky makes a big hit but Scott pulls an unassisted double play, resulting in an apparent Blue win. But Sean claims he was never tagged and made it all the way home. Art reviews a videotape and reverses his decision, giving the win to Red. The whole thing is so confusing that Art vows it will never appear on Search Party again. They show an old clip, allegedly from the 1970's, of the last time they tried this game. The only highlight is the sight of Priscilla in an outrageously sexy and skimpy faux-coconut shell bikini. Sight-Seeing Scavenger Hunt: Task 1. Make and eat a johnny cake--Jenni knows the chef at one eatery, so Blue gains entre. Red gets one made for them, but they don't get to make it themselves. 2. Paint a man's toenails--With Priscilla and Carol doing the painting for their respective teams, volunteers are quickly found. 3.Get a tourist to moon a crowd--Red does it successfully. Blue gets a guy to moon, and Priscilla joins in with him, but there's no onlookers. 4. Find the best Art Mann look-a-like--A three-person panel awards Red's entry 10 total points, beating the Blue team's ZERO! 5. Make the biggest daiquiri--Only Red completes this task in time. They're bigguns, too. Scramble: Matzo Salsa Pizza--Player 1 and 2 mix up the pizza dough and spread it on flying discs. They then run to player 3, breaking the ingredients (matzo bread, tomatoes, cheese) on his head. Then the players toss the completed pizzas from one to another, dumping the contents in a bucket for measuring. It's a mess all the way around, but the throwing is more accurate than usual for this show. Art rules that the total ingredients in the teams' buckets are equal. He makes up a tie breaker on the spot--Blue caught five of five flying pizzas as opposed to Red's three, therefore Blue wins. This results in a 3000-3000 tie. Red and Blue are both declared winners and two prizes are awarded, possibly the first and only time this ever happened.moreless
  • Jamaica (8)
    Jamaica (8)
    Episode 44
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Sharkey Hockey--Players ride on inflatable sharks and use noodles to try and knock balls into goals. Soon the noodles are abandoned, with hands and sharks being used in their place. Vincent's fine play leads Red to a 3-0 victory. Turf: Free Millie (Willie's Cousin)--Players must "rescue" four stranded animals from offshore using paddles and noodles. Red wins. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find the biggest rooster and make him crow. 2. Form your own soca band and sing "I've Been Working on the Railroad"--Soca, we learn, is a style of music similar to calypso. As is the case with most musical tasks on the show, the results are pretty pathetic. 3. Proclaim a couple king and queen of Jamaica. 4. Bury a treasure chest. 5. Learn your rasta name. Both team earn equal points in this round. Scramble: Just Say No to Bugs--Team members 1 and 2 dig creatures out of the sand, take them to a pool of chocolate pudding, coat them and stick them to player 3, who does a Jamaican crab crawl to the finish. The most bugs stuck to a player wins. Art's controversial ruling on the counting of the bugs gives Blue the win. Rachael declares the outcome has saved her and Vincent's marriage! Final Score for the day: Blue 3500, Red 1500. A pudding fight ends the show.moreless
  • St. Thomas (3)
    St. Thomas (3)
    Episode 43
    Carl's Juicy Grape Butt Bash: Player 1 runs to a boat and grabs bunches of grapes from it to throw to waiting player 2, who must catch them in his pants. Player 3 takes the grapes, puts them on a chair, and like the name says, bashes then with her butt. The team with the most juice that gets through the chair seat (which has some openings) wins. Carol and Priscilla are the bashers, and they both end up with helpful teammates sitting on their laps bashing along with them. Referee Art rules that in measuring the juice, pulp counts also, giving Blue a victory. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Determine how many steps are in the famous local landmark the 99 Steps--Nobody gets the correct total, which is 103. 2. Come back with a bag containing the most hair--Red hits a styling salon. Blue solicits chest hair. Sacrificing something for the team, Blue's Priscilla Lee Taylor contributes a long lock of her own blonde hair, and teammate Reni follows suit with some of hers. 3. Get someone to give team their red or blue underwear--Both teams get some, but Red has to settle for the color blue. 4. Dress a tourist like a pirate and make him walk the plank. 5. Make and eat fungi--The teams learn that this is okra cooked with corn meal. Scramble: Shannon's Sprint, Soap & Splash--Teams search for six cans of shaving cream in the sand, then one player gets covered with the cream. She enters a circle where the opposing team members try to splash her clean with buckets of water. Person with the most shaving cream remaining on their body at the end wins. Carol proves to be very elusive and Red wins handily. Final score for the day: Red 3000, Blue 2500.moreless
  • Aruba (4)
    Aruba (4)
    Episode 42
    Surf & Turf round: Cry Babes Underwater Fish Toss--Two players rescue the "fish" from the bottom of the pool, then they are given to player 3, who tosses the ring-like fish from an island into a kiddie pool. Blue wins 2-1. Hop, Drop & Pop--Players carry a balloon between their legs through an obstacle course and are only allowed to "hand off" the balloon from legs to legs, using no hands. Balloons are then popped with a player's butt. Later in the contest the stomach drop technique of popping is used. Blue wins 5-4. Scavenger Hunt: 1. Become street performers and earn as much money as possible in five minutes--Red earns $7, Blue $4. 2. Get someone to shave facial hair--Both teams find guys willing to do this. 3. Find as much foreign currency as possible. 4. Find the person who has lived in Aruba the longest--Red's find has lived in Aruba 60 years, compared to Blue's 25. Red wins round by points. Scramble: Big Back Full of BBQ Chicken Pizza--One player swims out to retrieve chickens. Player 2 lies flat on the sand and covers player 3's in shaving cream and places the chickens on her back. The duo then travels wheelbarrow-style to a station where "pizzas" are made with sauce, dough and the chickens. Player must crawl to finish line with all the pizzas on his or her back. The rubber chickens are constantly falling off backs, and even though her Blue team wins, Lisa looks a little disgusted by the end! Final score for the day: Blue 3600, Red 1200.moreless
  • St. Thomas (2)
    St. Thomas (2)
    Episode 41
    Surf & Turf round: Balloon Bloomer--Balloons on an island in the pool are tossed by players with flippers on hands into "bloomers" (hoop and mesh) that a teammate is wearing. Scott's accurate shooting leads the Blue team to a 19-11 win. Scavenger Hunt: 1. Get a tourist to eat as many bananas as possible--Red's pick eats seven to Blue's three. 2. Get a couple to switch swimsuits or clothes--Blue gets two couples to do it. 3. Form a scratch band--Explained to be a homemade type of band. 4. Get celebrity impersonators to act out a pirate scene--Blue finds a fairly decent Robert De Niro lookalike. 5. Make some bush tea--Neither team gets to this task in time. Scramble: Apocalypse Wow--A helicopter(!) is supposed to drop tennis balls into buckets to begin the Scramble, but the drop is done too soon and the balls end up in the water. Players with nets swim out to get the balls. The player in the water throws the balls with the net to a teammate on shore. Teams then have ninety seconds to spell out words with letters on the balls, even though it's not easy to read the printing on the wet, sandy tennis balls. Blue wins with nine words to Red's seven. Final score for the day: Blue 4000, Red 2000.moreless
  • St. Thomas (1)
    St. Thomas (1)
    Episode 40
    Surf & Turf round: Turf: Beach Ball Boxing Derby--Wearing boxing gloves and swim fins, players try to score goals with a large beach ball using the gloves on a small soccer-type field. First team to 3 wins. By consensus, the fins are put aside very quickly. Red wins the fierce competition 3-2. No Surf round today, apparently. Small Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find someone who has a red shirt and white pants and make him your buddy--Blue's find fits the description pretty closely, while Red gives a woman one of their shirts so that she will qualify. 2. Make a working communications device--Both teams go to bars, where Red makes a string telephone with a couple of plastic cups while Blue gets a bottle to put a message in. 3. Get a stranger to respond to your disaster signal--Red fakes a domestic squabble on a street corner to gain attention, while surprisingly, Susan is ignored for a while as she lays on a sidewalk asking for help with an injured ankle. 4. Get a redhead to do a Marilyn Monroe imitation--Well, at least they found a couple of redheads. 5. Find the richest man on the island and make him prove it--Blue finds a guy with a mouthful of gold teeth. Red goes to a jeweler but they don't get to see the owner. During the Hunt, Art has been sampling a few local drink specialties at some of the watering holes. When he returns to do the wrapup for the round, he finds that maybe he had one or two too many! Both teams correctly identify "Gilligan's Island" as the mystery TV show for 100 point bonuses. Point totals for the round: Blue 2600, Red 2100. Scramble: Paint 'n' Pluck Popcorn Palooza--Teams run down the course and get into a pool containing pancake syrup. After a wallow in that, they sprint back down the course to a pool containing popcorn and cover their bodies with it. Then then jump rope down to a kiddie pool where they scrape off as much popcorn as they can into a bucket before time expires, the most popcorn winning. Jon takes a dive into the small pool the likes of which we usually only see from Lasky on this show. Great, if brief, action in the pool as the teams cover themselves with the syrup. After compressing the popcorn deposited in the buckets, Art measures and finds that Red has the most, 6" to 5". Final score for the day: Red 4600, Blue 2600. Everyone is still covered in popcorn at the conclusion, so they all take a dip in the Caribbean.moreless
  • St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
    Dog and Crab World Cup: A soccer match is first played in the crab position (in four-point stance with torso facing upward) with the ball advanced only with the feet. When a goal is scored, the position changes to dog-style (hands and knees) and only the head can be in contact with the ball. First team to score three goals wins. Scott Lasky is actually penalized for something (use of hands) and sits in the penalty box. Red wins. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Serve milk and cookies to a crowd. 2. Do a stand-up act and raise as much money as possible. 3. Drive a taxi. 4. Challenge a woman to a wrestling match. 5. Find an Elvis impersonator. Movie reference: Man on the Moon. Red team wins the round, but Blue names the movie correctly. Scramble: St. Thomas Alligator Boot Camp--After retrieving an alligator (not a real one) from a tub of goo, all three teammates must negotiate a "boot camp" obstacle course. Red wins. Final score for the day: Red 5000, Blue 2100. When contestant Eric is digging up his "treasure" (the prize he won), he gets a surprise bonus(?): Art Mann's shoes.moreless
  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica
    Ocho Rios, Jamaica
    Episode 38
    A "high wire" act is performed in the pool, beach hockey is played with aquatic mammals, and the Scramble involves trying to keep egg yolks on a wooden paddle under conditions not suited for the task.
  • Negril, Jamaica
    Negril, Jamaica
    Episode 37
    Games include Dolphin Relay Race. Also, contestant try to catch water balloons in their "bloomers" and pies on their bodies.
  • Jamaica (7)
    Jamaica (7)
    Episode 36
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Beach Ball Blowout Bonanza--Basically just volleyball played in the pool. Red wins 5-4. Turf: Watch...Those Seeds--Players 1 and 2, with hands tied, take a watermelon to a station, repeat the process, then smash the melons open without using their hands. They then pick out seeds with their mouths and spit them into a cup on the head of player 3. Lasky has played this game before, and once again he uses a tremendous head bash to split the melons. Luckily the counting, which took about ten minutes, is edited out. Blue wins 46 seeds to 41. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find the wildest card--Red team's find is a policeman's business card. Blue finds a "wild" guy with pierced nipples. 2. Discover a tourist with a secret and get him or her to divulge it--Blue finds a woman who admits to having breast implants. 3. Search for a beachgoers who was not brought up by his parents--Blue locates a guy they call "Daddy Warbucks" and claim that he, like his charge Little Orphan Annie, was an orphan too. Red finds a cat! 4. Have a teammate climb the side of a building--Rather fake-looking attempts are made. 5. Before returning, disguise a teammate so Art won't recognize him or her--Blue's Mij is disguised with condiments; Red's Mike is made up as a woman. Movie reference: Batman, which Red guesses correctly as opposed to Superman for Blue. Both teams earn 1500 points for the round. Scramble: Water Balloon Baby--An island offshore holds the water balloon "babies," which must be retrieved, then wiped, powdered and diapered. They are then thrown to waiting teammates to be caught in a blanket. Red diapers their "babies" assembly-line style and they prevail despite Scott's attempt to cheat. Final score for the day: Red 4500, Blue 1500. What happens at the shows end? A balloon fight, of course.moreless
  • Aruba (3)
    Aruba (3)
    Episode 35
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Backward Balloon Basket--Player 1 goes down a water slide with balloons to player 2, who takes balloons to a basketball goal, where they must be thrown through the goal from the bottom up and caught by player 3 to be counted as a goal. Red wins a good, close competition 10-9. Turf: Pass the Drink--Wearing a cup with liquid on their head, the first players go through an obstacle course, then attempt to transfer the contents of the cup from one player to another's head, who then goes through a slalom course while wearing an inflatable. There's another transfer to the head of player 3, who dumps it from his or her head into a bucket. The team with the most liquid in the bucket wins. As usual, Lasky disregards the rules and hold his cup with a hand while going through the course. Red wins with very little liquid. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Experience cocooi and share it with someone. Can't remember what cocooi is, but Lisa does a bartop dance! 2. Say hi to Art in as many languages as possible--Red wins 9 languages to 8. 3. Find someone to do the longest handstand--Blue's volunteer beats Red's 24 seconds to 20. 4. Set up a blind date. 5. Find out why Aruba is one happy island. Scramble: Beachcomber Bake-Off: Two players from each team pick up ingredients and go through an obstacle course, then mix the ingredients. They then go commando-style through a field of whipped cream, slather player 3's body with their mixture, then take player 3 to a pool full of "sprinkles," finishing the job by putting her in a twisty inflatable. Lisa gets ahead of herself and takes off onto the course without getting covered in dough, so she must return. Which team won? Well, we must have gotten a little distracted! Was it Red? Maybe...does it really matter?moreless
  • Aruba (2)
    Aruba (2)
    Episode 34
    Games include the 1K Chicken and Potato Medley and the Aruba Iceberg Express, where contestants are pulled across the pool with twenty pounds of ice in their laps. Also, Greg is secure enough in his masculinity to cross-dress for his team.
  • Antigua (5)
    Antigua (5)
    Episode 33
    Surf & Turf round: Turf: Human Croquet--A large ball is hit with a noodle through wickets made out of teammates. The first team through the course twice wins. Before the game Art brings out Matthew Malach, identified as the head writer, and deems him "responsible" for the game. Red wins. Surf: Dolphin Walking Pool Toy Pickup--Player 1 pulls players 2 and 3 around the pool on inflatable dolphins. Those players must pick up pool toys with their mouths. 10 toys wins the game. All players immediately fall off the dolphins. Blue wins 9-8 despite the 10-toy rule. Scavenger Hunt: 1. Perform as circus act--Andy does some juggling. 2. Find the largest engagement ring--Blue finds one of 4 carats! 3. Organize and choreograph a dance troupe--Andy gets a halfway decent looking dance going. 4. Find a couple who met on a blind date--Red's couple reveals afterward that they didn't meet that way. 5. Make an edible Art Mann sculpture--Blue's doesn't look like much. Red finishes only two tasks. Blue wins the round on points, 1500-600, I think. Scramble: Tropical Punch Relay--One player "putts" the "golf balls" (tropical fruits, ice) to another player with a golf club. Player 2 smashes the fruit and ice with a mallet, puts the juice into glasses and gives them to player 3 who goes through an obstacle course. All three team members have to go through the course. Red wins. Final score for the day: Red 4100, Blue 2000. The regular food fight breaks out at the show's conclusion.moreless
  • Bahamas (5)
    Bahamas (5)
    Episode 32
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Dog and Pony Pool Show--A relay race in the pool. First player transports beach balls to player 2, who must dive through three hoops with a beach ball. The ball is then given to player 3 who takes it via a float across the rest of the pool to the finish line. Increasingly large beach balls are used as the game goes on, and the last one proves just about impossible to manage. A highlight (?) of the round is Scott almost losing his trunks. Turf: Balloon Busting Death Battle--"Life forces" (balloons) are attached to players' ankles. Opponents try to stomp on and burst the other team's balloons. The last player with balloons remaining wins for the team. The action is maniacal, with Judson and Scott locked into a battle to the finish. Judson and Donn have balloons remaining for the victorious Red team. Sightseeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Translate hieroglyphics explaining the origin of Art Mann--Huh? 2. Get a tourist to interpret the thoughts of a grouper--What? 3. Find a school and teach a lesson. Since both teams have been in an aquarium all this time, the schools used are schools of fish. Carol, using her fitness-training background, leads the fish in aerobics. 4. Pay tribute to the starlet of the sea and give her a name. 5.Find a scale not on a fish--Blue searches an office in the aquarium and finds a platform scale, but for some reason Carol gets the idea to go out on the beach and find scaly feet! Red gets a 100-point bonus for finishing first plus extra points for the fish aerobics to take the round 1800-1500. Scramble: Humpty Dumpty's Fruit Frenzy--Player 1 takes apart food, including bananas, sandwiches, ears of corn, oranges--even eggs! (avoided 'til last)--and throws the outsides to player 2 and the insides to player 3. Teams meet in the middle to put the food back together again. Referee Art notes "both teams cheating equally." But how to judge the results? Art leaves it up to the spectators, who are lobbied greatly by both sides. Red is declared the winner. Final score for the day: Red 5300, Blue 2000. If you didn't expect a food fight as the credits roll you must have never seen the show before.moreless
  • Honolulu
    Episode 31
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Inhuman pyramid--The teams must build a human pyramid on an island floating in the pool and hold it for five seconds. The opposing team can try to stop them with beach balls and super-soakers. Red wins when they accomplish the task in 46 seconds compared to Blue's 56. Turf: Balloon Ballistics--The players are in a ring with balloons tied to their ankles. The object is to pop the other team's balloons using your feet. Red wins. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find a pair of dark sunglasses. 2. Find a Princeton t-shirt. 3. Find a baseball glove. 4. Find a pair of "tighty-whitety" underwear. 5. Bring back a chocolate sundae with nuts and cherries. Movie Reference: Risky Business, which both teams get for 300 point bonus. Blue wins the round, 1400-1200. Scramble: Fish Out of Water--Players ride out on surfboards to obtain a recipe in the water, then bring it back in. (Kalai actually helps opposing team member Kona by putting her board in the water for her! Gallant, but this is a competition!) They then don scuba gear including snorkel and relate the recipe to teammates (hard to understand with mask on!), who write it down on their bodies. The second players, wearing fins, walk backwards to their remaining teammates, who must correctly make the drink in the recipe. Red wins. Final score on the day: Red 5000, Blue 1700.moreless
  • Cancun (5)
    Cancun (5)
    Episode 30
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Duck Soup--One player per team collects floating plastic ducks in the pool, using only his/her mouth. They are brought to player 2 and deposited in a bucket. Player 3 plays defense with a super-soaker. Red takes an early lead and holds off a Blue charge to win 9-7. Turf: Fruit Flipper Flip-Off--Player 1 flips fruit off of the swim fins he's wearing to player 2, who catches it in a bucket on her head! It's taken to player 3 who stomps on it to produce juice. The teams perform this not-so-easy task relatively well. Not much juice is made, though. Art declares Red the winner. Scavenger hunt: Task 1: Make an offering to a Mayan god--Mayan souvenirs are easily found, and the guys on the Red team say they're going to offer up a virgin--Carol! She looks surprised--and dubious. 2. Find a sequined sombrero and do a hat dance to the tune of "Three Blind Mice"--Even though Blue does it in an alleged "Motown" style, the music is pretty lame on both sides, which is usually the case on Search Party. 3. Make a purchase from a guy named Juan--Juans are not too hard to find, but the teams can't use regular lucre, they can only barter E merchandise, which makes the transactions a bit more difficult. 4. Liberate the smallest armadillo--(Where do they get these ideas?) Some tiny souvenir armadillios are found and duly "liberated." One salesman wants to trade two 'dillos for Patricia! She is decidedly unenthusiastic about that prospect. 5. Makes friends with a coconut monkey--As dumb as it sounds. Scramble: Goin' Dough Nuts!--Players swim out in the ocean to receive a spatula and cookie sheet and take them to player 2 on shore. He or she then mixes doughnuts and other snacks with water to form a paste used to cover some plastic baseballs. The balls are then tossed to player 3, who tries to hit them with a plastic bat through a hoop held by player 1. In the water, Barry starts out with a big lead over Patricia, but it's hard to swim with utensils in your hand and the lead quickly shrinks. Trying to bat the "breaded" balls through a hoops proves all but impossible, and Art rules that Red wins when they finally get one through--even though it's Blue's hoop! Final score for the day: Red 5600, Blue 1700.moreless
  • Hawaii (4)
    Hawaii (4)
    Episode 29
    Surf & Turf round: Turf: Fruit Salad Friends--Player 1 picks up fruit off of a platter without using hands or arms, then transfers it to player 2, under the same restrictions, who deposits it in a bucket, where player 3 makes "fruit salad." The most fruit wins; rinds and skin don't count. The mouth is the exclusive method of transfer, making for some good fun. Red wins 5 lbs. to 3 1/2. Already a food fight breaks out. Surf: Butt Bumpers--A pair of teammates together in an inner tube try to collect the most balloons in the pool within two minutes while the third player harrasses them with a super-soaker. Red wins 13 to 9. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: Tash 1: Weigh a human head--On the way to doing this task, Carol breaks the obscure Scavenger Hunt rule which penalizes a team is a member says the name of the film out loud. 2. Get ten strangers to say hello to Art Mann on camera--Easily done. Red gets many more, including a group saying it in unison. 3. Convince a tourist to reveal the contents of his or her wallet--Also easily accomplished. 4. Buy someone's shoes--Ditto. 5. Find the most unique Hawaiian souvenir--Red find local surfing legend Rabbit Kakai on the beach and gets his autograph. Blue brings back a Polish song and dance ensemble in costume! Movie reference: Jerry McGuire, which only Red gets right. Art only takes away 500 rather than 1000 points for Carol's gaffe of saying the film's name prematurely, ruling that it was unintentional. Blue gets 200 bonus points for the Polish troupe. Red leads 2300-1700. Scramble: Bucket Ball Bonanza--Twenty ping-pong balls are gathered from around the pool by a pair of teammates, who then climb onto an inflatable whale and cross the pool to the third teammate, who bats them back into a bucket some distance away. The Blue girls have a hard time getting stable on the whale. Red does better, but the whole task is not an easy one. Red wins 7-5. Final score for the day: Red 5300, Blue 1700.moreless
  • South Beach, Florida (5)
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Watermelon Baby's Bedtime--Player 1 puts oil on the "baby" (a watermelon), then gives it to player 2, who takes it across the pool on an inflatable shark to player 3, who powders it, diapers it, and sticks a pacifier in its mouth(?) Red wins, but only after abandoning the shark. Turf: Disc, Duck, Hurry Up--A player pushes a disc full of "ducks" along with his or her feet, depositing one duck in each bucket on the course without using hands. First teams to empty three discs wins. Scott is penalized for blatant cheating, interfering with Carol. Silver Screen Scavenge Hunt: 1. Get someone to squeal like a pig. 2. Get a man named Michael and a woman named Jennifer to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"--It's dubious whether either side found anyone with those names. 3. Get three men to drink bloody Marys. 4. Get someone to style a teammates hair in a spiky fashion. 5. Find the smallest dog and get a picture with teammates. Movie reference: There's Something About Mary. Both teams guess it correctly for bonus points, but Red team wins the round by 100 points. Scramble: King Conga vs. the Fruit Monster--Teams form conga lines and pick up fruit at various stations [in the water, perhaps? Unclear.--Ed.] After they obtain it, they make fruit salad, mashing the fruit by hand. The finished product is taken though an obstacle course to the finish line at the water. Red wins. Final score for the day: Red 4800, Blue 1700.moreless
  • Bahamas (4)
    Bahamas (4)
    Episode 27
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Sharkey Hockey--Players riding on inflatable sharks hit beach balls with paddles towards goals. By the end of the contest no one is on a shark and no one is using a paddle. A montage of shots of Sean trying to stay on the sharks is accompanied by Strauss' "Blue Danube" waltz. Red wins 1-0. Turf: No Shoes, No Shirts, No Points--All contestant enter a ring blindfolded. They then must dress themselves with outfits they find in the ring. The first team with all players dressed in shirt, shorts, hat and shoes wins. Blue takes this contest. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Make a deviled egg--Blue finds a guy with a questionably egg-shaped head. Red gets and egg from a restaurant and makes it up with lipstick. 2. Find a celebrity lookalike--Pretty slim pickin's here. Red's alleged Cazz Palminteri lookalike more closely resembled Jerry Orbach to these eyes, and it wasn't even that close. The only thing Blue's Macauley Culkin lookalike had in common with him is that he was a child. 3. Find something that will make your head spin--Not surprisingly, both teams head for bars. 4. Have a priest, rabbi or nun bless the team--Blue's blessing is pretty much a joke, but Red gets a surprising rapid-fire benediction from a beachgoer. 5. Find something even Art Mann would fear--Red finds a shark in an aquarium; Blue finds a screaming bartender. Movie reference: The Exorcist, which both teams guess correctly. Blue gets 300 bonus points in this round for the bartender and wins it. Scramble: Plato's Pasta Party--A typical Search Party flying food scramble with one player throwing tomatoes jai alai-style to player two who mixes them up with pasta and other fixin's, then throws the whole mess through the air to player three waiting behind a line to catch it on a platter. As usual, Scott Lasky cheats quite a bit. With no scale on hand to measure the results, referee Art Mann appeals to the audience for a decision, and Blue is declared the winner. (Having two attractive women on your team rather than just one is a big factor in crowd decisions, it seems.) Final score on the day: Blue 6600, Red 2300. A particularly good food fight breaks out as the credits roll.moreless
  • Cancun (4)
    Cancun (4)
    Episode 26
    Surf & Turf round: Turf: Shake Your Maracas--While blindfolded, two members of each team mix drinks while the third teammate picks them up on a tray and takes them to the garnishing station--all the while shaking the maracas on their hips. When the drinks are garnished they are lined up for counting. Red wins 19-15. Surf: Storm of the Century--Pool basketball is played with a shooting team member in an inner tube while the teammates can only propel him or her with water. No hands can touch the tube, the shooter or the ball, except for the shooter's. It prove very difficult to score a basket in this fashion. Even an overtime period produces no baskets, so for the second overtime it's hands-on, anything goes. Blue scores to win. Siver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Get two female tourists to do a dirty dance together--Not the dirtiest dancing ever seen but the girls are all nice-looking. Scott declares this his all-time favorite task on the show. 2. Find the worst singer to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." 3. Make copies of each team member's face. 4. Get a psychic reading on a team member--Red gets bonus points for finding three people with last names starting with "E, "S" and "P." 5. Donate something to charity--Independently of each other, both teams give a topless woman a shirt. Red receives 100 bonus points for finishing first. They win the round on points 1800-1500. Scramble: Dizzy Bat Down, Sunny Side Up--Player 1 puts a bat in the sand, places their head on one end and takes a few spins around it. The dizzy players then take a spoon, pick up an egg with it and take it to player 2. That player cracks the egg on a paddle, takes it through an obstacle course, then flips it to player 3, who tries to catch it in a flying disc held at stomach level. Player 3 has been spinning around this whole time. The players get as dizzy as someone who is reading this description. It's slow going, but Blue wins despite Red's enumeration of Lasky's cheating tactics. Final score for the day: Blue 5300, Red 2600. In the usual post-competition revelry, Michael and Arianne, an engaged couple at the time, take a pretty good tumble together.moreless
  • Hawaii (3)
    Hawaii (3)
    Episode 25
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Into the Drink with Your Drink--One player carries a drink across the pool on a float while the others throw things at him or her in an attempt to spill the drink. Red team's Jason Brooks knocks the drink out of the hand of Blue team's Anita with one deadly accurate throw, his first! Blue can only hope for a tie at best but Red manages to make it across the pool with a small amount of liquid for the win. Turf: Sand Sucking Semi--Teams race down course wheelbarrow style, picking up items along the way and carrying them on the body of the "wheelbarrow" contestant. They then eat tropical fruit off a flying disc, knock a ball across a goal line using their heads, then run across the finish line with a rubber chicken in mouth. Whew! Carol finds the "Sand Sucking" part to be quite literal. Blue wins the Turf. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Play poker with a stranger from another country. 2. Find a bag of ice. 3. Find someone with a cell phone and get them to call their mother. 4. Find a nude drawing. 5. Find some French currency. Movie reference: Titanic. Blue wins most points in round. Scramble: Tropical Hockey Cocktail--Players knock ingredients for a tropical cocktail down the sand with hockey sticks. A second player cracks coconuts, pineapples and ice, then mixes it into a cocktail. The third player then takes the mixture and convinces someone on the beach to drink it. Brandy Ledford's speed and persuasiveness helps ensure a Blue victory. Final score for the day: Blue 5500, Red 2300. The losing Red team must don grass skirts.moreless
  • Jamaica (6)
    Jamaica (6)
    Episode 24
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: West Indies Wonderful Waterfall Wamp--Player 1 feeds balloons down a waterfall to player 2 in a lagoon who takes them to player 3, who bursts them by using her posterior. Some of the balloons have balls inside them with the letter "E." The first team to find three of these wins. Lisa has difficulty popping the balloons, but Blue prevails anyway, 3-2. Turf: Flying Saucer Chucker Sucker--Two players from each team don footwear with suckers on the bottom and collect plastic flying discs with then. They then try to throw the discs through a hoop held by the team's third player. Red annihilates Blue 18-9. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Prove that you fit the description "Yuh too fuss and facety"--It's explained that in Jamaica "fuss" means nosey and "facety" means obnoxious. 2. Make the Jamaican national flag--Teams go searching for anything yellow, green and black. 3. Make a crab cry. 4. Persuade someone to tell their most embarrassing moment. 5. Relive the best marriage proposal. Both teams earn equal points for the round. Scramble: We Be Jammin'--Players swim out to "islands," collect sunglasses with noses, dreadlocks, etc., then come back to the shore and make peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches with their feet! The teams then form conga lines with the sandwiches held between their knees and head for the finish line. It looks as ridiculous as it sounds. Red wins. Final score for the day: Red 4000, Blue 2000.moreless
  • Aruba (1)
    Aruba (1)
    Episode 23
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Mama Snegaroff's Pop Spelling Bee--Players 1 and 2, in the pool, deliver balloons to player 3 poolside, who pops them with her butt. Using the letters on ping-pong ball found inside, the teams spell out their "secret word." Carol and Brooke are their teams' poppers. Blue wins, despite the Red guys double teaming Scott in the pool. Blue's word was "spaghetti," Red's was "meatballs." Turf: Noodle Slapping Ball Hockey--A Search Party mainstay. A beach ball is knocked toward goals by players with "noodles" (the flotation device) while they wear swim fins. The beach location was still showing the effects of Hurricane Lenny (beach umbrellas capsized, various other debris.) Testosterone was flowing freely as the guys were repeatedly penalized for kicking, tackling, wrestling, etc. At one point ALL the males were sent to the penalty box simultaneously. Red wins, 3-1. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Find a poet who's willing to show it. 2. Fence with an Englishman. 3. Separate two lovers and bring them back together again. 4. Disguise a female as a male and make her prove her manhood. 5. Show that all the world is a stage. This was not one of the more stellar Scavenger Hunts. Movie reference: Shakespeare in Love, which both teams correctly identified for 300 bonus points. Red wins the round 1800-1500. Scramble: Snacks Sank Aruba--Player 1 takes a tray of snack cakes to player 2, where they both cover them with four cans of whipped cream! The cakes are then thrown through the air to player 3, who must catch them in his mouth for a score. Scott and Todd are the catchers. Red wins. Final score for the day: Red 4300, Blue 2000. There's still enough whipped cream left over afterward for everyone to get sprayed.moreless
  • Cancun (3)
    Cancun (3)
    Episode 22
    Surf & Turf round: Surf--Six balls are in the pool and the teams have 90 seconds to knock them into goals using only super-soakers. Goalies are identifiable by the huge sombreros they wear. Blue wins by the paltry score of 1-0. Turf--The teams compete in a leapfrog race, but after each leap the player must put an item (boxing gloves, inner tube, poncho, sombrero, swim fins) on their body. Blue wins. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Bring back a hat with no tag 2. Find an Italian man and kiss his ring--Blue team has no trouble finding a volunteer to get a kiss from Marnette and Carine, even if it's just on the ring. 3. Take a nap with seafood. 4. Find and play a tongue drum. 5. Find some olive oil, bottle it and sell it--Blue team girls "sell it" in a figurative and rather attractive manner. Movie reference: The Godfather. Round is a tie. Scramble: Fat Melon Fruit Jam--Player 1 takes a greased watermelon to a hula-hooping player 2, who delivers it to player 3 in the water. When it is brought back to shore, the watermelon is drilled and filled with fruit. Blue wins. Final score for the day: Blue 6100, Red 2100.moreless
  • South Beach, Florida (4)
    Surf & Turf round: Turf: Vitamin E--10 of 40 oranges in the Jacuzzi have "E"s inside of them; the first team to find three wins. Player 1 gives an orange to player 2 mouth-to-mouth. Player 2 must go the length of the adjacent pool and pass the orange by mouth to player 3, who opens it. Jacob and Scott are near exhaustion by the time Red wins, 3-2. Surf: Groucho's Balloon Snappers--One player from each team tries to score goals by knocking (with a paddle) balloons through a hula hoop held by a teammate. The third teammate plays defense. Once the balloons are through the hoop the goalie must pop them with flippers on their feet. The shooting player wears a Groucho nose and glasses for no apparent reason. Red wins 5-4. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Roll a cigar Cuban style--Red tries rolling up seaweed in their instruction card. Blue's Scott Lasky has another idea. Since Cuban cigars are traditionally supposed to be rolled on the thigh of a woman, Scott picks up Silvia (a Cuban) and rolls her down his leg! 2. Find a real Miami dolphin--A pretty weak effort from both teams as Blue finds a doll and a fin, while Red can come up with nothing better than a Miami resident. 3. Get someone to do the salsa to the tune of "knick-knack patty whack"--AKA "This Old Man." Once again a musical task produces very lame efforts. 4. Find a Gloria Estefan lookalike and form a conga line. 5. Get a woman in the skimpiest dress to say hi to Art Mann--The dresses aren't particularly skimpy, but the women are nice-looking. Each team is awarded 1500 points plus Blue gets an extra 300 for the longer conga line and because Art really liked the "cigar roll." Scramble: Matzo Pizza Salsa--Players 1 and 2 of each team mix flour and water to make dough, put it into six pans, then run to another station where they find matzoh bread, salsa, tomatoes and cheese. Before making pizzas, ingredients must be bounced off a teammate's head. (Why? Because it's Search Party.) The final product is then thrown some distance to player 3. Art judges Blue to be the winner. Final score for the day: Blue 4800, Red 2500, I think. The usual post-game food fight breaks out. Scott tries to carry Carol into the water, but it's too far away.moreless
  • South Beach, Florida (3)
    Surf & Turf round: 1. Backward Basket Balloon--Player 1 throws balloons from the jacuzzi at one end of the pool to player 2 at the other end, who must throw them through a basketball goal from the bottom up. Player 3 must catch the balloons as the come up through the goal for them to count as a score, and that doesn't prove easy to do. As Art observes, there's "a lotta cheatin' goin' on." Red wins, no score announced. 2. Beach Ball Boxing Derby--Four balls are in play as contestants knock them toward goals while wearing boxing gloves. Basically "soccer wearing boxing gloves...anything goes." Red wins 5-2, a surprise, since Scott with his Blue team is usually more competitive in this type of contest. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Cheer up a miserable traveller--Pretty lame. 2. Find E!'s number one fan in Miami--Done easily enough 3. Feed a dirty bird--People take the place of birds here. One alleged Atlanta Falcons fan does an unrecognizable version of the team's "dirty bird" dance from their Super Bowl season. 4. Pose for a photo worthy of a romance novel--Art Mann indicates that extra points will be awarded for creative costuming, but nobody earns any, for costuming, anyway 5. Find a party animal still up from the night before--Wraps up one of the less brilliant scavenger hunts in the show's history. Movie reference: Misery. Teams awarded same amount of points for the Hunt (1700). Blue earns bonus points for identifying the film correctly and for their "dirty bird" (why?). Red gets 100 bonus points for finishing first and another 100 for their "romance novel" pose, probably becasue of Carol's sexy posturing. Scramble: Okeechobee Alligator Oatmeal--Players dig up "alligators," then throw them to another player who catches them in a bucket. The gators are then rolled in oatmeal and placed on a plate--by mouth. When four of them are on a plate, contestants must take them across the finish line without using their hands. The Blue team is more accurate on tosses and takes an early lead. Shanna and Ariana take their load of gators across face-to-face and chest-to-chest, looking good while winning the scramble. Final score for the day: Blue 5000, Red 1700.moreless
  • Cancun (2)
    Cancun (2)
    Episode 19
    Surf & Turf round: Turf: Watermelon Salsa--Player 1 hands a greased watermelon to players 2 and 3, who have their hands tied. Those players then split open the melon without using their hands, then gather and spit seeds into a cup on the head of player 1. Lasky does a fearless, or foolish, head bash of the watermelon. Blue wins 10 seeds to 4. Surf: Pool Bottom Line--The Price Is Right in the pool. Art has lined up several souvenirs at poolside. Players have to dive to the bottom of the pool and retrieve coins, then match them with the cost of the souvenirs. Red team wins 3-0. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find a girl with an English accent and get her phone number--A couple of nice-looking women are found, but are they English? 2. Beg a tourist to ride piggyback on a team member while holding a cup for tips--Red's girl actually gets some money, while Blue's guy just gives the team a sunbathing tip. 3. Talk a teacher into solving a math problem--Again, two attractive women are found to do the task, but are they real teachers? 4. Find someone from South Boston--Red finds a woman who's been there, while Blue finds someone from South America! 5. Make a pizza with peppers, pepperoni and pineapple--Red goes to a buffet for ingredients while Blue tries to find people in colored trunks to make a less literal pizza. There's a language barrier between them and the guy in yellow trunks they want to use for their pineapple. Movie reference: Good Will Hunting, which both teams identify correctly. Both teams complete all tasks and receive bonus points for a tie score in this round. Scramble: Stuffed Chicken Beast Feast--Player 1 goes into the ocean on an inflatable shark to get a rubber chicken, then gives it to player 2, who stuffs it with whipped cream. The chicken is volleyed downfield with a paddle and put on a platter for player 3, who searches in the sand for five items. He/she then loads the items on the platter, puts it on his/her back and crawls to the finish line. Austin and Scott battle it out on land after emerging from the water. It's a close finish, but Red wins because Scott pushed teammate Arianne across the finish line. Final score for the day: Red 5300, Blue 2300. The usual messy fight breaks out after the award presentation, this time with whipped cream.moreless
  • Jamaica (5)
    Jamaica (5)
    Episode 18
    Surf & Turf round: Head-to-Head Tennis; Beach Ball Basketball. Red team wins the Surf competition, Blue wins the Turf. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Make up a song about corn. 2. Get beachgoers to give up their shoes. 3. Get beachgoers to play an imaginary inning of baseball. 4.Convince a son to reveal an untold secret to his father. 5. Get a doctor to diagnose a teammate's ailment. Movie reference: Field of Dreams. Blue wins the Hunt. Scramble: Jamaican Bobsled Practice Run. Payers are oiled up, then a teammates sits in an inner tube while another pushes him or her along the course. Along the way, they must put on items of clothing that they find, all the while being pelted with fake snow. Blue is victorious. Final score for the day: Blue 5300, Red 2000.moreless
  • Antigua (4)
    Antigua (4)
    Episode 17
    Surf & Turf round; Surf: Floating Golf Green of Doom--Player 1, in the pool, tosses "golf balls" to the other two players poolside, who attempt to hit them onto the floating greens. Velcro balls are worth one points, the plain ping-pong balls are worth two. As Art Mann notes, "Tiger Woods has nothing to be afraid of." Red wins 12-10. Turf: Super Duper Scooper Trooper--Player 1 uses an ice cream scoop for a melon baller, then tosses the balls to player 2, who catches them in a bucket. Player 2 knocks them over a volleyball net to player 3, who catches the dwindling melon balls in a basket on his or her head. With the score tied 1-1 and the game going nowhere, Art lets the players take the baskets off their heads, and the next catch by Blue makes them the winner. Scavenger Hunt: 1. Act out a scene from your favorite film genre--Both teams independently come up with a shootout scene from a western. Their efforts make one reflect that it's not only great minds that think alike. 2. Find three people to compose a limerick about Art Mann--Blue's limerick is pretty nice; Red's doesn't follow the correct form. 3. Find the couple married the longest--Two happily-married couples are found by Blue (30 years) and Red (26). 4. What's so special about Howard?--Blue finds a drink called a "Howard Special." (The teams seem to do a lot of searching in bars on this show!) Red presents a bogus Howard. 5. Learn an island legend--Apparently the clock runs out on both teams during this search. Art found a beach sculptor who has carved a nice trophy during the Hunt. Blue gets points for three items to Red's two and lead on points 1700-1400. Scramble: Cookie Dough Casting Couch--Player 1 (the celebrities) peddles a giant water bike out to where player 2 (the captains) waits in the sea with the ingredients for cookie dough. The teammates peddle back to shore where they and player 3 (the civilians) mix up the dough, chocolate chips, etc. Player 3 then chucks the dough to 2, who catches it and smears it all over 3's body. When the celebrity is sufficiently covered, he/she is dragged on a float across the finish line. During the competition Blue's bike seems to have stripped a gear, but they recover in time to pull their messy celebrity Kelly across the line first. The final score is announced as Blue 4700, Red 1700. We think Red's score was 1400, but what does it matter? And what would Search Party be without a dough fight breaking out at the end?moreless
  • Jamaica (4)
    Jamaica (4)
    Episode 16
    Surf & turf round: Surf: Movie Trivia Pool Plunge--Art throws a bottle with a movie trivia question inside into the pool. Player 1 retrieves it and gives it to player 2 who reads the question. Player 3 then goes into the pool for the answer, which can be found in the form of any number of pool toys. (Example--Q: What was Ahab's opponent? A: A whale.) Red team goes first, gets three correct answers in three minutes. Even with some help from Art, Blue teams just falls short of that mark. Turf: Beach Ball Volley-Brats--Volleyball played with a beach ball and paddles. Points are scored when a ball hits the ground or goes out of bounds, so the team with the fewest points wins. Actually it's an interesting variation on the real game. Nikki, the tallest player on either side, is a standout in Blue's 7-4 win. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: Takes place in the Negril Craft market. 1. Find something really "ackee" and make something out of it--Ackee is fruit familiar to the locals. A.J. makes a "Crazy Ackee Man" mask; Blue makes an E! logo with the fruit. 2. Learn and perform an island legend--Nothing legendary here. 3. Find the biggest Bob Marley fan and name as many song titles as possible--How many can you name? 4. Find a carving that looks the most like the other team's captain--They do. 5. Find three people whose names rhyme and create a Jamaican jingle. Bob Marley wouldn't be proud. Scramble: Snowman Snowball Stick 'em Up--Players 1 and 2 have their bodies lathered with shaving cream by player 3. The four covered contestants then get in a wading pool while their teammates attempt to hit them from a distance with ping-pong balls. The most sticking to the couple wins. Jordan has a pre-game suggestion-- stick some in her cleavage! Blue wins with 36 balls to 26. Final score for the day: Blue 5000, Red 2000.moreless
  • Hawaii (2)
    Hawaii (2)
    Episode 15
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Heave, Gab and Ho--Player 1 pulls player 2 in an inner tube through the pool while 2 grabs items (beach balls, toys, etc.) out of the water. Each team's third player is in an inner tube also, trying to impede the other team with a super-soaker. When a team reaches the edge, a player dives back in and swims to a raft with the items. Or something like that. Lasky finds himself in a very enviable position with Brandy. Blue nips Red 8-7, but the accuracy of that score is highly questionable. Turf: Hop, Pop & Drop--First players start out hopping down a course with whipped cream-filled balloons between their knees. They "hand off" to second players, only using legs. Balloons are then delivered to the third players, who pop them by the preferred Search Party method: with the butt. Blue wins 5-4, aided by the excellent hopping technique of Brandy. Scavenger Hunt: 1. Make a lei. 2. Find Greg Brady's necklace 3. Find the tackiest souvenir. 4. Find a tiki that looks like Art Mann. 5. Find poi. Red wins round on points 1400-1100. Scramble: Lotta' Colada--Each team has three measuring cups to collect three liquids in. The ocean and bodily fluids are off-limits. Once gathered, they are given to a teammate who puts them in a super-soaker, then shoots them to player three, who collects all the liquids together, the greater amount winning. Beachgoers prove to be the best source of liquids. Red wins handily. Final score for the day: Red 4400, Blue 2200. The show ends with the cast and competitors doing a Baywatch-style slow motion run.moreless
  • Bahamas (3)
    Bahamas (3)
    Episode 14
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Swimming Pool Sumo--Two teammates get in an inner tube and try to push the other team's duo out of a circle in the pool, two out of three "falls" wins. Scott is a wild man in this event, leading to a Blue victory 2-0. Turf: Fruit Salad Soccer--As Art explains, it's like soccer except for using a bunch of apples and oranges instead of a ball and the players wear fins on their feet. Lasky and Judson seem to have an old score to settle from the previous game and wrestle each other to the ground. Blue prevails again. Marissa allows that she and Adrienne did well at the game because "we've worked with a lot of fruits." Sight-Seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Translate hieroglyphics from The Bold and the Beautiful and Walker, Texas Ranger. Luckily a nearby aquarium provides some handy hieroglyphics and other necessities for the Hunt. 2. Find the tourist with the best theory on the lost continent of Atlantis. 3. Find a tourist who looks like King Neptune--Blue finds an Austrian tourist whose only qualification seems to be that he has a beard. Later Red finds--the same guy! 4. Find a species with more "E's" in its name than any other letter--Both teams come upon an eel. 5. Pose in the helmet of a warrior from Atlantis. Red leads in points for the round 1700-1600 after finishing first for 100 point bonus. Scramble: Snacks Sank Atlantis--Blindfolded players must dig snacks out of the sand, then give them to a teammate who coats them in whipped cream. That player then throw them to a teammate who must catch them in his mouth, then deposit them in buckets to be measured. (Scott and Judson do the catching and surprise, they end up a mess.) Though blindfolded, Marissa finds her way around like she isn't wearing one. Blue wins. Final score for the day: Blue 5600, Red 1700. A giant whipped cream battle is fought as the credits roll.moreless
  • Antigua (3)
    Antigua (3)
    Episode 13
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Island Hopping Balloon Toss--Players 1 and 2 hop off of an island to grab balloons in the pool, then get back on the islands before throwing the balloons to player 3 at poolside, who catches them and pops them with a toothpick over a pail, where the water inside is collected. Once off the islands players have difficulty getting back on. The throwing and catching is rough, also, as several balloons sail way too far. Red wins. Turf: Dribbling Beach Ball Basket Toss--A basketball-like game where a big beach ball is tossed through a hula hoop held by a teammate. Scott Lasky is an absolute animal on offense and defense. Blue wins 7-4, even though Red is awarded a special 2-point goal on a court-length shot. Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find a couple that's been married the shortest length of time--Both teams find couples wed only four days, but Red's couple was married a few hours later in the day! 2. Find a volunteer to put sunscreen on the whole team. 3. Create the ultimate Art Mann sandwich--Blue hits a salad bar, while Red stacks up a male/female/male human sandwich. They say "cheese!" 4. Find the best celebrity impersonator--Nothing remarkable here. Red's is supposed to be Telly Savalas, Robert De Niro for Blue. 5. Conduct a barnyard chorus--Ugh! Red wins the round on points 1500-1200. Scramble: Shannon's Fruit Punch Frenzy--In the pool, player 1 grabs fruit using the mouth and passes it by mouth to player 2, who goes under a limbo pole and delivers the fruit to player 3 at poolside. That player, wearing boxing gloves, literally punches the fruit to make juice, the team with more juice winning. After a while hands are used in the pool instead of just mouths. Punching a bunch of unpeeled melons and pineapples for their juice proves to be very messy. A revelation: bananas may be easier to pass from mouth-to-mouth than the round fruits, but they yield very, very little juice! It's a big win for Red. Final score for the day: Red 5000, Blue 1700. The show finishes with a squirt gun fight.moreless
  • Bahamas (2)
    Bahamas (2)
    Episode 12
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Ross' Jumbalaya Rubber Relay--The relay goes from player 1 in a kayak to player 2 on a surf bike to player 3 on a big-wheel water bike, all the while picking up rubber chickens and fish. Jamal of the Red team (a female, by the way) forgets the rules and picks up the items with her hands instead of using oars, but Blue wins anyway. Turf: Noodle Slapping Ball Hockey--A very modified hockey-style game using noodles to hit beach balls. Red wins 2 goals to 1. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Compose and perform team's own tribute to the island. 2. Find the most ferocious Bahamian pirate. 3. Make a coconut zoo and act out a scene from V.I.P.. 4. Find the most creative use of straw. 5. Get as many souvenirs as possible to put on an E! hat. Red gets bonus points for first finish and wins round on points 1800-1500. Scramble: The Bahamian Fish Fry Flip--Player 1 throws "fish" found offshore to player 2, who batters them and adds tartar sauce. Fish are then thrown to player 3 who has to catch them in a frying pan. Blue wins 6-4. Final score for the day: Blue 5000, Red 2300.moreless
  • Hawaii (1)
    Hawaii (1)
    Episode 11
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Bobby's Big Balloon Blowout--Fifteen balloons are in the pool and several of them contain ping-pong balls with the letter "E" on them. Players must get the balloons out of the water to a teammate who will pop the balloon the only way they seem to know how to on Search Party--with the butt. Stacy and Carol do their teams' busting, which proves to be not so easy. Red nips Blue 3-2. Turf: Swim-Fin Slip Disc--Flag football played with a flying disc while wearing fins. Michael and Shane make nice diving catches for scores, though one is disallowed. Michael is very competitive in leading the Red team to victory. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find the most red--or blue--person. 2. Learn to blow a conch shell--bonus points for the team who does it the longest. 3. Find and bring back your Hawaiian name. 4. Find a grass skirt and learn to hula. 5. Find people from as many different continents as possible. Blue wind round on points 1600-1200. Scramble: Lucy in the Sky with Pie--Player 1, blindfolded, finds whipped cream in the sand, then give it to player 2 who fills pie shells with fruit and cream. Player 2 throws the pies backwards over the head to player 3, who must catch the pie for it to count as a score. Red wins 5-3. Final score for the day: Red 5200, Blue 1600.moreless
  • Cancun (1)
    Cancun (1)
    Episode 10
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Poison Ping Pong Rampage--Wearing flippers on their hands, the teams try to knock 100 ping-pong balls over a net from their side of the pool to the other. Michael cheats by pushing the balls under the net, but his tactic is soon imitated by the other competitors. Red wins on the basis of visual evidence rather than an actual count. Turf: Pass the Drink--A favorite on Search Party. Wearing bathing caps with a plastic glass on top, teammates transfer drinks from one glass to another to another to a measuring cup. Blue team's Melissa has a very good pouring technique but Red makes a great comeback to win. Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find marionettes and reenact a soap opera scene--Both teams find real marionettes to work with, and since both teams also include a real-life soap star, it's easy from there. 2. Form a mariachi band and sing "Give My Regards to Broadway"--This is similar to almost all the other musical tasks ever done on SP in that the result is awful. 3. Find and bring back the tackiest souvenir--Both teams find worthy items. Blue's are frog purses which are hung around the neck and Red finds some kind of grotesque troll-like doll. 4. Learn how to make a local specialty--Blue make margaritas, Red makes tacos. 5. Find a pinata that looks the most like Art Mann--Blue's is almost a spittin' image! Both teams awarded 1700 points for this round. Scramble: Job Search Scramble--There are six different uniforms at the bottom of a pool. Player 1 gets a card which lists clothing items; he or she must dive in the pool, retrieve those items, then dress player 2 in them. Player 3 does the same thing, putting the next outfit on player 2 over the one already in place. Red draws a cowboy suit followed by an army uniform. Blue gets a clown suit followed by a lawyer's outfit. Blue has trouble getting the lawyer's clothes over the bulky clown pants and Red wins the Scramble. Final score for the day: Red 5700, Blue 1700.moreless
  • Jamaica (3)
    Jamaica (3)
    Episode 9
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Vitamin E!--25 oranges are in the pool; 10 of them contain metal letter "E"'s. Player 1 is blindfold, but must find oranges and hand them off to player 2, or rather stuff them in their mouths. They are then taken to player 3 poolside, and handed off once again by mouth. Player 3 searches for the "E"'s. First team to accumulate 5 wins. Some nice-looking mouth passes here. Red barely noses out Blue 5-4 Turf: Beach Ball Boxing Derby--It's soccer, except with a beach ball and you can use ONLY your boxing glove-covered hands. A.J. score first on a nice move and Steven plays well in goal. But Blue scores on a power play after a penalty is called on A.J., who got on top of Scott in a scrum, slightly injuring him! The teams are wearing out in this defense-dominated game, so the next goal wins. A.J. nails it for the Red victory. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: Task 1: Get a tourist to leave a lipstick kiss on every teammate--The beach is full of available kissers. 2: Act out a scene from a scary movie with an unsuspecting bystander--Blue tries a couple of "original" ideas: "Night of the Living Nags," then "N.O.T.L. Nanny." Red acts out the shower scene from psycho with a hotel cleaning woman, but she hardly seems unsuspecting. 3: Find and toast a newlywed couple--Accomplished easily by both teams. 4: Find someone who looks like they came out of a time warp--Red says a woman has a "Highlander" look--a long, sleveless vest over a bathing suit? Blue finds two women with Bo Derek-style braids as seen in the movie 10. 5: Have someone do a Sly Stallone impersonation--Red's guy does a bit of the run and shadow boxing from Rocky. Blue's choice seems to have Stallone confused with Schwarzenegger, much to Scott's mortification! Both teams get 1500 points for completing all items. Blue gets 300 bonus points for correctly identfying The Rocky Horror Picture Show as the movie. Scramble: Fish Out of Water--Each team's player 1 paddles a kayak out to an "island" to obtain a drink recipe in a bottle. Whe he or she returns to shore, they don snorkles, then relate the recipe to player 2, who writes it on his/her body. They then take the recipe to players 3, who mix the drink. Levine the bartender will decide if the drink was made correctly. Steven takes a big lead during the paddling out to the island, but things even up when players are wearing the snorkles. Blue rushes ahead of Red and gets the drink to Levine first, who gives it a thumbs-up. Final score for the day: Blue 3800, Red 2500.moreless
  • Antigua (2)
    Antigua (2)
    Episode 8
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Dolphin vs. Whale--Players in the pool ride on inflatable dolphins and whales and try to bat large beach balls into goals. Red wins 3-0, with a hat trick scored by Alison! Turf: Skip to My Hula My Darling--Two players per team run down a course with hula hoops, using them jump-rope style, to meet player 3, who tries to hula with a hoop and toss the rings onto "dolphins." Blue wins 2-0. Sight-seeing scavenger hunt: 1. Find a couple to kiss the longest. 2. Choreograph and perform a water ballet. 3. Find a drink that Brooke Shields would like. 4. Find a celebrity lookalike couple. 5. Learn a funny joke. Red wins round on points 1500-900. Scramble: The Wrap-a-Roti Relay--Player 1 finds twelve potatoes in the sand, mashes them with the feet, then forms them into little balls and throws them to player 2, who catches and spreads them on six tortillas. Chicken tortillas are then made on player 3's stomach, who must walk crab-style across the finish line. The first team to deliver six maki rotis wins. Blue takes the Scramble. Final score for the day: Blue 4400, Red 2000.moreless
  • South Beach, Florida (2)
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Florida Iceberg Express--Player 1 is on a float in the pool. He is pulled across the pool by player 2, who then loads as much ice as she can on player 1's lap. Player 3 pulls them back and collects the ice, the team having the most winning. Scott and Jacob get the big chill here. Red wins. Turf: Sand Sucking Semi--Players 1 and 2 each grab a leg and go with player 3 wheelbarrow style down a course full of objects that must be picked up and put on 3's body. When they reach an orange player 3 must take a bite; when they reach a (toy) alligator he must grab it with his mouth. Again Jacob and Scott do the dirty work as the wheelbarrows. Blue wins. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find the fountain of youth--Blue finds an older guy to spit out some water, then through the magic of television he's transformed into a child. Red gets a little boy and girl to strike a fountain pose, then spout some water. 2. Find someone with the darkest tan and write an "E!" on their back--The Blue team women have no trouble coaxing a guy out of his shirt. Red team finds a young female sunbather who is seriously getting rid of any tan lines she may have! 3. Convince a tourist to give you his or her outrageous t-shirt--Red gets a New Jersey t-shirt from a man which hardly appears outrageous. Red doesn't get a t-shirt at all, but rather a bikini top from an attractive buxom blonde who prudently puts on an "E" t-shirt before making the swap. 4. Find a Miami vice--Red finds a Miami cop on the beach, but what's their point? Blue stages a bust, dubiously charging a man with not wearing "a full bathing suit." The lucky guy is frisked (rather gingerly) and taken into custody by Josie and Laura. 5. Dance the salsa with a Ricky Martin lookalike--Well, they dance anyway. Scramble: Soap, Sprint and Splash--Players 1 and 2 dig up soap (shaving cream) on the beach, then cover player 3's exposed skin with it. Player three then runs to a position behind a line where the other two throw water at him or her and attempt to wash the soap off. Carol and Scott are the two who are lathered up. Blue wins. Final score for the day (we think): Blue 5400, Red 2200. A shaving cream fight closes the festivities.moreless
  • Jamaica (2)
    Jamaica (2)
    Episode 6
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Poison Beach Ball Rampage--Teams in the pool must get rid of the "poison" beach balls on their side of a volleyball net by knocking them over to the other side using flippers on the hands. Red trounces Blue 14-6. Turf: Beach Ball Balancing Beach Hop--Two players from each team get into a hula-hoop together and carry a beach ball down a course without using their hands. The other players try to bombard the opposition with various objects. Meanwhile, the beach balls get progressively smaller each trip the teams make. Did we hear a bit of profanity from Natalia? Red wins 5-4. Sight-seeing scavenger hunt: 1. Perform a reggae song about the opposing team. 2. Find the person with the longest dreadlocks--Blue finds some artificial ones, but Red comes across a man with locks of almost knee-length! 3. Find people who have travelled the furthest--Red finds folks from Manchester, England, which is further away than Blue's tourists from Portugal. 4. Act out a scene from a favorite E! show--Red does Talk Soup while Blue opts for a rather clever E! True Story about Natalia. 5. Build a Jamaican snowman--Red gets some ice from a bar for authenticity, but Blue's sandman looks great. Red wins the round on points, 1500-900. Scramble: Search Party Spa Day--Carol (Red) and Natalia (Blue) get in holes dug on the beach for a mud treatment, then move on to a beer shampoo and an avocado facial. They are then wrapped in saran wrap and buried. Blue finishes first for the win. The results are an incredible mess, even by Search Party standards, and Natalia declares it "the most disgusting thing that ever happened to me!" Final score for the day: Blue 3900, Red 2500.moreless
  • Bahamas (1)
    Bahamas (1)
    Episode 5
  • Jamaica (1)
    Jamaica (1)
    Episode 4
    Surf & Turf Round: Surf: Dog and Pony Pool Show--In the pool, player 1 must dive through a series of three hoops while carrying a ball. That ball is then given to player 2 who throws it to waiting player 3 on a bridge above. The balls get larger in size on each successive attempt, beginning with a tennis ball and ending with a large beach ball. Red has trouble shooting and catching. Blue wins 3-1. Turf: Fruit Flipper Flip Off--Using swim fins, player 1 flips fruit to player 2, who catches it in a bucket on his head. It's then put in a kiddie pool where player three mashes it with her feet to make juice, the most juice winning. Actually some pretty good catches are made here. Red makes substantially more juice for the win. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Locate someone or something that has been in outer space--Sets off a pretty lame search for tourist "aliens." 2. Get two famous people to argue--Red pits "Greg Louganis" against "Steve Austin." Blue finds a genuine ex-wrestler to argue with. 3. Find a tourist who knows about physics and get him to tell you the name for a vector quantity that tends to produce an acceleration in the opposite direction--The correct answer remains a mystery. 4. Gather three things that begin with the letter "C" and send them to a post office box--Blue choice is Chrissy on a chair with condiments; Red opts for a camera, cup and cigarette. 5. Find someone who is alone and give her a hand--Time runs out on Red during this search. Movie reference: Star Wars. Only Red divines the right answer from the somewhat obscure clues and gets 300 bonus points. The score is tied after this round. Scramble: Pirate Pasta Party--Player 1 uses a racket to hit tomatoes to player 2, who pounds them into sauce, then combines them with pasta, cheese, spices, etc. When completed, the finished pasta is tossed through the air to player 3 who must catch it on a giant flying disc and bring it to "pirate" Art Mann for him to judge. Red is adjudged to be the winner by weight. The pasta fight starts before the award presentation and continues afterward. Final Score for the day: Red 5000, Blue 2000. Maybe.moreless
  • Antigua (1)
    Antigua (1)
    Episode 3
    Surf & Turf round: Surf: Duck Soup--In the pool, teams try to collect the most ducks using their mouths. Blue wins 6-5. Turf: Fruit Salad Friends--Payer 1 passes fruit to player 2 neck-to-neck, then 2 passes to player 3 mouth-to-mouth. The fruit is then scooped out and used for fruit salad. Red wins. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Play ping-pong with a champion. 2. Kiss a tourist who is wearing something yellow--A guy actually turns Carol Grow down! 3. Shake hands with someone who looks like an American president. 4. Find someone who has been to Vietnam. 5. Convince a local to make up a song about Art Mann. Movie reference: Forrest Gump. Both teams complete all tasks and both get bonus points for identifying film. Scramble: Lucy in the Sky with Pie--Player 1, blindfolded, collects whipped cream and takes it to player 2, the pie maker. He or she fills pie crusts with fruit and whipped cream, then throws the finished results to player 3, who must catch pies intact to score. This type of game becomes a Search Party standard. Red wins. Final score for the day: Red 5300, Blue 2400.moreless
  • South Beach, Florida (1)
    Surf and Turf round: Surf: Slap Happy Duck Paddle--In the pool, the object is to whack as many of the nine floating ducks as possible out of your end and into the opponent's, using ping-pong paddles. There is much illegal use of the hands and Scott Lasky resorts to tackling opponents. Referee Art Mann initially declares Red the winner, then reverses himself, saying Blue won by a 4-3 score. Turf: Ball & Chain Bowling Brawl--2 team members have a ball and chain attached to their legs and, playing tag-team style, alternately try to knock over martini glasses protected by a goalie, the third player on the team. Goalie Carol and Scott get into it: she pulls on his pants and he stomps her feet! Red wins. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find a Fidel Castro lookalike. 2. Get a toddler to do an impression of a vicious dog--Unlike Blue, Red finds a real kid to do the task. 3. Convince a tourist to teach the team a jig a la Lord of the Dance. 4. Find someone with the most gold. 5. Enter a contest or sweepstakes. Movie reference: Bob, which neither team gets and both appear mystified about. Red gets 100 bonus points for finishing first and lead after the round 1600-1500. Scramble: 1K Chicken and Potato Medley--Wearing fins, player 1 kicks a bag of potato flakes along to a bucket of water and mixes them up. They then throw the mix to player 2, who catches it by hand and stuffs it into rubber chickens, which are thrown to player 3. That player then puts the stuffed chickens on a tray and carries them waiter-style across the finish line. There's some gravy worked in here, also. As is often the case on Search Party rules are soon abandoned and players begin catching the potatoes in buckets rather than by hand. Red gets off to a good lead and wins. Final score for the day: Red 5100, Blue 2000.moreless
  • Search Party Marathon (Honolulu)
    Search Party makes its bow with several back-to-back episodes featuring cast members from the syndicated series Baywatch Hawai'i. Two three-person teams, the Red and the Blue, compete against each other for prizes, yes (they're on the modest side), but mostly just for the fun of it. Initially the competition was in three rounds: the Surf & Turf, each portion worth 500 points; the Scavenger Hunt, either the Silver Screen or Sight-Seeing variety, where teams are usually awarded 300 points for each completed item or task (with bonus points often added); and the Search Party Scramble, a wild final competition which is always extremely silly and usually extremely messy. It's usually worth 2000 to 3000 points. Alert viewers with basic math skills will note that the points awarded for the Scramble are always sufficient to win the game, but somebody keeps score all the way through anyway. On later installments of the show, the Surf & Turf round is more or less combined with the Scavenger Hunt. The Scramble remains a constant.moreless