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Season 1 Episode 20

South Beach, Florida (3)

Aired Unknown Dec 30, 1999 on
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South Beach, Florida (3)
Surf & Turf round: 1. Backward Basket Balloon--Player 1 throws balloons from the jacuzzi at one end of the pool to player 2 at the other end, who must throw them through a basketball goal from the bottom up. Player 3 must catch the balloons as the come up through the goal for them to count as a score, and that doesn't prove easy to do. As Art observes, there's "a lotta cheatin' goin' on." Red wins, no score announced. 2. Beach Ball Boxing Derby--Four balls are in play as contestants knock them toward goals while wearing boxing gloves. Basically "soccer wearing boxing gloves...anything goes." Red wins 5-2, a surprise, since Scott with his Blue team is usually more competitive in this type of contest. Silver Screen Scavenger Hunt: 1. Cheer up a miserable traveller--Pretty lame. 2. Find E!'s number one fan in Miami--Done easily enough 3. Feed a dirty bird--People take the place of birds here. One alleged Atlanta Falcons fan does an unrecognizable version of the team's "dirty bird" dance from their Super Bowl season. 4. Pose for a photo worthy of a romance novel--Art Mann indicates that extra points will be awarded for creative costuming, but nobody earns any, for costuming, anyway 5. Find a party animal still up from the night before--Wraps up one of the less brilliant scavenger hunts in the show's history. Movie reference: Misery. Teams awarded same amount of points for the Hunt (1700). Blue earns bonus points for identifying the film correctly and for their "dirty bird" (why?). Red gets 100 bonus points for finishing first and another 100 for their "romance novel" pose, probably becasue of Carol's sexy posturing. Scramble: Okeechobee Alligator Oatmeal--Players dig up "alligators," then throw them to another player who catches them in a bucket. The gators are then rolled in oatmeal and placed on a plate--by mouth. When four of them are on a plate, contestants must take them across the finish line without using their hands. The Blue team is more accurate on tosses and takes an early lead. Shanna and Ariana take their load of gators across face-to-face and chest-to-chest, looking good while winning the scramble. Final score for the day: Blue 5000, Red 1700.moreless

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    Shanna Moakler

    Shanna Moakler

    Celebrity Contestant--Blue Team

    Guest Star

    Jacob Young

    Jacob Young

    Celebrity Contestant--Red Team

    Guest Star

    Ariana Koransky

    Ariana Koransky

    Blue Team Contestant

    Guest Star

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