Search Party

Season 1 Episode 21

South Beach, Florida (4)

Aired Unknown Jan 03, 2000 on
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South Beach, Florida (4)
Surf & Turf round: Turf: Vitamin E--10 of 40 oranges in the Jacuzzi have "E"s inside of them; the first team to find three wins. Player 1 gives an orange to player 2 mouth-to-mouth. Player 2 must go the length of the adjacent pool and pass the orange by mouth to player 3, who opens it. Jacob and Scott are near exhaustion by the time Red wins, 3-2. Surf: Groucho's Balloon Snappers--One player from each team tries to score goals by knocking (with a paddle) balloons through a hula hoop held by a teammate. The third teammate plays defense. Once the balloons are through the hoop the goalie must pop them with flippers on their feet. The shooting player wears a Groucho nose and glasses for no apparent reason. Red wins 5-4. Sight-seeing Scavenger Hunt: 1. Roll a cigar Cuban style--Red tries rolling up seaweed in their instruction card. Blue's Scott Lasky has another idea. Since Cuban cigars are traditionally supposed to be rolled on the thigh of a woman, Scott picks up Silvia (a Cuban) and rolls her down his leg! 2. Find a real Miami dolphin--A pretty weak effort from both teams as Blue finds a doll and a fin, while Red can come up with nothing better than a Miami resident. 3. Get someone to do the salsa to the tune of "knick-knack patty whack"--AKA "This Old Man." Once again a musical task produces very lame efforts. 4. Find a Gloria Estefan lookalike and form a conga line. 5. Get a woman in the skimpiest dress to say hi to Art Mann--The dresses aren't particularly skimpy, but the women are nice-looking. Each team is awarded 1500 points plus Blue gets an extra 300 for the longer conga line and because Art really liked the "cigar roll." Scramble: Matzo Pizza Salsa--Players 1 and 2 of each team mix flour and water to make dough, put it into six pans, then run to another station where they find matzoh bread, salsa, tomatoes and cheese. Before making pizzas, ingredients must be bounced off a teammate's head. (Why? Because it's Search Party.) The final product is then thrown some distance to player 3. Art judges Blue to be the winner. Final score for the day: Blue 4800, Red 2500, I think. The usual post-game food fight breaks out. Scott tries to carry Carol into the water, but it's too far away.moreless

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    Josie Davis

    Josie Davis

    Celebrity Contestant--Blue Team

    Guest Star

    Jacob Young

    Jacob Young

    Celebrity Contestant--Red Team

    Guest Star

    Silvia Cresta

    Silvia Cresta

    Blue Team Contestant

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