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Season 1 Episode 67

Surfer's Paradise, Australia (1)

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2000 on
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Episode Summary

Surfer's Paradise, Australia (1)
Scavenger Hunt: 1st task: Musical Boomerangs--From a prone starting position, the six contestants race for five boomerangs stuck in the sand. The losing player is eliminated and the process is repeated with one less player and boomerang in each heat until one player is champ. Speedy Scott Lasky dominates the competition. Order of elimination: Carol, Kathleen, Meagan, Chris and Rick. 2. Find someone who will let the team eat breakfast out of a bikini top--Blue violates the letter but not the spirit of the competition by eating out of a woman's one-piece swimsuit. 3. Seat as many people as possible on a park bench--Red gets 22 on their bench to 17 for Blue. 4. Search for a didjeridu and play it as long as you can--Red wins 15 seconds to 10 and sounds better than Blue, too. Red ahead on points 1500-1000 after the round. As is often the case, referee Art Mann put a time limit on the Hunt. This time it was scheduled to end when he found a kangaroo scrotum! (Which he did, with the aid of some local bus drivers.) Scramble: Mike D's Slip Disc--An "Ultimate Frisbee"-type game with players also carrying flags. Possession changes with the taking of a flag. Discs must be thrown to teammates across a goal line to score. Blue wins 2-1 in a spirited competition, with Scott showing some good athleticism. Final score for the day: Blue 3000, Red 1500.moreless

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    Chris William Martin

    Chris William Martin

    Celebrity Contestant [as Chris Martin]

    Guest Star

    Kathleen McClellan

    Kathleen McClellan

    Celebrity Contestant

    Guest Star

    Rick Pizzini

    Rick Pizzini

    Red Team Contestant

    Guest Star

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      • E! Online lists both this episode and the following one, "Surfer's Paradise, Australia (2)," as premiering on August 1, 2000. These are two completely different shows, one of which actually did premiere on that date while the other made its bow a week later on the 8th. We're not sure which is which, but there's a 50% chance we have it listed correctly here.

      • Kathleen McClellan was introduced as a star of Battledome. Chris Martin was co-starring on Felicity.

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