Search Party

Season 1 Episode 76

Surfer's Paradise, Australia (10)

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2000 on
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Surfer's Paradise, Australia (10)
Scavenger Hunt: 1. Search for someone who will eat the most meat pies--Blue's pick has difficulty getting through a single pie while the Red team's rather less substantial-looking guy is wolfing down his third. Red wins. 2. Search for someone to wear a handmade bikini--Blue gets the decision here as Kerri models a Garden-of-Eden-type suit made from the large leaves of some local flora. Red gets a woman to put on their skimpy suit suit made of plastic fast food containers stuffed with napkins and a large E! index card, but she just barely peeks out of the dressing room. 3. Search for someone to recite a limerick about Art Mann with their pants down--No points awarded here as neither team uses the proper form of a limerick, but people do drop their pants willingly enough. 4. Search for the most Aussie insults in five minutes--Red gets the nod, 8 to 5. Most of the insults have to be censored, but we do learn that a "seppo" is Aussie for a septic tank. Totals for the round; Red 1500, Blue 1000. Scramble: Rugby Search Party Style--Flags are used instead of tackling; possession changes when a team loses three flags. The contestants are a pretty athletic lot, and it's a wild, hard-fought competition. Monika finally scores the first goal, followed by a tying one from Doc. Later, perhaps inadvertently, perhaps not, Doc bowls over Kerri on a run towards the goal, and she's none too happy with him. Jackson finally scores the deciding goal for the Red in a 2-1 win. Final score for the day: Red 3500, Blue 1000.moreless

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    Jackson Raine

    Jackson Raine

    Celebrity Contestant--Red Team

    Guest Star

    Monika Schnarre

    Monika Schnarre

    Celebrity Contestant

    Guest Star

    George "Doc" Avramis

    George "Doc" Avramis

    Red Team Contestant

    Guest Star

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