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  • Keeping in mind that "Search" ran in the early 70's, it had technology that we have been taking granted for the past decade!

    With a suave theme song and background music, this series wafted the viewer on a journey that combined elements of James Bond - - spies and intrigue - - Star Trek - - the "Captain" running the show from his "command post": the computer room - - and, perhaps, a little bit of "Fantastic Voyage" - - the viewer often felt like a fly on the wall (yes, I know "FV" took place inside a human body!) - - and even "1984" - - the idea of Big Brother (Probe Control) watching the agents' every move!

    Agents were sent on a variety of missions, worldwide,
    using their brains, wit, humor, and the occasional fisticuffs, to save the day! Using then-high-tech gear,
    they were able to broadcast everything they saw and heard to Probe Control, the command station which assisted the agents behind the scenes.

    Burgess Meredith (most famous for his roles as "The Penguin" in the live 1960's TV Batman series, and as "Mickey", Rocky Balboa's trainer) played the part of the Probe Controller perfectly! Mixing the wisdom of age and a James Bond's 'Q'-like exasperation at his agents' sometimes wayward behavior.

    Personally, I thought Hugh O'Brian was the best of the three agents, mixing his debonair exterior with true James Bond-ian action.

    The entire show was well done, though, by 21st century standards, is a bit out-dated, but fun, nevertheless!