Second Chance (1977)

ABC (ended 1977)


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Second Chance (1977)

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Welcome to the Second Chance (1977) guide at Three contestants competed on this ABC game show. Two rounds were played per game. The first half of a round had 3 questions. The players would write down their answer. Then the host (Jim Peck) tells the multiple choice answers. The contestant could either stick with the original answer or take a second chance. Getting it right the first time was 3 spins, using a second chance, 1 spin. Up to 9 spins could be won. The second half of a round had the contestants take their spins on a giant board with flashing lights. By turn, the contestant pushes the plunger down to stop the flashing lights hoping to win money or prizes. But there are squares that contain "DEVILS"! Hit the Devil & you lose your winnings. 4 DEVILS put you out of the game. You could also elect to pass your spins as well. Only the winner kept the earnings. No returning champions (unless all three players score zero). Round 1 had a $1,500 top dollar while it's $5,000 on Round 2. Sounds familiar? Six years later, CBS would revive it as Press Your Luck & the DEVIL became THE WHAMMY! This was replaced by The Better Sex.