Second City TV

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Sep 21, 1976 on Global

Episode Recap

Commercial: Lasermatic Flash Camera Attachment. The flash turns night into day. Dave Thomas (Commercial Pitch Man), Harold Ramis (Subject), John Candy (Subject), Joe Flaherty (Subject), Eugene Levy (Subject), Catherine O'Hara (Subject), Andre Martin (Subject),. OPENING CREDITS Sunrise Semester: Bookkeeping with Moe Green Tips on keeping books, and lot of anti-capitalist ranting. Harold Ramis (Moe Green), Dave Thomas (Announcer) Promo: Unnecessary Surgeon / Malpractice Lawyer When little problems demand extreme solutions, it's Unnecessary Surgeon. And then, defending helpless doctors against greedy patients, it's Malpractice Lawyer. Joe Flaherty (Dr. Sloan / Judge), Eugene Levy (Patient), Dave Thomas (Ted Gordon, Uneccessary Lawyer), Catherine O'Hara (Mr. Acropolis), Harold Ramis (Announcer ) The Johnny LaRue Exercise Show Johnny deals with rumours that he is gay. Then he works out with the fridge door and eats a sandwich. John Candy (Johnny LaRue), Dave Thomas (Announcer) SCTV AM News Today Floyd has some big news items. Earl has some little local news items. Frustrated, Earl he makes up a big item of his own. Joe Flaherty (Floyd Robertson), Eugene Levy (Earl Camembert) Commercial: Evelyn Woods Speed Talking School Catherine O'Hara (Evelyn Woods) Backstage Real life stories of the exciting people who make television. Johnny's ratings are down, his show is canceled, and his accountant Moe informs him he only has 14 cents. The we find out that he can't perfom sexually. Filled with self-loathing, he goes on a rampage. John Candy (Johnny LaRue), Joe Flaherty (LaRue's Manager), Harold Ramis (Moe Green), Monica Parker (LaRue's Woman), Dave Thomas (Announcer), also featues the remaining cast as other station people. PSA: Stop Those Depressing Ads A PSA to stop depressing ads. Joe Flaherty (Gregory Peck) Masterpiece Theatre: The Girls of Vienna Alistair Cook introduces this week's freudian drama, by Ibsen, The Girls of Vienna Part XII - Betty Freud. However, Freud's wife Betty, and her friend George are interrupted by Johnny LaRue who is on a rampage. Harold Ramis (Ibsen), Dave Thomas (Herr Greenbaum), Eugene Levy (Freud), Catherine O'Hara (Mrs. Betty Freud), Andrea Martin (George Raft), John Candy (Johnny LaRue), Monica Parker (LaRue's Woman), Joe Flaherty (Alistair Cook) SCTV PM News - Continued Floyd Robertson interrupts Earl's item with news of Johnny LaRue's rampage, and calls it "possibly the biggest disaster in entertainment history". Joe Flaherty (Floyd Robertson), Eugene Levy (Earl Camembert) Words to Live By: Joni Newton Buffy Andrea Martin (Joni Newton Buffy), Dave Thomas (Announcer)