Second Noah

ABC (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Diving In
      Diving In
      Episode 9
      As Ricky and Kaylie continue to "play house" at Disney World, Jesse and Noah come to Orlando to tape a segment on "Live: With Regis & Kathie Lee" promoting Noah's new book; Pat Boone gives Jesse the shirt off his back; Darby joins forces with Ricky's boyhood idol, Cirrus Rose; and Shirley is courted by the "Chicken Man", who teaches Luis how to dive.moreless
    • Desperately Seeking Mickey
      Unbeknownst to Jesse and Noah, Ricky and Kaylie take Ben to Disney World so Kaylie can get to know the son she gave up for adoption; Bethany thinks she's found her biological father; and Noah gets an offer to promote his book on "Live: With Regis & Kathie Lee."
    • Heart Matters
      Heart Matters
      Episode 7
      Ricky performs @ Busch Gardens. He runs into his first girlfriend who's Ben's real mother. Noah helps out Harold Hamilton, a furniture store owner, getting business going. But his store got robbed. Harold later confesses that he had all his merchandise stored @ a warehouse. Noah tells Harold that with a good financial crew, he could get back on his feet again. Ben celebrates his 4th birthday.moreless
    • The Choice
      The Choice
      Episode 6
      JoJo is compelled to come to terms with his past when his relationship with Roxanne deepens; a sibling rivalry on the baseball diamond pits Bethany against Danny and Ranny; Hannah doggedly trains her pig.
    • Slings and Arrows
      Basking in the glow of their first date, Roxanna feels herself falling in love with JoJo, who seems to have other plans; the kids try to play cupid to a couple of aging rhinos whose attempts at mating have been unsuccessful, but their misguided efforts land them in trouble.
    • Faith, Hope and Charity
      JoJo locks horns with Ricky in a subtle competition for a too young Roxanna, enraging JoJo's sornful mom; Hannah triggers a panic in the neighborhood by freeing a sad-looking, caged bear that, it turns out, is also hungry.
    • The Big Hurt
      The Big Hurt
      Episode 3
      When Shirley's black-sheep son pays an unwelcome visit, the Becketts take a liking to the handsome young man-while Shirley waits for the time bomb to go off.
    • God's Last Laugh
      God's Last Laugh
      Episode 2
      Jesse and Noah are over-joyed to learn that she's finally pregnant at age 41, but not all of their eight adopted children share their enthusiasm.
    • Fly Like a Bird
      Fly Like a Bird
      Episode 1
      Ricky pulls away from Darby when she pushes for marriage until a crisis draws them closer together. Meanwhile, shy Danny has a hopeless crush on the most popular girl in school, and struggles to find the courage to approach her.
  • Season 1