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Second Time Around

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Welcome to the Second Time Around guide at! From executive producers Ralph Farquhar and Claude Brooks and co-executive producer Michelle Listenbee Brown, the new half-hour romantic comedy series SECOND TIME AROUND chronicles the adventurous relationship of a divorced couple that decides to remarry and pursue wedded bliss one more time. SECOND TIME AROUND, a production of Regan Jon Inc. and C to the B Productions in association with Paramount Television premieres Monday, September 20 at 9:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on UPN.. In the tradition of "Mad About You," and produced at the home of such classic comedies as "Frasier," "Cheers," and "Wings," SECOND TIME AROUND stars real-life couple Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Parker as newlyweds Jackson and Ryan Muse. Jackson, a hard-working architect, and Ryan, a free-spirited artist, are enjoying their more romantic second marriage after a heartfelt reunion. As marriage number two gets underway, the couple's family and friends are hedging their bets. Jackson's younger brother Nigel, portrayed by Brian White, is a dentist whose practice scarcely covers the lavish lifestyle of his snobbish fiancée Paula, played by Danielle Nicolet. Nigel and Paula are convinced that the twice-baked Muses need to join their couples' therapy group. While Ryan's lively best friend and hip café owner Coco, portrayed by Melissa De Sousa, is skeptical but supportive of the reunion. "This series is a story about two people who love each other in spite of the fact that, at times in the past, they didn't particularly like each other," explains creator and executive producer Ralph Farquhar. "SECOND TIME AROUND explores something that many married people have experienced - making it work and not giving up. It's about true love." Co-executive producer Michelle Listenbee Brown, who co-created the series with Farquhar, adds; "Despite their dissimilarities, Jackson and Ryan are convinced that it was their lack of experience and maturity that left them unable to handle the challenges of the first marriage. Eight years later, they proclaim themselves as 'soul mates' and are sure they've got it figured out. But although they're older and wiser, the issues between them are still the same." The presence of a real-life newly engaged couple has ignited the imaginations of the producers and writing staff. "Some details of Boris and Nicole's own stories have certainly worked there way into a few episodes," Farquhar explains. "Boris and Nicole are actually living aspects of this show, and there is alot of inspiration there. They are extremely supportive of one another and it's interesting to watch two actors work out of a true love and respect for one another." Brown agrees, "Boris and Nicole bring a nice energy to the process in that they are very loving and very supportive of each other on and off the set. He is protective of her and she is encouraging of him. It's inspiring to watch. Also, the newness of their relationship occasionally provides us with fodder for fresh directions in the storylines." The creators decided to fashion the series around a second marriage because of the unique challenges that remarriage to the same person would present. "A first marriage storyline will generally start at the top, with a clean slate. As problems and issues arise, the relationship has no other direction to go but down," explains Brown. "The appeal of a second marriage plotline is that the odds are stacked against these two from the moment they say, 'I do' again. It's nice that we, as an audience, are allowed to travel with them on a positive journey of reconnecting." In the first season, SECOND TIME AROUND will focus of the couple's rediscovery of each other. The pair will deal with some of the same problems they ran from in their first marriage - money, control, jealousy, insecurity and in-laws. Determined to bring a newfound maturity to matrimony this time, Jackson and Ryan frequently find themselves in awkward, but hilarious situations with old lovers, old pet peeves and old arguments. In a future episode, Jackson learns that Ryan has changed her mind about children since the first marriage and does not intend to have kids. In another episode, Ryan discovers that Jackson had toyed with the notion of giving her a prenuptial agreement for the second union, and begins to question his commitment. The series stars Nicole Parker ("Soul Food") as Ryan Muse, Boris Kodjoe ("Soul Food") as Jackson Muse, Brian White ("The Shield") as Nigel Muse, Melissa De Sousa ("Miss Congeniality") as Coco, and Danielle Nicolet ("3rd Rock from The Sun") as Paula. SECOND TIME AROUND is a production of Regan Jon Inc. and C to the B Productions in association with Paramount Television and is filmed before a studio audience at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood. Paramount Television is a unit of Viacom, Inc. Second Time Around airs Mondays at 9:30pm ET on UPN and is simulcast in HDTV. Editor: Dr. Bree DuBois As of right now no other co editors are needed. Theme Song is Performed by Macy Gray Broadcast History UPN September 2004---January 2005----Mondays @ 9:30/8:30c (Simulcast in HDTV) Unfortunately, the show no longer airs due to low ratings.moreless