Second Time Around - Season 1

UPN (ended 2005)


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  • The Dinner Party
    The Dinner Party
    Episode 13
    When Jackson's controlling mom Christa makes a surprise visit, she blames Ryan for everything that is going badly in her children's lives. Meanwhile, Jackson and Nigel try to convince their sister Martine not to tell their mother that she is gay.
  • You're Fired!
    You're Fired!
    Episode 12
    When Jackson's employer cuts health benefits, he tries to rally the employees to fight the system. Meanwhile, Nigel and Paula try to out gift Jackson and Ryan for their mother's birthday.
  • Big Bank, Little Bank
    Jackson regrets his decision to keep his bank account separate from his wife Ryan. He regrets his decision because Ryan sells a painting for a large amount of money. And he comes up short to buy Lakers tickets. Meanwhile, Paula volunteers to chair a children's charity fund raising event for a chance to mingle with a high society crowd to boost her real estate business.moreless
  • Sins of Paula's Father
    Paula's con-artist dad, drops by at her Christmas party and swindles an unwitting Jackson out of several thousand dollars.
  • A Kiss Is Still a Kiss
    Ryan and Jackson are on there way to there honeymoon, but then the couple get in to a argument right before the plane leaves. But chance encounters with other people give them insight into their own relationship.
  • Secrets
    Episode 8
    Ryan is furious when she discovers that Jackson helped buy his ex-fiancé a car, but when she realizes that he has always fallen for the damsel in distress routine, a usually self-sufficient Ryan turns on the helpless act believing that this is what her husband wants. Meanwhile, after being conned into attending his ex-fiancé's family reunion, Jackson discovers that she never told her family that they are no longer engaged.moreless
  • Coupling Up
    Coupling Up
    Episode 7
    When Ryan and Jackson try to add variety to their social life, they decide to break plans with their usual set of friends and rekindle a friendship with Chris and Amanda, a seemingly perfect couple from their past, but their double date goes awry when the Muses discover that their friends' happy marriage is just an act. Meanwhile, a usually honest Ryan is forced to lie when Coco asks her how she feels about her obnoxious new boyfriend.moreless
  • Crack That Whip
    Crack That Whip
    Episode 6
    Though past experience has taught her not to work with her husband, Ryan reluctantly agrees to help Jackson land a job redesigning her art gallery, but Ryan's instincts are right when her boss disagrees with Jackson's creative vision and leaves Ryan is in the awkward position of firing him. Meanwhile, when Nigel's office manager quits, Paula bullies her way into the position at his office, but Nigel soon discovers something everyone else already knows... that she lacks "people skills."moreless
  • Ryan Sees Party People
    Ryan learns that Jackson threw a wild party at there house before the two got remarried. So Ryan decides to find them a new house untainted by visions of her husband with his girlfriends.
  • No, No
    No, No
    Episode 4
    When Ryan changes her mind about wanting to have a baby, Jackson decides to kick start Ryan's maternal instincts by buying her a puppy. Later, after a misstep with the puppy, Ryan is more convinced than ever that she is not ready to be a mother; however, when Jackson and Ryan are urgently needed to baby-sit for their neighbors, Ryan finds out that she might have what it takes after all.moreless
  • Pre-What?
    Episode 3
    When Ryan discovers that Jackson had considered asking for a pre-nuptial agreement before their remarriage, Jackson feels guilty about not trusting their relationship, until he finds out that Ryan had her own doubts and kept her old apartment with all of her belongings just in case. Meanwhile, when Nigel asks Paula for a pre-nup, Paula sends him packing, forcing Nigel to renegotiate his way back into the relationship.moreless
  • For Better or Worse
    Ryan and Jackson are interviewed for a newspaper column about relationships, but the article is less flattering than expected. Also: the couple debates joining a country club.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    A few months into their second marriage, Ryan and Jackson Muse discover that their "don't ask, don't tell, don't snoop" policy, as it applies to their time apart, needs some work, especially after Jackson discovers that his lovely new bride posed nude for an art show and Ryan learns that her new husband was once engaged to another woman. Later, to help the feuding newlyweds, Jackson's brother, Nigel, and his fiancee Paula, trick the two into coming to their couples therapy group where the real truth comes out.moreless
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