Second Verdict

Ion Television (ended 2004)


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Second Verdict

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The next generation of "court shows," Second Verdict features compelling, real-life felony cases from around the country from trials that permitted cameras in the courtroom. In this one-hour program, our host introduces the facts of a case to a jury that is unaware of the actual verdict. These twelve men and women are presented with the prosecution and defense cases through videotaped clips and along the way are given explanations of complicated legal terms and concepts. Once the presentation is complete, the cameras will follow the jury into the deliberation room, and once a verdict is reached, viewers will find out if the second verdict matches with that of the original jury.

"Second Verdict" is a production of Termite Arts (a division of Lion's Gate Entertainment) and Kimo-Jagger Productions. Executive producers are Raymond Brune (former president and executive producer, News for E! Networks), Andrew Yani (E! News Live, Channel One) and David Harding of Lion's Gate Entertainment.-PAX press release

PAX Broadcast History October 5, 2004-October 19, 2004...Tuesday 9:00 p.m. October 25, 2004-December 6, 2004...Monday 10:00 p.m.


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