Secret Agent Man - Season 1

UPN (ended 2000)


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  • The Breach
    The Breach
    Episode 12
    Agency headquarters is infiltrated by an enemy operative code named "Possum" who can make herself invisible to sensors. In an intense game of cat-and-mouse, the agents hunt her before she can destroy them all.
  • TKO Henry
    TKO Henry
    Episode 11
    When a boy with powerful telekinetic abilities escapes from the lab that keeps him hostage, the race is on between the agents and their enemies to see who can get their mitts on him first. The stakes: control of a satellite laser weapon that Telekinesis Operative Henry can control with his mind. The Agency wants to hide and protect him, but they have a fierce competitor in the form of Prima, a former member of the Agency who was thought to be dead. She and Monk were an item before her disappearance, and he can't believe she's gone rogue. But indeed she has, as she try's to kill him when they meet in Switzerland. He barely escapes her bombing attempt, and then he, Davis, and Holiday set off for Romania to grab up Henry. They find him playing with jets on an air field and smuggle him back to the USA aboard their Suborbital. Upon arrival they set off for Agency HQ in a trailor, but Henry causes them to detour when he spots an amusement park. They chase after him, but Prima's clown commandos gets there first, and the chase is on down the highway to get him back. Prima blackmails the boy with threats to his mother, so he reluctantly forms a link with the satellite and targets Southern China. Monk on a motorcycle and Holiday in a chopper manage to corner Prima's Porsche under an overpass, and it leads to a fierce showdown. Prima shoots Monk in the leg and Holiday destroys her car with a rocket launcher. Caught in the explosion, the rogue agent's body is not found, and presumed dead once more.moreless
  • Fail-Safe
    Episode 10
    The agents are in France when Trinity operative Simone Shariff obtains a Russian suitcase nuke. A brilliant scientist, she has the ability to assume the appearance of anybody, and as Holiday she hijacks the Suborbital with Brubeck her hostage, then heads it for America, bomb-on-board. Now it's a race against time for the agents to retake their own jet.moreless
  • Uncle S.A.M.
    Uncle S.A.M.
    Episode 9
    Word is out amongst the espionage world that China is in possession of a new type of missile system which cannot be tracked. If this falls into the wrong hands the balance of power in the world could be terribly jeopardized. A man named Haan in Hong Kong contacts the Agency with an offer to part with the plans for the "Chameleon Missile" and they quickly accept. Because every major spy agency is out to get the new technology Monk is sent in on his own, so that he can better travel undetected. He gets to Haan and obtains the real plans, but the man turns out to be a member of Red Army Security, code named Cerberus 1, and he attempts to capture Monk. Our intrepid agent manages to get away but is forced to stick to the steamy-side of the city, and there he hooks up with Lettie, a thirteen year-old girl living by her wits on the streets. The Red Army sends in a deadly lady assassin known only as "The Killer Without a Face", her orders are to take out Monk and get the plans back. Meanwhile, Agents Holiday and Davis who have been chomping at the bit to help, are at last allowed to speed to Hong Kong. Their primary objective is to recover the plans, and then Monk, in that order.moreless
  • Sleepers
    Episode 8
    Thanks to that pesky Y2K bug, an automated Cold War era Russian submarine wakes up off the coast of Nova Scotia and starts taking a look around. After being fired upon by drunken fratboys, it torpedoes their sailboat and decides World War III has begun, so it heads for it's target, New York City. The Agency is hot on it's trail and Monk enlists the aid of an old friend of his in the Russian State Security Service, Lara. With her help they determine who built the sleeper-sub, and they head to Moscow to interrogate him. Meanwhile, the sub makes a call to a deep-cover Russian agent posing as a tavern owner in Maine, and he travels to sub to become it's back-up pilot. The agents obtain and transmit the deactivation code but the sleeper decides it's all a trick and continues on toward NYC bent on leveling it with nuclear missiles. But Echo-7 can't just be blown up, as if it's attacked it will automatically launch on the closest target, Rhode Island. So it's up to Monk and Lara to board it, while Holiday keeps US Naval Command from jumping the gun.moreless
  • The Face
    The Face
    Episode 7
    A trio of thieves kills a NASA retrieval team in order to steal a Mars meteorite, and the Agency traces the operation to a well-funded cult that sells beads through the Home Shopping Network. The rock contains a lethal flesh eating disease which their leader Marshall Guilder plans to wipe out the human race with. All except for his chosen few who shall remain safe on an island, as the microbe is destroyed by salt water. So Monk and Holiday go undercover as husband and wife to infiltrate the group, leading to a ballooning showdown over the coast of the island.moreless
  • The Elders
    The Elders
    Episode 6
    When a senatorial candidate is killed on the day before the election, Monk and Holiday discover that his running mate is a member of The Elders, a secret organization of young people that is attempting to run the USA from behind the scenes, but has been infiltrated by former members of the Russian KGB. The agents intervene to clean up the problem.moreless
  • Supernaked
    Episode 5
    Pagnol, a brilliant scientist, is using the Paris fashion industry as cover to demonstrate the abilities of the super-model/super-soldiers he has created. DNA and chemically enhanced, they are backed up an internal monitoring system that can also be used to control them. The hitch is that they only live for six months. Pagnol's goal: sell the disposable assassins to the highest bidder, and to prove their superiority he sends them after the Agency's brass. And then Monk.moreless
  • Like Father, Like Monk
    After a computer date virus destroys a US airforce outpost with their own jetfighter, Trinity head Vargas is the prime suspect. The agents trace him to Mineapolis but he gets away, so Brubeck orders them to enlist the aid of Agent Armstrong, the greatest tracker in Agency history. He's retired and living in Rhode Island. And he also happens to be Monk's father.moreless
  • WhupSumAss
    Episode 3
    When the plans for a secret stealth weapon are encrypted into the memories of a team of scientists, it's up to the agency to find their newly created identities and protect them from Trinity's retrieval plans. Only one of the scientists knows how to assemble the whole system, and his new persona is easy for the team to track down. All they have to do is climb into the wrestling ring and save the infamous Buff Bobby Barnett (aka Doctor Livingston), from Trinity's assassin--a UN deflector named LeCoq. Buff Bobby is exclusively in the hands of Davis, and this takes a literal meaning when Brubeck shuts down his agency resources in order to divert commandos hot on their trail. Davis' professional resourcefulness means reuniting personal relationships from his past. Meanwhile, Monk and Holiday work their way into the UN in order to intercept LeCoq's plans. Just as Buff Bobby is about to suffer on Trinity's expense, Davis shoots him and surprisingly saves his life and the plans for the "secret" secret weapon.moreless
  • Back to School
    Back to School
    Episode 2
    Twin German terrorists roller-blade through a government lab and when they leave all is in chaos and a pair of vials go with them. Their prize : a deadly smallpox virus, genetically mutated to kill within 24 hours, and the kicker is there is no cure. Yet. Only two scientists have the knowledge to create it, so Monk and Holiday split up to protect each one and await the inevitable arrival of the twins, Oslo and Arno. Monk's is a beautiful former lab assistant, Dr. Talbot, and it turns out she is in league with the terrorists. When Monk attempts to capture them she breaks one of the vials, taking Oslo with it. He then heads to Holiday, as her mark is headmaster of her former school, the Rosebrier Academy. Talbot shows up too and takes the school hostage in order to force the headmaster to make the cure. A deadly confrontation ensues, during which Davis is caught in the crossfire and shot, but his remarkable Quantum Wave-Powered Vacuum Pen saves him, and is also handy for snatching up the virus when Talbot goes for broke and breaks the last vial. Saving the school means saving the planet and the agents have done it again.moreless
  • From Prima with Love
    Prima is the center of attention again at the agency, but this time its as a "good guy." Needless to say everyone has their guards up. Monk because of the love that he once had and lost and Holiday for the jealousy factor, albeit heavily denied. Ironically, Prima has tried to kill them both! After passing a series of loyalty tests Brubeck welcomes Prima back with open arms and puts the team to work right away and without hesitation, minus Holiday's input. A freelance assassin named Vargas has gotten his hands on a one-of-a-kind electronic weapon and he's ready to play. With physical and mental trust barriers to overcome this team must quickly learn to work as one. Then again, Prima may just slip through the cracks for eternity.moreless