Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jul 21, 2008 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Belle meets with Stephanie and the other girls in a restaurant. They have a laptop in front of them and read recent reviews on their work performances. While Tanya has a good one, Belle has a bad one – a really bad one.

It's midnight and Belle is asleep and gets a call by Stephanie who tells her she has a client for her, some 42 year old architect. Belle doesn't want a client in the middle of the night, but Stephanie reminds her she should take what she can get right now. Her work has been slow over the last couple of days since her bad reviews, so she decides to get up and take the client. Actually Belle is really worried by her situation: she fears she might need to use public transport again.

Then Lewis, her client is here. The client appears to be a bit nervous, however the situation soon changes. Belle wants to do her check-in call with her agent, but her client gets mad and doesn't want that. He says he has paid so now he wants to have sex – no calls. After a short argument, Belle kicks him out! He takes his money and leaves. Belle is freaked out a bit.

Later on that night Hannah goes out to visit Ben in his club, where he is finishing up after a night of business. Ben is a bit mad that day, as his fiancée Vanessa bugged him with her ideas of napkins all day long!

Soon her phone rings, Belle's phone. It's Stephanie complaining about what happened with the client. Belle is angry and hangs up after a few angry words.

That's when she starts to remember what happened a year ago when she met for the first time with Stephanie. She had some kind of job interview where Stephanie explained that she will keep her safe (for the 40% share she gets).

Soon Ben and Hannah argue again about her work. He makes a bet with her, when she goes out and tries to live a normal life, she won't miss her job.

In order to try her normal life, she's reading on a park bench and watches the people around her. All she sees is people who get calls and start to run to get somewhere in time. She calls Ben for lunch, but he doesn't have time either.

She now feels desperate and calls her sister Jackie, but she also doesn't have time for her. She realizes how much she misses her work.

Hannah goes to buy a wedding present for Ben and Vanessa. In the store she runs into Tim, the salesman. It becomes obvious that Tim doesn't really like his work.

The next morning Hannah wakes up with Tim next to her. Hannah somehow feels uncomfortable with a guy caring for her in the morning. And as he has his day off, he wants to spend time with her. When he asks her what she does, she gives her usual answer of a legal secretary. She gets up to get away from him and promises him some breakfast, however that's not really something she has in her apartment.

Meanwhile he wants to take a shower and finds her organized bathroom, with a lot of men's products, all up in order.

Hannah has grabbed everything she has to eat and wonders if she could fake some breakfast. That's just when Tim returns from the bathroom with some of the products he has found in her bathroom asking her what she really does for work. He thinks she's a masseuse and wonders why she tries to hide it. She says she's taking some s for a change of work.

Desperate as she is, she calls Ben in order how to get rid of Tim.

Apparently Ben isn't much help, Tim is looking around her apartment and wants to go out and have lunch somewhere.

She doesn't want to or can't, when he starts to wonder if she has a boyfriend and her doorbell rings. It's Ben. He presents himself to Tim as Hannah's fiancé. Ben moves in close to Tim in a suggestive manner and Tim feels uncomfortable and so leaves.

Ben and Hannah have breakfast, Champagne and some junk food – just what she has around. When he asks her if she went amateur again, she complains that Tim was too normal for her. So he has lost his bet, she really does miss her work. Her problem is just that she needs some clients who haven't read her bad reviews yet.

Later on that night, Belle is reading a book when her phone rings, apparently certain people are turned on by her bad reviews, so Stephanie has a new client for her. A guy called Martin, 35 years old and a lawyer. Before Belle accepts she tells Stephanie if she'd ever bring her a client like the last time she would leave the agency. Stephanie's face freezes, but accepts.

At the end of their phone call, it turns out, Belle has a new review for a new guy – apparently the review describes her as perfect.

Belle wonders who wrote the review, but goes on to prepare for her client.

Turns out it was Ben.