Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jul 21, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Belle tries to live like a normal person after some advice from Ben.

    This show seems to be getting better & better by the episode. A lot of eventful occurrences happen in this episode, and this show manages to be funny yet dramatic in some places as well, which gives this show a good balance, not to mention the awesome format this show has with Belle's snarky narration in the background. An intense scene in the beginning when Belle has to face a strange client that could only mean danger. She ends up escaping that situation, but she realizes work has been slow because she has gotten a bad review. She tells Ben about it, and he tells her to live like normal people do. I love the Ben/Belle friendship, it's so comforting. Belle ends up sleeping with a guy, she ends up having to "give it away." Then the guy wont leave her house! So she calls Ben for help, they eventually get the guy out of her house, by pretending Ben was her fiance. Ben ends up writing an amazing review for Belle by the end, and Belle goes back to what she does because she loves it. A great episode that continued the arcs and continued to explore Belle's career.
  • Help, 11th doctor does it with Rose

    I just watched this episode on DVD. I bought it, because I love Billie Piper on doctor Who and I loved the book on which this series is based. But to see Matt Smith naked in Bed with Billie! Should they ever bring Rose back on the new series of Doctor Who with the 11th doctor, I will have this episode in mind!

    Otherwise Great episode, but rather predictable in its outcome(warning: Spoiler): From the moment Hannah told Ben about her problem one knew he would write online what he did. Maybe in the future they will get together finally !
  • Best episode of the show so far! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    At the start of this episode, Belle encounters a bit of a tough customer, things go bad and Belle starts to feel threatened by the guy. When she kicked him out, I was glad, because he was being really rude, but I was also curious as to how this might affect her work. She had gotten some bad reviews (so to speak) and her number of clients had gone down, so this situation was not something she wanted. Ben talks Hannah into taking a break, but we can obviously tell that if she is not doing something with Ben, her job is on her mind. But this break provides Hannah with a chance to meet someone off work, and she does. But she uses the name Belle and doesn't tell the guy what she really does, which is understandable, since it seemed she was only really looking for casual sex. I found it so hilarious when Ben walked in and pretended to be Hannah's fiancé, it was a brilliant way to get rid of the guy who wouldn't leave. In the end it was really great of Ben to right such a good review about Belle. Even though he is not a fan of her work, he is still a friend, and it was really nice of him to help a friend in need. Loved this episode, everything you could want was in it, and in the end, you feel closer to the characters.
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