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  • sex is awesome

    I'm not an adult but this is sexy! Its WAAAAAYYYY better than that ambonation that should've been called "Yo Gayness Gayness" instead of "Yo Gabba Gabba". The sex scenes are hot. Too bad I can't watch this on youtube it says "the video may not be appriote for sum users sign up for age bypassing" This is sexy anyway. Best show next to mlp oobi and wubbzy
  • Someone Else Within

    The only good part is showing that everybody is someone else within...

    The story and players;not my type
  • An excuse to watch sex scenes. You think it will be juicer than it actually is.

    This show appeals to your curiosity. You wonder "Does a prostitute enjoy having sex with her clients?" "What exactly do they do?" "Do they have friends outside the business?" Well, you watch this show and things aren't answered with spice and intrigue. They aren't really answered. It's dull and tedious, which is sad for a 22 minute show.

    A major problem is the amount of time devoted to Hannah's relationship with her friend Ben, who isn't charismatic or gorgeous enough to be interesting. Bottom line: people tune into this show to watch debauchery but there isn't enough to hold your attention. You're better off watching Gossip Girl.
  • British version of Sex in the City. It has a great iconic British Actress, more and dirty sex and in true British style does not make it look glamourous but rather takes a real life story and creates an great story based on the seedy side of London.

    If you appreciate that sex is not straight forward and don't shy away from the reality that prostitution is the oldest profession then this may be for you. Ultimately i think this is a bit risque for North American's being one myself but living outside of London. Sometimes described as soft porn I would say although it is dirtier than sex in the city it really is about sex in the city rather than love and labels with sex on the side. Having read the books as well, this series is much better than the books and provides a great overview of what a real life high end prostitute goes through.
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl absolutely fantastic real Belle i would said She is the best Actor for that gorgeous, Intelligent, Women.

    Real Belle i would said She is the best Actor for that gorgeous, Intelligent, Women.
    No one could play Belle as Billy Piper what can i say Golden Globe for you Billy.
    Can't wait to next Episode what happens but i am Absolutely happy that we got to see
    Secret Diary of a Call Girl Season 4 What eventually could be good like in the Sex and and the City maybe one day a
    Movie thats will definitely Golden Globe and of course Is my dream meet Belle (Billy) of a coffee and small talk, Best Regards.
    Max Big Fan of Secret Diary of a Call Girl
  • Definitely will be repeat viewing

    I am quite a fan of Billie Piper and after her turn as Rose Tyler, I was looking forward to this show to see if she could shed the image of the Doctor's companion. Also the show's premise seemed interesting and I was looking forward to seeing it played out.

    After Series 1, I was quite taken in. However, as I entered the subsequent series I became less and less interested in the story. As an exercise I think I will probably revisit the show and watch the shows consecutively.

    I really want to like the show more so hopefully a second viewing will help. 8 shows at 30 minutes a pop is not too much of a time investment :)
  • Wow! I think the term "Guilty Pleasure" is more pronounced in this series more than in any other~!

    At first, I thought the show was blunt, highly infused with sex, but now I realize it's far more than that. It's classy, it's beautiful, it's funny, and above all, addictive.

    I can't wait for the new episodes to air, and so glad it's one of the first to come back (September 2nd).

    Billie Piper is doing such a great job in portraying this (what I would normally call - whore) working call girl, with so many levels and layers of her personality, I think she should get an Emmy.

    Iddo Goldberg (my new best Israeli friend...) is portraying Benjamin so well, you could actually *sense* his desire and how much he actually cares for Belle. Lucky he called off the wedding!

    I hope (and believe) the next season will be even more sentential and gripping as this one was!
  • The first season was the best ever and very hot. The second sucks so far!

    I discovered this show with my free Showtime preview and thought it looked hot. I downloaded season one and two. My fiancee and I watched the first season in one sitting and we both loved it and thought it was very hot! We held off watching the second for all of about 3 hours. We are half way through and it sucks. It is not the same show. It is not hot, at all. There are more bare breasts but far less sex, and the sex isn't hot. It is painful to watch and not fun.
  • I personally started watching this show simply because Billie Piper starred in it, but since then, it has become one of my favorites.

    I personally started watching this show simply because Billie Piper starred in it, but since then, it has become one of my favorites. I really like the added details like the narrarion by the main character. It really adds a certain reality to it since the show is based on a book who is based on a blog. It gives the feeling that it really is the character telling her own story.

    Many people say that this show is just an excuse to show soft porn, but I disagree. Since the show tells the story of a london call girl, you have to expect that sex will play an important part in the story. It is after all the main reason why people read Belle-de-Jour's blog and that the book was a success. Plus, I don't think the show is only about being a hooker, but also about the difficulties that it brings into relationships.

    Personally, I think the actors cast in the different roles were an intelligent choice. Billie Piper surprised me as an actress, since she hadn't done this kind of work, not that she wasn't good as Rose in Doctor Who.
  • I'm a fair minded, and would even say open minded, woman, but I didn't expect to enjoy a show I thought would only be an excuse for soft-core porn on the small screen, starring a popular actress. I am happy to put my hands up and say I was wrong.

    There is without doubt a voyeuristic element to the show, and certainly you could label it soft-core pornography, but that all does a great disservice to what they have managed to achieve here.

    Billie is a likeable actress, in my own opinion, not a great beauty but she has charm and in this a certain amount of sex appeal.

    Early episodes I could take or leave, a few gratuitious shots of Billie writhing on her bed in her underwear and not a lot of substance.

    But as the series went on, the stories improved, the characters got more interesting and the situations more sympathetic. Some stories were amusing, others poignant and almost tragic.

    By the end of the series, I cared what happened to Hannah, and I think that's a positive achievement for any show.
  • BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did watch the first few episodes from begining to end and i just found them completly boring, i did like the sex scenes with billie piper but other than that i didn't like the show.

    How could the ITV do a show about a prostitute anyway, its like a watered down version of porn but with better stories (not that im saying i like the stories in this show) unfortunatly the show has been comisioned a second series which will probably be just as bad as the first series. in my opinion this is a crappy programme but there are loads of people who like this show, i hope they do cancel the series then mabey billie piper will raturn to doctor who.
  • There are clearly no limits to my love for Billie Piper.

    "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" seems to have been absolutely tailor-made for Billie Piper. It gets her VERY far-removed from her much-beloved Rose character, and allows her true acting talent to shine. Not only is she powerfully, efortlessly sexy, but she has AMAZING comedic timing; neither of which were really allowed to shine through on "Doctor Who".

    As for the show itself, it really manages to take the sex industry to the next level and go beyond the stereotypical cautionary tales that other shows have attempted. It puts humanity into the industry, focuses on the people rather than the trade itself, and explains the motives behind the actions. What does the show lose points for? The Ben/Hannah arc. The level of chemistry between the actors is absolutely PHENOMENAL, and you truly believe that they've been best friends for life. But their romance is so contrived and predictable. The acting MOSTLY makes up for it, but it's still kind of a let-down. Also, for only being 8 episodes in a season! Come on, bring it on!
  • Classification says it all - it really was absolutely fabulous! Obviously its not a programme that suits every taste, but if you've got an open mind, it was certainly a scream!

    Billie Piper played an absolute cracker! Not only was her acting great (cant say Ive really watched much with her in before) but it was hilarious! Even I was shocked with a few lines or words used but only because I wasnt expecting it! I knew what the programme was about before it come on and after receiving such hype I simply had to watch it and Im really glad I did! Just a shame that Hannah didnt marry Ben and live happily ever after - I suppose thats the difference between a love story and a story about a hooker! Anyway Im gutted its finished and would love to see another series - maybe the real life blogs will get better, funnier and saucier and in 6 months it could be repeated? Here's hoping!
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