Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Showtime (ended 2011)


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  • British version of Sex in the City. It has a great iconic British Actress, more and dirty sex and in true British style does not make it look glamourous but rather takes a real life story and creates an great story based on the seedy side of London.

    If you appreciate that sex is not straight forward and don't shy away from the reality that prostitution is the oldest profession then this may be for you. Ultimately i think this is a bit risque for North American's being one myself but living outside of London. Sometimes described as soft porn I would say although it is dirtier than sex in the city it really is about sex in the city rather than love and labels with sex on the side. Having read the books as well, this series is much better than the books and provides a great overview of what a real life high end prostitute goes through.