Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Season 4 Episode 8

Series 4, Episode 8

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Mar 22, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Summing Up - Contains Spoilers!!!

    It wasn't the greatest show ever made but there was something in it which kept me watching it.

    The show would have benefited from much longer run times for it's episodes. Although fairly quick paced it skipped opportunities to expand on interesting plot points.

    The way the show was setting up in the final season seemed to indicate that Ben represented Hannah's persona and Harry Keegan's - Belles. So I was expecting her to either go off with either Ben or the Cop, the fact she didn't disappointed me initially, however Ben's comment earlier which was along the lines of there is no Belle or Hannahs there is only you may have been a reinforced by the shows ending as she is neither what she projected as Hannah or Belle.

    The final scene between Ben and Belle is extremely well acted and atmospheric.
  • So it's over now? SPOILERS!

    This show was my secret guilty pleasure and POOF! all of a sudden it's gone. Stephanie is released from the prison and is straight off to throw a huge party (btw wtf was Hannah wearing in the court room?! I think it was over the top :/), right after Poppy welcomes her with a hug. Hannah has to decide, who's she gonna be...Hannah or Belle?
    After many fights and after Ben's ultimatum, Hannah decides to end their relationship, because even though she loves him, she can't make him happy, etc. Hannah doesn't go for the cop either though.
    The end scene between Hannah and Ben was very intense and raw. I guess I will miss the show, the outfits especially :)
    The finale was perhaps too rushed, but it was still emotional and a good end in general.
  • Series finale.

    Well I'll tell you one thing, I really am going to miss this show, regardless of the frustrating short seasons and some kinks this show never worked out especially in it's final season, but I still really am going to miss this show.

    It became almost a comfort to me, to watch this show, it was all good fun, and I'm sure a lot of other people saw it that way too. I really wish Billie Piper the best on her career, she's a wonderful actress, and a lot of that was displayed here.

    I knew the series finale would be mostly bogged down by this very random love triangle between Ben, Hannah, and the cop, but we did get some momentous scenes with some well-edited flashbacks and a heartwarming gag reel.

    On the way it ended, it ended a bit abruptly, and we have some unanswered questions but I've heard that's how British shows end, very abruptly, nevertheless, we got a well-done finale, regardless of some unanswered questions. This show will be missed.
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