Secret Girlfriend

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Secret Girlfriend
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AIRED ON 11/11/2009

Season 1 : Episode 6

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Based on a web series, this scripted comedy satirizing the modern dating scene. In this Comedy Central project the actors will address the camera as if it were the lead in the show.
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  • Can't stop watching over and over and over again

    5 years later and I'm still reeling in from the fact that Comedy Central CANCELLED this work of art. Jesus Christ, it's like they hate quality shows. I can only hope that they'll continue with season 2, even if it takes a decade to make.

    Great, now I feel like going through the whole season again.
  • Awesome show!

    Too bad it only had one season and Ugly Americans even outlasted it. The cliffhanger was just too abrupt! I wanted more! Ross Novie, you're a genius! You suck Comedy Central! >:(
  • Based on a web series, this scripted comedy satirizes the modern dating scene. In this Comedy Central project, the actors will address the camera as if it were the lead in the show.moreless

    I flicked on the tube Wednsday night to see what was on and wound up watching the 4th episode of Secret Girlfriend. After 5 seconds, I found myself laughing hysterically.

    Seceret Girlfriend is a grand example of what comedy should be today. The show is full of new and original ideas. When watching, you never know what will happen next, and the situations you find "yourself" in are always amusing. Secret Girlfriend is extremely well written, and the acting only adds to the genius. It is aimed toward the male audience a bit much but overall, it's a must see.moreless
  • A show where you are the main character and everything on t.v. is through your eyes as you go through days with your two bestfriends, your crazy ex, a secret girlfriend your hiding from your ex, and a lot of hot women.moreless

    When i first saw the commercial for this show i was like what the hell? But Im absolutely addicted to it now. The whole, your the main character is pure genius props to the person who came up with this idea. And props to the casting because everyone plays their part great. Reminds me a lot of my real life buddies. Just not as funny. I think Comedy Central really hit the jackpot with this one. This could be a show, if handled properly, could have the potential to be around for a long long time. PLEASE make a second season this show is awesome!moreless
  • Show filmed from "your" point of view. Centers around, "you", "your" 2 buddies, "your" crazy ex-gf, "your" new secret gf, and their lives.

    I love this show. I can't see what is not to like about it. The POV aspect of the show is a refreshing break from all of the standard reality crap that is on now. Secret Girlfriend is also an original idea, not some horrible rehash of an 80's show. cough...V..cough. The characters are great in my opinion. Phil and Sam's viral videos are hiliarious. The crazy ex-girlfriend is just over the top in some of the stunts she pulls. The new secret girlfriend, Jessica, is amazing. Where can I meet a girl like that. You can't beat a bonus of seeing some extremely beautiful women either, the show is full of them. The acting is top notch. It's just as good as anything else on TV. I always look forward to Wednesday nights. South Park and Secret Girlfriend, now that is Must Watch TV.moreless

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