Secret Millionaire

Friday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Dec 03, 2008 In Season


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Secret Millionaire

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When it comes to being a millionaire money isn't everything. Imported from Britain, from the same company that gave us Wife Swap, Secret Millionaire a reality show that gives money a twist. Each week a wealthy family must go undercover in impoverished neighborhoods to see what life is like for the financially destitute for ten days. Though at the end of each ten day period they reveal themselves and must give a portion of their fortune to at least one person in the community.
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  • do you want to help

    good to see people helping like that, i live in philippines, it is almost overwhelming with the poverty, people here have no place to go for help, if your sick and poor u die on the street, the hospitals will turn u away, i have helped a few people here, and medical costs are so cheap here it is almost unbeleivable, cataract sergury less then 1000$, rabies treatment 100$, treatment for dengue fever 100$, and the best part u can walk down the street see a kid with eye problems, grab him and his mom take to hospital and get things done very quickly, so if any of u millionaires want to come here and help, u will be able to see exactly where your money is going, and be overwhelmed with what you have done, there is no better feeling. if interested let me know,moreless
  • AS God is my helper.....

    I'm new to this program but i believe that i am supposed to be a secret millionaire as well. I should get some good advice from the trail blazers! Enlarging people who can't see a way out is in my DNA, i believe God Himself has placed it there. Lifting those that are, as it where stuck in & on the dunghill of life, yes Lord let's DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My goal is to be a Secret Millionaire!!!

    This is my favorite show. Not only does it show how hard work and perseverance can pay off. (The Millionaires) it introduces the viewers to grassroots nonprofits and individuals that are doing GOOD for their communities. Hopefully the exposure will draw additional donors or volunteers. The emotional connection the giver, receiver and the viewer have is spectacular. I'm not a millionaire yet but when I get there I expect to be on the show.moreless
  • I Love This Show!

    Not Just Reg. Millionaires , All of our Stars Etc. If This happen on a weekly bases, Just think how many people could be helped in america. I Can never watch this show with out wiping my back to people that need help so bad just touches my heart and I lose it at the end when they give them a All The Millionaires & Billionaires would give back to communties that need help so think what a better world this could Many Save up save up And Will not share or help the less fortuanate But Just Think when you die you take nothing So Why not make a difference while you can...moreless
  • Amazing show!

    its such a amazing and interesting show keep up the good work!

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