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    It's nice that they went into apart of Louisiana to help someone in need, because so many have lost things that could never be replaced. I will never forget what I and my family went though, and how I left one of my sons behind with his girlfriend who was soon to be giving birth to my grandson. I remembered calling and asking them were they sure they wanted to stay, and my daughter in law saying yes, I know it was because she was due to go in soon and she didn't want to sit in a car for a long amount of time riding around. And than I get a call, and I hear her saying come back I've changed my mind and want to go with you, but me saying they won't let me come back, and praying that she and my son, along with my grandaughter would be alright, they would be safe. Days pass and I'm in Lake Charles looking at the news, and crying finding out what had happen, and that so many were no longer with us because the wall had given out and seeing the bodies flowing I couldn't take it, I had my mother and younger son with me, but my oldest one was still in New Orleans, LA where I didn't no, and I went into the bathroom close the door and cried until I was dizzy.My friend has to staybecause of work and he to is heavy on mymind.Now I hear that Rita is coming to Lake Charles,LA and I have to get on the road again, and I don't know where to go other than church, and thats where my family and I went, to find out that the pastor would let us travel along with his church to a safe place. Thank you LORD for answering my prayers once again. Now I'm on my way to Eldora Arkansas where the pastor there greets so many with open arms, taking care of our ever needs. I find out that my son,grandaugther, and his girlfriend are alright and my day is starting to look even better. Blessing are coming in so quickly that I'm starting to feel and see things better, once again thanks to the LORD and his ANGELS who are always at my side. Now its time to head back to Louisiana to find a place to live again, and take care of business with my home. I sold my house to Road Home, and I now live in Breaux Bridge, LA where many are helping me to ajust. But I want everyone to know that I know that things happen in life and that accidents do accure, but when hearing that the Corps of Engineers were told that the bridges and the wall would not hold up and that they would need to be service for years, now that made me wonder how could one live with theirself knowing that so many lost their lives because someone put off fixing and repairing what was needed and that this went on for many years and NO one wants to say it was thier fault. How could they sleep at night knowing that so many people believe in their hearts that help was coming soon and that they would be saved, but as the time passes by and the nights turn into days and your thirsty, hot, hungry, and No one comes. Many use the bathroom wherever they can, but they can't clean themselves the way they could in the past, with clean water. You now live everyday wondering when will help come. Not only can you not give back the lives that was lost, you can't say you didn't know. We pay taxes, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, and anything else that brought before us thinking it meaning the streets, roads, bridges, underground pipes are being repaired as they are needed, and being made a fool out of, just where did our money go, and why shouldn't you be held accountable for your wrong doing, it is the law that we be repaid for our lost, even though you can't bring back our love one, be it friends, sister, mothers, fathers, brothers, and pets, you can't replace them, but you shall be made to pay, and it shouldn't take years for you to see what wrong you have done. Repent, from the heart and those who believe in our Father up in heaven will forgive, but NEVER forget. Again THANKS to ALL that give from their hearts, you are ANGELS in the making. Have a bless day. I needed to vent my anger in this manner. MamaMoore

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