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Those Who Have And Those Who Have Not.

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    To all that share fame and fortune. It's really nice to think of ways to give back to others that are less foutunate, and I really think that the Lord is watching his ANGELS at work. I would like to thank you for going the extra mile to help many that are without, I'm not rich, and I'm on a fix income, but I to give back to others. It really makes one feel a sense of relief knowing that without a second thought you would help someone else in some form or fashion. And it doesn't matter if its thousands of dollars or just helping by holding a door open for someone, or smiling at someone that seems to be in deep thought, one thing I do know is that ever one can give back to someone. I was looking at the Oprah Winfrey show one day and heard her speaking about a gentleman name Mr. Larry Stewart who is no longer with us do to cancer, and the things he would do to help bring a smile to others, it made me see that I have given back just as he had, but in my own way. And to this very day if I could help a young man or young lady to put a smile on their face I would. And if I had the money that so many rich people have I would love to go around the world and just give to others, buy paying for their rent, buying their food in the store, or just helping a young artist get started in life. So many young people don't believe that ANGELS do excit in our world and they are here to make it a little easier for others. It's been said that if you ask you shall recieve and if you believe it shall be, than many can be as rich as those who sit high, and look low. That would be our Father who are in heaven. I truely believe that one day I will have even more to share with others as Mr. Larry Stewart and so many other have done, and are doing now. Just believe. Have a bless day to ALL. MamaMoore.

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