Secret Millionaire

Friday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Dec 03, 2008 In Season


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  • please help me walk again

    Good day Sir

    My name is Charlotte Miles and I am a 50 year old female from South Africa. I watched a program called Secret Millionaire and I am begging you for help.

    I need 6000 dollars for a leg operation to be able to walk again. A titanium pin must be fitted in my right leg. I fell off a horse in May 2014 and broke my lower leg severely. A friend helped me to create a page with Gofundme. To be able to open the page to the public, 500 dollars must be donated first. I don't understand all their terms but it says so in the small print.

    I am not asking you for the 6000 dollars, only donate 500 dollars in the gofundme account. please Sir

    I so desperately want to walk again and I do not have the financial means to have it done. I have made use of the state hospital for a year now and they made such a mess of my leg I just can not go back for i fear i might loose my leg if i do.

    I live on a farm (not my own, just renting) I have 1ha under peppadews. And I had a couple of cattle but sold that to cover medical cost. I am now financially depleted.

    attached please find my xrays and pics of what my leg look like. I have been in a wheelchair for 14 months now. My soul is dying as I am an outdoors person stuck between walls.

    PLEASE HELP ME, please

    also the link to my Gofundme


    I thank you from my soul and will be forever in your debt. Please help me.

    If you wish contact details of my orthopedic surgeon can be forwarded.

  • you don't know what millionaires knows

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    where to start watch this video to get mind set to bring success in your life 2d0fA

  • Other broker

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  • do you want to help

    good to see people helping like that, i live in philippines, it is almost overwhelming with the poverty, people here have no place to go for help, if your sick and poor u die on the street, the hospitals will turn u away, i have helped a few people here, and medical costs are so cheap here it is almost unbeleivable, cataract sergury less then 1000$, rabies treatment 100$, treatment for dengue fever 100$, and the best part u can walk down the street see a kid with eye problems, grab him and his mom take to hospital and get things done very quickly, so if any of u millionaires want to come here and help, u will be able to see exactly where your money is going, and be overwhelmed with what you have done, there is no better feeling. if interested let me know,
  • AS God is my helper.....

    I'm new to this program but i believe that i am supposed to be a secret millionaire as well. I should get some good advice from the trail blazers! Enlarging people who can't see a way out is in my DNA, i believe God Himself has placed it there. Lifting those that are, as it where stuck in & on the dunghill of life, yes Lord let's DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My goal is to be a Secret Millionaire!!!

    This is my favorite show. Not only does it show how hard work and perseverance can pay off. (The Millionaires) it introduces the viewers to grassroots nonprofits and individuals that are doing GOOD for their communities. Hopefully the exposure will draw additional donors or volunteers. The emotional connection the giver, receiver and the viewer have is spectacular. I'm not a millionaire yet but when I get there I expect to be on the show.
  • I Love This Show!

    Not Just Reg. Millionaires , All of our Stars Etc. If This happen on a weekly bases, Just think how many people could be helped in america. I Can never watch this show with out wiping my back to people that need help so bad just touches my heart and I lose it at the end when they give them a All The Millionaires & Billionaires would give back to communties that need help so think what a better world this could Many Save up save up And Will not share or help the less fortuanate But Just Think when you die you take nothing So Why not make a difference while you can...
  • Amazing show!

    its such a amazing and interesting show keep up the good work!
  • Original idea

    Love it but has some flawes.
  • Undercover Boss wannabe; it misses a lot.

    Undercover Boss is getting old. Secret Millionaire obviously is attempting to be like it, but it misses in many ways.

    The narrator is depressing. That is a big negative impression for me. That is enough to spoil the feeling.

    And like ABC's Home Makeover, I wonder how much money is spent to make each episode compared with how much money is given to or spent on the people and organizations.

    I am just not as impressed by the philanthropy as I would like to be.

    It is difficult to be sure how real it is. I want it to be real but I am suspicious.
  • The grass roots groups are the real inspiration and heroes, not the millionnaires. "Anonymous Millionnaire" with the focus on each group's story, highlighting the real heroes, would be far more moving.

    The concept of showcasing wealthy people giving money to grass roots agencies is interesting but I think it misses the mark. I don't think the millionaires are the 'heroes'- the folks living the life in the communities, making the sacrifices every day, are giving so much more to the community than the millionaires. I'd be much more interested if the focus was on the groups - the challenges and triumphs they face, how they make a difference, how others can make a difference in their local communities. Most folks can't help by giving money, let alone thousands of money, but they can learn more about local efforts and become more involved in their own communities. It would be even better if it was an anonymous millionnaire - someone who didn't get any public credit. It would also be more appealing if the show could provide viewers with information about how to make a difference in their own communities.
  • Does anyone stop and think about the obvious in this show?

    I've just watched this show for the very first time. The concept is fairly straightforward: several multi-millionaires shed themselves of all the trappings of their wealth and live among the poorest of the poor in America, passing themselves off as one of them to determine which of them is worthy of a $100 000 prize to help get back on their feet.

    Here is the biggest problem I have with this show: of all the people they come across, be it in a flophouse hotel, or a soup kitchen, or a homeless shelter, no one ever asks about the camera crew following this guy around! I can assure you that if any one of you were to have someone come up to you, introduce themselves as Mr. So-and-so and have a camera crew in tow, you would (A) ask about the camera and mike people and why they were following him around, and (B) you would reflexively look into the camera rather than carry on conversations with the person the crew is following and pretend they aren't there.

    This is without doubt the most staged "Reality" show that has ever hit the air. I cannot fathom how any executive at Fox could have ever decided to bankroll this cheesy mess. Really? Five dollar a night motels have roaches? Who'd have thunk it?

    The sad piano music throughout is the new definition of cheesy and is worth a laugh all by itself.
  • I love the show. I like shows that give back... including Extreme Home Makeover. They touch the heart and provide something to a small select group to help them overcome and grow. THEY KEEP HOPE ALIVE.

    I hope the show comes to St. Louis, MO. Churches I go to are in need of money, they have bigger hearts to those in needs than they have pocketbooks. They are Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis and Rainbow Covenant Christian Ministries. Both are LGBT churches that have many needs as well as their congregational members and then they try to help those they can outside the community with immenant needs. Churches that serve not only their LGBT community but the community at large is to be commended. I've found myself in need when I got laid off this year and didn't know where I was going to get food, they not only provided but their spiritual counsel over the years has been heartwarming and provided me hope when I had very little hope. The resources they have from where ever they get them is never enough, they deserve more. One of the pastors has a severly disabled son, the other pastor has a disabled partner. Their hearts are open and put aside their own issues to help those inside/outside their congregation. They are to be commended for the service to their community.
  • The BEST in Reality TV!!

    Wow! What a FANTASTIC concept!! I would like to challenge the producers and staff of "Secret Millionaire" to encourage our Senators and Congressmen/women in Washington to participate. According to (Personal Finances link), many would qualify and it is so needed for them to rub elbows with the people they serve. Maybe then we would have a government FOR the people.

    They talk about sacrifice although they've proven to us all, during this financial crisis, they are clueless as to what it means to do without.

    I'm not much for Reality TV, but this one has value and worth watching. Thank YOU!!

    Now go get'em in Washington AND those now retired living off the taxpayer. Pleeeezz :|
  • Finally…a reality TV showing the positive side of all of us.

    Finally…a reality TV showing the positive side of all of us. I hope that FOX picks up a 2nd season of this show. If we have to keep reality TV, please keep the shows about the goodness in humanity and not the bad. I am hoping the the people who watch Extreme Makeover will find this show. The lesson that I take from this show--is that no matter if you have a million dollars or broke it doesn't matter--kindness doesn't come from just $$--it comes from one person willing to help another in a variety of ways. If each person who is reading this comment Paid It Forward to someone else and that person paid it forward to another, their community would be a better place. If their community was better , then their town, then their county , then their state, then who knows ...possibly the country. This show reminds me of a school event called Challenge Day-where you find out how people are more like each other than different.