Secret Millionaire

Friday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Dec 03, 2008 In Season


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  • The grass roots groups are the real inspiration and heroes, not the millionnaires. "Anonymous Millionnaire" with the focus on each group's story, highlighting the real heroes, would be far more moving.

    The concept of showcasing wealthy people giving money to grass roots agencies is interesting but I think it misses the mark. I don't think the millionaires are the 'heroes'- the folks living the life in the communities, making the sacrifices every day, are giving so much more to the community than the millionaires. I'd be much more interested if the focus was on the groups - the challenges and triumphs they face, how they make a difference, how others can make a difference in their local communities. Most folks can't help by giving money, let alone thousands of money, but they can learn more about local efforts and become more involved in their own communities. It would be even better if it was an anonymous millionnaire - someone who didn't get any public credit. It would also be more appealing if the show could provide viewers with information about how to make a difference in their own communities.
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