Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

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Ever wondered if there was a world of monsters waiting to unleash themselves onto the world? Wonder no more. This new animated series will depict a world where monsters and humans will have to learn to live together.

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Season 2 : Episode 8


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    Plus: Eliza Dushku gives CBS comedy a try, Jeremy Piven is rumored be the next Sheen, and The Real World will not go away.

  • Paul Rugg

    Paul Rugg

    Voice of Gweelok

    Steve Little

    Steve Little

    Voice of Slog

    Pat Duke

    Pat Duke

    Voice of Fart/Tony the Pizza Guy

    Peter Browngardt

    Peter Browngardt

    Voice of Festro/Dingle/Police Office

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    • Save yourself the pain of watching this

      This show is nauseating, literally. The main characters consist of a thing made of butts named fart, a.... just thinking about these characters makes me want to sink into the floor and just DIE there! I remember once I was on vacation with my friend, and at one point, we watched this abomination. After five, you read it right, FIVE seconds, I literally puked. And I still have nightmares about it SIX YEARS LATER!!!! Thank goodness it didn't air for too long. I've seen some reviews on this show before, and they don't even look like reviews! They look like the reviewer's mental breakdown into depression. I mean, It's original, I'll give it that, but it's that kind of original where it's so sickly and horrible. If you ever find this show, please, save yourself. Don't ever watch this.moreless
    • Stinky Moucrap Fart Awful

      This is the right title. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome my ass. Anyways, this "show" is about some stupid monsters called the Disgustoids (even their name says they are disgusting) who wants to live on the Earth with the humans. The premise is stupid, the characters are looking disgusting, one monster is a giant butt for God's sake! And his name is Fart. Oh my god!!!!! This shit is awful, thank god CN cancelled it. Pete Browngardt, go to hell and never come back! Unfortunately he did, he created an even bigger atrocity - Uncle Fucking Grandpa. Oh hell no!!!! SMFA and UG both suck, like I said, Peter Browngardt, go to hell and never create any new cartoon!!!! Die, fuckhead.moreless
    • This is just

      A stupid mismatch of types of generatic biological things.

      Do you know what i say ?

      I also not,it is random as this whole show.
    • Like The Problem Solverz, this show was decent at best

      Inferior to it's successor, Uncle Grandpa, for sure, but I honestly didn't mind it. Yes, Festro is an ass, but so's Bloo sometimes and I tolerate him to an extent. There's rarely a moment when I giggle at least and out of all the characters, I like the Fart the most; other then that, the only problem I have with the show is that it's animation pales in comparisson to Uncle Grandpa.moreless
    • Somebody reported my last review.

      This show is better than those two ret@rded shows CatDog and Sidekick

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