Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

Friday 4:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Aug 01, 2011 Between Seasons



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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

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Ever wondered if there was a world of monsters waiting to unleash themselves onto the world? Wonder no more. This new animated series will depict a world where monsters and humans will have to learn to live together.

Paul Rugg

Paul Rugg

Voice of Gweelok

Steve Little

Steve Little

Voice of Slog

Pat Duke

Pat Duke

Voice of Fart/Tony the Pizza Guy

Peter Browngardt

Peter Browngardt

Voice of Festro/Dingle/Police Office

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  • Gross and lame. All that I can say

    This show is so gross. All the characters look so ugly that I dont think I can explain them without feeling sick, so I`ll spare you all the grossness and your lunch. The plots and backgrounds are also pretty dull and unenjoyable. It make me wonder who thought this would be a great show. CN made a big mistake green lighting this show and I would`nt be suprised if they pretended this show never existed in the future.moreless
  • They took a great concept for a show and ruined it.

    Cartoon Network is really dumbing down now. First Johnny Test, then the Problem Solverz, now this? Secret Mountain Fort Awesome? Does the title even sound appealing? Let's review.

    1. The characters:

    Festro is the main character who seems to like bro stuff. A lot. There seems to be lots of fart jokes associated with him, which is another reason to hate this character.

    The Fart is a character I could take seriously if he wasn't literally made of asses. As we learned from Assy McGee, having a butt as a main character means that you're running out of ideas.

    Gweelok seems to be, well, a geek character with a ton of bad acne.

    Dingle is nothing much as a ripoff of the Tasmanian Devil.

    Slog is one of the grossest characters I've seen from the show and his voice reminds me of Uncle Grandpa, another horrible Peter Browngardt show.

    2. The animation:

    The animation is so horrible, it makes me want to puke from watching it! Well, it's not Problem Solverz horrible.

    3. The plots:

    Umm, I can't describe the plots of the episodes, but they're pretty stupid.

    4. The humor:

    Most of it is unfunny toilet humor, but the rest is almost nonexistent.

    So there you have it, a terrible show made by Peter Browngardt, who apparently worked on good shows like Futurama, Chowder, Adventure Time, etc. And there's a spin-off to this show that's just as horrible as this show.moreless

    seriously , it's the only show on cartoon network worth a shit , i like the fact that the main characters look like GWAR guys , i like just about everything about the show
  • Good premise, Bad Show.

    It amazes me how CN continues to sink low, because when this show got cancelled, Peter Brownhardt thought it was a great idea to make a spin-off called Uncle Grandpa. Why? Just why?

    This show is basically about a group of monsters that try to live and communicate with humans. Now, a show about monsters living together with humans is a great idea, but this show is pretty much the opposite way.

    The characters are unappealing and have ugly and disgusting designs to them. One of them is a walking pair of butts attached to a humans body that farts every time he talks (ewww!). Another weird one is a purple monster named Festro that likes to punch himself in the face. Then there's a green ball with arms that has a face covered with zits. These characters personalities make me wonder if the creators were high when they made this.

    Occasionally, the animation can look good sometimes, but a lot of times it can look choppy and stiff. The artwork, however, is pretty good and colorful, that's pretty much the only thing positive about this show.

    Overall, SMFA is a terrible cartoon, and the plots will make you say "WTF did I just watch!?".moreless
  • Not awesome at all.

    This show is disgusting. It's not as horrible as problem solvers or something of that horribleness but it's still bad. I mean, the animation is decent sometimes, but other than that, there is nothing good about this show. The main reason I hate this show is because all the characters have grotesque and disgusting designs (I mean, one of the main characters is made out of butts and whenever he moves, he farts. EWWWWWWW!!!!) and they have no real personalities. The humour is also terrible. It's just some pimples and butts having sex or something like that.

    This show should be banned from tv along with problem solverz and let gravity falls and adventure time have more seasons and arrest the creator of this show for making a horrible show that would've probably given kids nightmares. ANOTHER GREAT REVIEW BY FOSTERFAN!moreless

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