Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

Friday 4:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Aug 01, 2011 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Just for Kicks: Festro goes on a quest to Alaska for some Velcro shoes. /Secret Mountain Fort Werebaby: When a baby bites all of the Disgustoids but Slog, they start turning cute, so Slog must find a way to cure their affliction and make them disgusting again.
    • Family Lies: While travelling to Dingle's family reunion, numerous setbacks keep Dingle and the Fart from making it, until the Fart realizes that Dingle is sabotaging their trip./Wrestlemaniacs: Festro and The Fart take up wrestling and become hugely popular, all in the name of a single french fry.
    • Stealing the Sun: The Disgustoids steal the sun and bring it underground; all the elderly people follow./ 5 Disgustoids and a Baby: Festro learns the joys and horrors of parenting when Dingle steals a kid and gives it to him for his birthday.
    • 3/8/12
      Labyrinth: When Gweelok wishes that Jerry, the Goblin King, would come take his annoying friends away, he realizes how much he misses them and has to enter the twisted world of the Labyrinth to rescue them. / Gweelok Cracks: Gweelock hits the big time and abandons the monsters when his inventions take off.moreless
    • 2/17/12
      Festro Gets Glasses: After feeling dumb, Festro gets glasses to look smart, but ends up getting full of himself and then lost on the surface before realizing all he needed was his bros. / Funstro: When an aching tooth gets removed, Festro experiences a change of personality.
    • President The Fart: Tired of Festro bossing them around, the Disgustoids decide to vote on a new leader, they all campaign for the job, but after the Fart wins, they realize how much they preferred Festro. / Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa: When a lame dad throw a lame birthday party for his son, Uncle Grandpa shows up to make it the coolest party ever.moreless
    • Dingle Come Home: When Dingle runs away, the Disgustoids go to war with his new owner, a lonely cat lady./ Colonel Monster's Monster Time Pizza Palace: When Festro gets trapped on the surface, he calls on his bros to help him and one by one they get trapped along with him.moreless
    • 1/27/12
      Party Slog: Slog finds himself the object of lust when his super hot abs are revealed./Road Trippin': When the Disgustoids go on vacation for relaxation, they get anything but when they meet a strange village and begin to disappear one by one.
  • Season 1