Secret Squirrel Show

NBC (ended 1967)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Squiddly Diddly: Way Out Squiddly
      Bubbleland Aquarium closes to the relief of the chief who is looking forward to watching Bubblesmoke on TV. Squiddly invites himself to watch the show but the chief kicks him out. Squiddly walks off pouting and comes across a landing UFO. He thinks it's a car that has run out of gas and offers to give them a push. The aliens shoot Squiddly with a freeze gun and take him back to their planet. The run tests on their captured "Earth Man" and decide to take over the Earth.moreless
    • Atom Ant: Up and Atom
      Atom Ant is called in to capture Big Fats Dynamo after he and his gang break out of jail.
    • The Hillbilly Bears: Detour for Sure
      Not available.
    • Winsome Witch: Have Broom Will Travel
      The Winsome W. Witch goes to the Acme Employment Agency to try and find a job. She wants to be able to fit in with regular people. The only job the agency can find for her is babysitting for a set of twins that misbehave so much nobody wants the job.moreless
    • Precious Pupp: Precious Jewels
      A thief is trying to steal Granny Sweet's jewlry but Precious Pup is on guard duty.
    • Voodoo Goat
      Voodoo Goat
      Episode 13
      Voodoo Goat takes Chief's pipe and uses it to control him with a voodoo doll. Secret goes into battle with Voodoo Goat when they both make voodoo dolls of each other. Meanwhile Morocco plays with Chief's voodoo doll, sending him on a wacky trip.
    • One Ton
      One Ton
      Episode 12
      Secret must stop One Ton, a huge panda, from destroying a town, but he must figure out how to do it without harming the panda because it's an endangered species.
    • Doctor O.
      Doctor O.
      Episode 11
      Doctor O. (a opossum) has blocked all sunlight from the earth. Secret goes into Doctor O.'s hideout, a dark cave. He must figure out how to defeat Doctor O. without being able to see. Meanwhile, Chief has trouble figuring out how to go to the bathroom while the sun's light is blocked.moreless
    • Platypus
      Episode 10
      A platypus steals a descrambling ray to turn himself into a normal animal. He accidentally uses it on Secret, Morocco and Chief, who end up getting their bodies mixed up.
    • Scirocco Mole
      Scirocco Mole
      Episode 9
      Morocco can't remember when he met Secret, so Secret tells the story. He details how they met in Morocco while Secret was chasing down Scirocco Mole, Morocco's evil twin brother.
    • Agent Penny
      Agent Penny
      Episode 8
      Chief fires Secret, makes Penny his new top agent, and gives Morocco Penny's old personal assistant job due to government spending cutbacks. After watching Morocco make a mess of the office's files, Chief decides to give everyone their old jobs back.
    • Chameleon
      Episode 7
      Secret and Morocco must stop a chameleon who keeps stealing artwork from an art museum. They have trouble capturing the chameleon because he blends into his surroundings so well.
    • Egg
      Episode 6
      Morocco is given an assignment by the Chief to hold a "cursed" egg for three seconds. He repeatedly fails and Secret has to keep retrieving the egg for him.
    • Hot Rodney
      Hot Rodney
      Episode 5
      Secret Squirrel races Hot Rodney in the "Charity Challenge 500." The battle to win is tough, with both racers trying to trick the other. Rodney tries to win by capturing Morocco Mole so Secret must rescue him instead of finishing the race. Can Secret rescue Morocco and still win the race?moreless
    • Queen Bea
      Queen Bea
      Episode 4
      The "Metro-Pollen Depository" is held up by some bees while Penny is there. She calls Secret for help and he comes and thwarts their plan, but is knocked out by one of the bees. Secret wakes up in Queen Bea's hive and is forced to marry her to save Morocco's life. Queen Bea gives him a love potion. Penny comes to save Secret, but Queen Bea overcomes her and is about to sting her. Secret must break through the potion's effects to save Penny before it's too late.moreless
    • Quark
      Episode 3
      Secret must stop a subatomic particle named Quark from destroying national landmarks around the country. Quark gets into Secret's head and causes him to get locked up in the psycho wing of the county jail. Secret now has to find a way out of the ward to stop Quark before he destroys the Kansas concrete reservoir and floods the whole country.moreless
    • Greg
      Episode 2
      Secret goes up against an abused gingerbread man named Greg who turned evil when a little girl bit off his leg and who is plotting to turn candy into a giant creature that will eat kids instead of kids always eating candy.
    • Goldflipper
      Episode 1
      Secret and Morocco must figure out how to stop Goldflipper the walrus who has used a huge magnet to steal everyone's gold teeth.
  • Season 1