Secret Squirrel Show

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 07, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When the Platypus has his Descrambling Ray set on a timer at the beginning, we first see it counting down the seconds at the normal rate, but right when it counts from ten to zero (and scrambles our heroes), suddenly it counts down at warp speed!

    • We learn that only Secret Squirrel can see through his hat.

  • Quotes

    • Morocco: (in his scrambled body) Hey, look at me. For once I am bigger than all of you! I am all-powerful! I am omnipotent!
      Chief: Shut up, Morocco.
      Morocco: Okay.

  • Notes

    • Usually the Secret Squirrel segments had their own separate set of music from the Two Stupid Dogs episodes, but in this one, music from Two Stupid Dogs shows up in a few places, most notably when they first try to chase the Platypus in their "scrambled" forms and when the Platypus is given his "makeover."

    • This episode originally aired between the 2 Stupid Dogs episodes "Family Values" and "Red Strikes Back."

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