Secret Squirrel Show

NBC (ended 1967)


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  • Winsome Witch made the show funny!

    Besides Secret Squirrel, there was also two other cartoons on the 1965 NBC version.

    SQUIDDLEY DIDDLEY: A squid (voice of Paul Frees) who lives in Bubbleland, ran by Chief Wenchley. Squiddley would always venture into the outside world, just like the Wally Gator cartoons.

    But my favorite...

    WINSOME WITCH: A motherly-type good witch (Jean Vander Pyl) has adventures helping out people & sometimes righting wrongs by using her witchcraft!

    I loved it when she waved her magic wand & saying the magic words, "Ippedity, Pippedity, POW!" (Jet Screamer cue theme)!

    Winsome made a comeback in 1990 as the driver of the sonic broom on "Fender Bender 500", car #13.
  • The best Hanna-Barbera cartoon. No arguing about hta.

    Come on. It's about a squirrel with a white coat and purple hat. How cute is that? I'm not a big Hannah-Barbra fan (I'll stick to Warner Brothers) but Secret Squirrel and his side kick with the neat little hat and robe is the funniest by far. Not to mention Mel Blanc's voice talent. (later on Jess Harnell did the modern version of Morocco. Beautiful!) I'm not a fan of the witch lady, but the Secret Squirrel Whow wouldn't be the same. Secret and Morrocco bring charcter and humor to the rather large cast of Hannah-Barbera cartoons, and unfortualy was outshadowed by Yogi Bear and The Flintstones. However, I saw two thumbs way, way up Secret Squirrel! -Narcissa.