Secret Squirrel Show - Season 1

NBC (ended 1967)


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Episode Guide

  • Ship of Spies
    Ship of Spies
    Episode 26
    Secret Squirrel foils a bank robbery and then gets a call from Chief Double Q on his spy screen and is told to report to HQ immediately if not sooner. The chief tells Secret Squirrel that Hy Spy has a plan to destroy the city from his invisible spy ship in the harbor.moreless
  • Spy in the Sky
    Spy in the Sky
    Episode 25
    A criminal known and Hy Spy has invented the first military orbiting satellite. He is planning on bringing the world to its knees from his satellite until he is declared "King of the World." Can Secret Squirrel save the day again?
  • Scuba-Duba Duba
    Scuba-Duba Duba
    Episode 24
    Scuba-Duba, an international underwater spy, has stolen a missile. He will destroy the city unless he gets $1,000,000 by noon. Secret Squirrel is called in to stop him.
  • The Pink Sky Mobile
    The Pink Sky Mobile
    Episode 23
    Secret Squirrel gets a call from Double Q after it is discovered that Yellow Pinkie has developed a highly sophisticated multi-purpose Spy Mobile. With it he can destroy the city and Secret Squirrel must stop him.
  • Hi Spy
    Hi Spy
    Episode 22
    Secret Squirrel is orbiting the Earth keeping an eye on thing when he is called back to headquarters. There is a new threat to the world and his name is Hy Spy. He is the world's foremost master of scientific criminology. He is sent to Paris for a face-to-squirrel confrontation with the mastermind spy.moreless
  • Robot Rout
    Robot Rout
    Episode 21
    Yellow Pinkie is running for President of the United States. He has invented the Yellow Pinkie Robotizer which makes people do his bidding. Can Secret Squirrel stop Yellow Pinkie before he wins the election?
  • Bold Rush
    Bold Rush
    Episode 20
    Secret Squirrel is taking a vacation on a dude ranch out West. So, when Yellow Pinkie steals a gold shipment from a train Morocco Mole volunteers to solve the case by himself.
  • Tusk-Tusk
    Episode 19
    The Maharajah's royal elephant Poojie has disappeared right before the royal weigh-in. The Maharajah's people must pay him the combined weight of he and Poojie in gold once a year. When Secret Squirrel arrives he discovers a ransom note saying that Poojie is being held prisoner in the Grand Wazir's Palace. It's now up to Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole to save Poojie and The Maharajah's kingdom.moreless
  • Capt. Kidd's Not Kidding
    Pandoravia has raised and old Spanish Galleon from the bottom of the sea. Julio Mackerel, director of Pandoravia's World Fair, is discussing the various treasures that were found and that his government will use the treasure to pay for their fair. That's when the ghost of Captain Kidd appears and claims the treasure for his own. Secret Squirrel is called in to save the treasue and the World's Fair.

  • Double Ex-Double Cross
    All communication has been cut off from the Island of Okey-Dokey so Secret Squirrel and his sidekick Morroco Mole are sent to investigate. They find that all of the inhabitants have been turned into statues.
  • Gold Rushed
    Gold Rushed
    Episode 16
    Secret Squirrel is ordered to the Gregorian Embassy to guard a gold shipment. It gets stolen right from under his nose by Yellow Pinkie. Secret Squirrel must catch him and recover the gold.
  • Not So Idle Idol
    Not So Idle Idol
    Episode 15
    Yellow Pinkie steals the Kradoran Gold Idol which is on it's way to the World's Fair. Secret Squirrel pretends to get fired and become a bad guy to try and get the idol back.
  • Jester Minute
    Jester Minute
    Episode 14
    Yellow Pinkie crown stealing is a piece of cake, until Secret Squirrel steps in to return the crown to the king.
  • Leave Wheel Enough Alone
    Mr. Bullion has $1,000,000 in gold stolen from his vault at the mint. He calls International Super Service to ask Double Q for help. Double Q, of course, calls Secret Squirrel and puts him on the case. Secret Squirrel uses one of his inventions to discover that his archenemy, Yellow Pinkie, is responsible. He finds him entered in a car race so he enters himself to try and stop him. Can Secret Squirrel catch him and recover the gold?moreless
  • Catty Cornered
    Catty Cornered
    Episode 12
    Double Q gets a phone call while on the golf course from Professor Kaboomeldorfer with an urgent request. A cat has swallowed a high-explosive capsule than can blow the whole country to bits. The cat is stuck at the top of a flagpole so Double Q calls in Secret Squirrel to save the day. Secret Squirrel quickly gets the cat down using an instant fish that he creates using one of his gadgets. Unfortunately the cat is chased away by a dog and the chase is on.moreless
  • Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo
    Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo
    Episode 11
    Secret Squirrel is sent to London when the famous Big Ben clock tower is stolen. Secret Squirrel discovers it was stolen by a giant who lives up a beanstalk and loves clocks. Can he retrieve Big Ben and make all of England happy?
  • Wacky Secret Weapon
    Wacky Secret Weapon
    Episode 10
    Secret Squirrel is assigned to guard a new secret weapon that is going to be purchased by the U.S. government. Yellow Pinkie sneaks in and releases a sleeping gas that knocks out Secret Squirrel. When he wakes up he discovers the weapon has been stolen. He tries to get it back before Yellow Pinkie can manufacture duplicate units and ship them off to unfriendly foreign powers.moreless
  • It Stopped Training
    The Silver Streak Express, the world's most modern train, is scheduled to make its first journey but is stolen before the ceremony. Secret Squirrel is put on the case and clues lead him to his archenemy, Yellow Pinkie. Will Secret Squirrel be able to solve the case?
  • Five is a Crowd
    Five is a Crowd
    Episode 8
    Dr. Dangit has developed an evil and dangerous scheme. He shows his assistant Claude how he can place a picture of his archenemy Secret Squirrel into his new Solar Duplicating Composer and make duplicates of him. He make four copies of Secret Squirrel and sends them out to rob, steal and cause havoc. This is all in an effort to ruin Secret Squirrel's name and get him out of his way.moreless
  • Robin Hood and His Merry Muggs
    Secret Squirrel has a nigh off and is looking forward to spending the night relaxing and watching TV. His program is interrupted with a message of a $1,000,000 robbery. He tunes in to his supersecret sonic multiplex receiver to see if their is any new information but there isn't. While he is waiting he watches his TV program Robin Hood and His Merry Men. Chief calls to order Secret Squirrel to catch the thieves. He finds some suspects and begins to follow them into a local TV station. The crooks dress up like Robin Hood to escape detection and wind up on TV. Will Secret Squirrel catch the crooks?moreless
  • Masked Granny
    Masked Granny
    Episode 6
    The secret X-5 bomber is stolen from a restricted U.S. Air Force base and the police suspect the Masked Granny. She next plans to steal the Bomby-Bomb and take over the world. She plans on stealing it as they move it under the flag pole at the Pentagon. The Bomby-Bomb is being moved by Secret Squirrel himself. Will he be able to stop her evil plan?moreless
  • Royal Run Around
    Royal Run Around
    Episode 5
    Secret Squirrel heads to the airport to meet the visiting ruler of Punchabaggie. The young ruler flies in on a magic carpet. He sneaks away from Secret Squirrel after hearing about the boring tour he is to be taken on. Secret Squirrel must find him to avoid an international incident.
  • Sub Swiper
    Sub Swiper
    Episode 4
    The world's largest atomic submarine is about to be launched from Cape Launchum when it suddenly disappears right as the skippers wife is about to christen the sub. Secret Squirrel hears about the sub on the radio and heads for HQ. Chief Double Q orders him to recover the sub ASAP. He located the sub with a giant magnet and discovers that it has been stolen by Captain Ahab. Will Secret Squirrel convince him to surrender or is the end of the world around the corner?moreless
  • Scotland Yard Caper
    Secret Squirrel, secret agent 0-0-0, receives a message the Crown Jewels have been stolen in London. Chief books his airline ticket under the name Rumpel Stellatella so the crooks won't know he's coming. Unfortunately, he can't remember the name and it takes him awhile to get on the plane. Once in London, he reports to Scotland Yard to get information on the case and begin his search. Can Secret Squirrel find the Crown Jewels in time for the Queen to wear them at the Royal Ball the following night?moreless
  • Wolf in Cheap Cheap Clothing
    Secret Squirrel tries his new invention, the ring-a-ding TV ring. He receives a message from the Chief that Wiley Wolf is smuggling sheep across the border and he must be stopped. Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole head south to try and catch him.
  • Yellow Pinkie
    Yellow Pinkie
    Episode 1
    Secret Squirrel (the world famous secret agent 000) stops in at HQ when he gets a message the International Sneaky Service has a top-secret assignment for him. His assignment is to capture the notorious enemy agent known only as "Yellow Pinkie."
  • The World of Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel
    This was Secret Squirrel's first television appearance. The opening scene involves William Hanna and Joseph Barbera landing a helicopter in the parking lot of their studio and running in to talk to the animated Secret Squirrel and Atom Ant.