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Secret Squirrel

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Secret Squirrel is a 1966 Hanna Barbara cartoon. It features the adventures of Secret Squirrel (Mel Blanc) and his fez sporting sidekick Morocco Mole (Paul Frees), a parody of Peter Lorre. They are "super secret, secret agents" in the vein of James Bond under the command of their leader, Double Q (Paul Frees). Secret Squirrel's wardrobe consists entirely of trench coats, a purple mask, a hat which he never removes, and many hidden guns and gadgets. They the wacky gadgets to defeat evil doers such as the villainous Yellow Pinky (Paul Frees), a parody of the titular character from Bond's "Goldfinger." A total of 26 episodes were created over two seasons, each one running for about thirty minutes, with 13 additional episodes produced by Cartoon Network under the title "Super Secret Secret Squirrel" being released in 1993. Any fan of classic Hanna Barbara cartoons or spy spoofs will find something to like about Secret Squirrel.

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AIRED ON 10/2/1965

Season 1 : Episode 4

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