Secret Task Force Five Ranger

Season 32 Episode 53

Engine Taskforce Go-On Ranger: Bom Bom! Bom Bom! Net Bong!!

Aired Saturday 7:30 AM Jul 11, 2008 on
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Engine Taskforce Go-On Ranger: Bom Bom! Bom Bom! Net Bong!!
Episode List: 1. Dimension Mingling? Bom-Bom (Jigen ga Mazaru? Bonbon?) The Go-Ongers and Go-OnWings battle each other, the Wings proving superior fighters. Hiroto shuts down the simulation room as Miu cannot defeat the Go-Ongers due to their teamwork. meanwhile, Sousuke plays with Bomper, as Renn reads a letter about the voting on the Go-Onger homepage. Sousuke is voted the most handsome... by himself. At Gaiarc, the Minister plan to break the walls between dimensions to make them the stars of their own movie. 2. Barbaric Machine Beast Great Revival? Bom-Bom (Bankijū ga Dai Fukkatsu? Bonbon?) In the BankiJyu graveyard, the Ministers plan to recycle parts to create a new monster, but they can't decide which of their branches get to be the one to do it. They hold a tournament to choose a winner, but end up recycling all the previous BankiJyus. 3. Mysterious Three-Man Group? Bom-Bom (Nazo no Sanningumi? Bonbon?) Sousuke and Bomper fall out. Saki gets dressed up her mother's kimono as Sousuke and Gunpei argue over their online popularity ratings. Renn makes Hant an omlette using the last egg, causing a fight with a hungry Gunpei. Getting the signal from Bomper, the Go-Ongers head out, joined by the Go-OnWings. EnjinOh G12 is damaged as three people from another dimension appear. 4. The Go-Ongers Missing? Bom-Bom (Gōonjā Yukuefumei? Bonbon) The Go-Ongers and the Enjins find themselves in another dimension. Meanwhile, Kegalesia's Soul seperates from her body. Carrigator and Jum-bowhale try to hold the dimensional portal open to allow the Go-Ongers to return as Kitaneidas and Yogostein appear in Ginjiro. Yogostein puts the Kegaleshia Soul into Bomper... 5. Returning Hero? Bom-Bom (Hīrō Kikan? Bonbon) With Kegalesia in Bomper, Gaiarc moves into Ginjiro, helping themselves to snacks and Saki's diary. Meanwhile, the Go-Ongers return from Samurai World. Bomper's Soul manages to force Kegalesia out, regaining Ginjiro as the Go-Ongers return. Sousuke and Bomper make up, but no one believes his story about Gaiarc taking him over.moreless

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