Secret Task Force Five Ranger

Season 29 Episode 50

Magic Taskforce Magician Ranger The Movie: Bride Of Infershia

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Magic Taskforce Magician Ranger The Movie: Bride Of Infershia
During a thunderstorm, Magician King fights a powerful enemy. The Rangers loose and are thrown to the ground. Groom Do Bridon, King of the Hades Beastmen Berserkers, kidnaps Yamazaki to take for his bride. Earlier that day, Kai had been playing football, watched by the others. Kai scores a goal and wins the game. Soon the Ultra Hades Beast Living Sword attacks the city with Bridon. He takes Yamazaki so the Rangers form Magician King to fight him. Recapping the battle later, Kai demands Hikaru tell him how to get to Infershia to rescue Yamazaki before the marriage can take place and Bridon's spirit army is released. Smokey tells Kai of a horse, the horned Unigolon, that can take him there. Hikaru however refuses to take them to Unigolon in Magitopia, saying it is a forbidden land to humans. He does leave them a Magic Ticket (The Sky) that makes Mandora grow to enormous proportions, taking the Rangers all the way up to Magitopia. Once there, they meet their respective Heavenly Saints as Meemy creates a dress and ring for Yamazaki. Bridon attacks the city again to charge the ring, the Puppet's Ring with human life energy so he can control Yamazaki. Hikaru takes the Ring and fights him while the Rangers continue higher into Magitopia, eventually finding Heavenly Arch Saint Maigel's Hevanely Temple. Lunagel takes them inside as Hikaru is defeated by Bridon. However, he assumes his Heavenly Saint and uses the Ring to temporarily defeat Bridon. Bridon however strikes Hikaru down again. Maigel tells the Rangers that their fight is not her concern but eventually allows Kai to take Unigolon to Infershia. Bridon uses the Ring on Yamazaki to make her love him. Unigolon and Kai arrive in Infershia but are met by Wolzard as the wedding begins. Wolzard is beaten by Kai, who proceeds to the wedding and arrives just in time to stop the kiss. He restores her to normal by breaking the spell and she finally realizes that Kai is her beloved Magician Red. An angry Bridon attacks the city looking for Yamazaki but is fought by the Rangers. Bridon is eventually defeated but calls back Living Sword and combines with it, forming Sword of Groom. Travelion and Hikaru arrive, as does Unigolon. Unigolon enlarges and combines with Magician Phoenix, creating Saint Kaiser. Together with Travelion and Magician Dragon, Saint Kaiser destroys Groom. As a reward for their bravery, Maigel grants all humans a spell – courage. Back at football, Kai hits the post, but impressed Yamazaki anyway.moreless

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