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Secrets and Lies is a ten-episode drama produced by ABC Studios.  Family man Ben Crawford quickly becomes the prime murder suspect in the death of a young boy when he finds the body. The case unfolds from Ben’s perspective as he is forced to find the real killer with his marriage, kids, reputation, and sanity all at stake. As the investigation progresses, Ben's close knit community starts to come apart at the seams, unraveling until the jaw-dropping conclusion. Barbie Kligman (Private Practice) developed the mystery thriller, which is based on the original Australian series Secrets & Lies created by Stephen Irwin. The show is executive produced by Barbie Kligman, Aaron Kaplan (Chasing Life, The Neighbors, The Mysteries of Laura), Tracey Robertson (SLiDE), Nathan Mayfield (SLiDE) and Charles McDougall (The Mindy Project, Resurrection). Executive producers of Secrets and Lies include Kligman for Avenue K Productions, Kaplan for Kapital Entertainment, Robertson and Mayfield for Hoodlum Entertainment and Timothy Busfield.

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  • Drama TV won me back with this show

    Too bad it's about to end though. I like the variety of characters and all the twists in the show. Christy is who I hope did it because she is so unlike able. If they make it the daughter I'll be bummed. The mom ended up psycho so I no longer care what happens to her, but I don't want to go near the idea a parent would do this. It has to be either one of the two girls or the mom,wife, Christy. Bens going to take the fall for one of them and it seems it will shake Cornell to the core because she's been pretty clear lately she believes Ben is innocent. How will she get justice if an innocent man goes to prison? I hope it's Christy, but I suspect the younger daughter, Abbey and cannot stand the suspense. Bens going to bring out that hammer and say he did it to save his 'daddy's girl'.

  • All in all

    Out of all the shows out there to me up this show with my top 10 shows i must watch for the week. And as far as the detective i think shes trying something new (sorry forgot her real name, I'm very bad with people names) shes trying something new and i believe its a great cast that works well together. To bad this seems like a 1 season show
  • Secrets and Lies

    I actually enjoy watching this show! even though detective cornell is annoying! i actually like how she questions ben. I am left not knowing what Ben has to hide. But I also don't like how Ben is ruining his neighbors lives. Calm down, and let the cops do their jobs if you have nothing to hide!! I also think he should have told the police about the flashlight instead of cleaning it!!moreless
  • I REALLY Like this show!!!

    I REALLY Like this show!!! It's moved into the top 5 of shows I'm actively watching. It's fast moving with a lot of substance. Not a lot of boring "Filler" material or diluted with off topic crapola, just to fill out an hour (40 minutes). So far it seems to end on a nice bit of info which leaves you thinking as you wait for the next episode.

    I disagree with the Juliette Lewis haters. I think this is the best role I've seen her in. I've never seen a previous version of this show to compare it to, but I think she's perfect in this role, and a role she's perfect for.

    I've seen Juliette in a few previous roles where she didn't fit the part or the character was just part of a crappy show/movie that no one could have made better. But there were times I've seen her in parts where her characters were SUPPOSE to be hated, which she did very well.

    All the acting in the show is great (except for the idiot friend), and with it's fast pace, I hope it can bring this season to a nice closure while leaving us wanting more, setting up a second season.moreless
  • Which one is better hmmm?

    There are parts of this show I like and there are parts that are better on the original version of the show. The original cop is a male that is not as pestering as Juliette Lewis's version. The debate is if I want to finish the original first on Netflix or go episode to episode and compare them as they come out lol

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