Secrets of New York

NYC TV Premiered Feb 02, 2005 In Season


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  • Pro&Con

    First time I watched. Content fascinating. But the host needs guidance in appropriate clothing. She dresses like a professional dominitrix, not a professional host. In reading other comments, I see that another reviewer picked up the dominitrix fashion style.
  • Lose the host

    This is what happens when an otherwise good show falls victim to the a host who's interest lies in primping and not hosting.
  • I really like the show, but...

    I find this show to be interesting and quite informative. I enjoy the topics, and the vintage pictures are great! HOWEVER, I cringe every time I see and hear Kelly Choi. She's horrible. Her outfits are ridiculous. She's not genuinely interested in what the people she's talking to are saying as she seems to be busy focusing on her appearance instead. She's stiff and her voice overs leave much to be desired. And what's with the wardrobe changes throughout the show? The show and the host don't mesh. I would give Secrets of New York a much higher rating if not for the Project Runway meets Unsolved Mysteries feel.
  • cut the sound effects and garbage bag!!

    What a terrific, informative and interesting show! But WHAT is with the AWFUL, STUPID sound effects?! It's not supposed to be a trashy, slasher movie, is it? And what's with the STUPID black garbage bag coat the host wears?! Really? Why are you dumbing down to today's reality-TV mentality? Your show is so interesting, you don't need all that other CRAP!! I felt so anxious after a few minutes of those awful sound effects, from the "scary movie" sounds to "Start Trek" engine room sounds. Come ON! Give your audience some credit, will you? We don't have to have sensory overload in EVERYTHING we do!! PLEASE!! I'd give the show a 10 if not for those two things. So I guess I'll go with a 5. Sorry!!
  • Sleeper

    I don't believe many people know about this show but it is one of the most interesting and informative programs on television. i find myself walking around the city looking for some of the sites that have been highlighted on this show. As far as it's host, Kelly Choi is one of the most beautiful women on television and her star will soon rise. i can't wait to see her expand into other avenues.
  • Informative TV show, awful host

    We enjoy watching this show. It's very informative and interesting, there is so much history involved with New York City. We, however, find the host Kelly Choi awful. Her make up is over done that makes her look like a dominatrix. Her garbage bag of a trench coat is distracting. We have a hard time taking her seriously. She needs to tone it down and the show would be so much better.

    We would rate this show a 9 but the host makes it a 5.