Secrets of the Dead - Season 2

Monday 8:00 PM on PBS Premiered May 15, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Syphilis Enigma
    Liev Schreiber narrates the dark and complex history of syphilis, a sometimes deadly disease that wreaked havoc in 16th century Europe. For ages, historians have held that Christopher Columbus' explorers brought the disease back with them. However, new research suggests that syphilis could have a more complicated Old World history.
  • Tomb of Christ
    Tomb of Christ
    Episode 5
    Located in Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is rumored to have been the final resting spot of Christ's body before his resurrection. Martin Biddle and Birthe Kiolbye-Biddle, two Oxford archeologists, tackle this famous belief and uncover clues that may prove the story false. At the same time, their research could reveal new insights about Christ's crucifixion.moreless
  • Day of the Zulu
    Day of the Zulu
    Episode 4
    In 1879, the Anglo-Zulu wars in South Africa reached an intense peak. Finally, the Zulu warriors managed an unprecedented victory, wiping out countless British troops. Centuries later, archeologist Tony Pollard and historian Ian Knight discover some surprising weapons, tricks and tools that the Zulu warriors used to secure their violent victory.moreless
  • Death at Jamestown
    Death at Jamestown
    Episode 3
    In 1607, Jamestown seemed to have a bright future. The small colony included hundreds of ettlers, all eager to start new lives in America. However, the settlement was doomed from the start. Centuries later, historians and researchers are still baffled by the numerous deaths that occurred over the course of a single year.moreless
  • Murder at Stonehenge
    Liev Schreiber narrates the strange tale of a murder discovered at one of the world's most mysterious landmarks. Scientists and forensics experts, including archeologist Mike Pitts, work to uncover the clues surrounding a long-dead body. The corpse was discovered at Stonehenge, bringing up a whole series of questions about the body's previous identity and how he came to be buried at the mystical monument.moreless
  • Witches' Curse
    Witches' Curse
    Episode 1
    Psychologist Linnda Caporael has dedicated her life to studying a mystery that some people might consider ancient history. Sparked by the horrors of the Salem Witch Trials, Caporael turns back time to uncover some surprising clues about the real nature of witchcraft in colonial America. From toxic bread to long-buried corpses, the infamous witch hunts may be more complicated than they seem.moreless