Secrets of the Dead - Season 3

Monday 8:00 PM on PBS Premiered May 15, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Bombing Nazi Dams
    Bombing Nazi Dams
    Episode 5
    In the year 1943, tensions between Nazi Germany and the British militia were growing. The British hoped to destroy the dams the Nazis had erected in the Ruhr valley. To do so, they would have to rely on Barnes Wallis, an innovative aircraft designer, and his frightening but effective "bouncing bomb."moreless
  • Tragedy at the Pole
    Captain Robert Falcon Scott had a lofty goal. In 1911, he led a troop of men across the Antarctica, hoping to reach the South Pole. While they made their goal, the way home was marked with tragedy and loss. Now, Scott's voyage has been preserved in cultural mythology. This documentary draws on archival materials to better understand the events.moreless
  • Great Fire of Rome
    Great Fire of Rome
    Episode 3
    In the year 64 AD, the great city of Rome was ravaged by an uncontrollable fire. The flames destroyed some of the city's greatest treasures. Modern researchers believe that the emperor of the time, Nero, may have orchestrated the fire to make way for his own plans. However, contemporary forensics can help get to the bottom of these rumors.moreless
  • Titanic's Ghosts
    Episode 2
    Historian Alan Ruffman and forensics expert Dr. Ryan Parr attempt to uncover the lives and identities of hundreds of bodies buried in Nova Scotia. These bodies represent just some of the victims of the Titanic disaster in 1912, recovered by Canadian life boats decades ago. The researchers hope to pay respect to the dead and reveal more about the tragedy by learning the stories of the departed.moreless
  • The Mystery of the Black Death
    During the Middle Ages, thousands of people were struck down by a deadly plague, known as the Black Death. While many suffered, others' lives were spared. Geneticist Stephen O'Brien believes he can uncover the surprising origins of the disease, and retroactively explain why the Black Death left some people untouched.
  • Search for the First Human
    Human beings have long wondered about their original ancestors. Modern forensics techniques have brought scientists ever closer to discovering the elusive origins of humankind. The ancient and scarce remains of the "Millennium Man" could hold the secrets to evolution, but they could also raise more questions and concerns about human life.moreless