Secrets of the Dead - Season 4

Monday 8:00 PM on PBS Premiered May 15, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • 8/4/04
    Archaeologist Jeannine Davis-Kimball explores the mythology and stories surrounding the Amazon women warriors. Tales of these brave and ferocious beauties have been popular in the public imagination for centuries. Davis-Kimball decides to uncover how much of the mythology is real and how much is speculation, with surprising and revealing results.
  • D-Day
    Episode 4
    Liev Schreiber narrates this exploration of D-Day, the deceptively simple nickname for a significant moment in world history. The Allies had to plan the invasion for a long time beforehand, perfecting their approach. When the actual events came to pass on the beaches of Normandy, it took a blend of technology, savvy and courage, which this documentary unveils.moreless
  • Shroud of Christ?
    Shroud of Christ?
    Episode 3
    Shroud of Christ? from the show Secrets of the Dead is an episode on the famous Shroud of Turin that has been claimed as Jesus Christ's actual burial shroud. The episode follows the Shroud of Turin from the earliest records and then traces its passage as it passes from hand to hand, examining both the evidence for and against the claim made about its origin.moreless
  • Killer Flu
    Killer Flu
    Episode 2
    At various points throughout history, the flu has been much more than a wintertime inconvenience. In 1918, the flu wiped out millions of lives all across the globe, leaving a trail of fear and mourning in its wake. Pathologist Jeffery Taubenberger looks back on the causes of the killer virus and the reasons for its unprecedented impact. Researchers hope to eventually prevent pandemics from ever happening again.moreless
  • 11/12/03
    Bridge on the River Kwai from the show Secrets of the Dead, is an episode that tells the story of the Allied POWs and other prisoners forced to build the "Death Railway" for the Japanese army during World War Two. The railway connected Burma and Thailand at the cost of a hundred thousand casualties among those forced to build it.moreless