See Dad Run

Thursday 8:30 PM on Nick-at-Nite Premiered Oct 14, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Not a real fan of this show

    I just... don't find this show interesting.
  • Scott on skates!

    Girl. I wanna skate backwards with you! ................ absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!
  • Great

    This show is one of the better shows on TV as a whole. Well done, funny, clean, cute, makes everyone laugh and hope it runs for many seasons. A+++
  • A funny and good show.

    That's pretty much it.
  • Nice Job

    it doesn't really surprise me that this show is good. my reason being is that this show is part of Nick@Nite and the writers actually have to think, unlike these high paid nick writers who get away with everything like Marvin Marvin and Victorious.

    I really don't seem to find the kids on the show such high entertainment but it's the adults with the stereotypical tv jokes that I love. they just nail these jokes and it's what they're aiming for. I really shouldn't compare a Nick@Nite show with a Nick show but see the thing is with a lot of these Nick live action shows, they just fail the jokes because they're way too predictable and too literal. but here on See Dad Run I just love the jokes

    that was my review. uh... bye
  • Not Bad, Nick@Nite

    It's a pretty good show. The overall theme of the show is pretty creative and the show itself is pretty funny. Not like the other boring, generic sitcoms on TV. It honestly beats some of the crap that's on Nick now and as someone said in a previous review, it's a pretty entertaining and funny show to watch when you are bored on a Sunday night. They should air it more, it seems like they only show it on Sunday nights and Friday do advertise it a hell of a lot though, more than necessary for a show that airs for a half hour every Sunday and sometimes Friday night..
  • An Actual Good Family Comedy

    This show isn't that bad. It's actually entertaining to watch and the acting isn't bad. I'd recommend it on a bored weekend night. The Christmas episode especially is something to check out.
  • good show

    This show is good for nick.
  • Funny and familiar

    See Dad Run is funny and familiar. Scott Baio it's great in the lead role and the kids in the show are talented enough to make this sitcom work. Right now I've only seen the first episode and I'm not sure if this is going to be a great show, but I can tell it's entertaining.
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